• -30400 DR
  • The Wasting Plague
    In a conflict between the gnolls of Urgnarash and rookery of Kookrui-Shara, shamans of Yeenoghu summons marrashi - spirits of pestilence from the Barrens of Doom and Despair - to blight aearee crops and spread a wasting plague among the avians.

    The Aearee War
    An Aearee named Sieska Waewielonn of the Okwalok-Shara rookery over the shores of the Great Sea discovers the name of Pazreal, a demon lord. With the fiends aid, Sieska becomes lord of Okwalok-Shara. Soon all the rookeries of Aearee-Quor abandones the faith of Quorlin and turns to Pazreal (all except the rookery of Tiennkoo-Shara, which flees to the farthest peaks of Kara-Tur, where their descendants yet thrive today as the crow-headed race known as Tengu, they are the only branch of the Aearee-Quor who never lost their wings). Pazreal teaches the Aearee-Quor how to summon Vrocks, but at a great cost, he took from them their power of flight. The Aearee of Shara never again ride the winds, except by spell or steed.

    Sieska then wages war on the other Aeraree nations to the north and west. Aearee-Krocaa is the first to fall. Aearee-Syran, defends with the aid of fey allies, winged treants, and soarwhales against Aearee-Quor's near-endless demon vrocks and battle rocs. In the end, Mornungongbarae (possibly the first treant), who had guarded the High Forest for nearly a thousand years, rises up and brings down the Quor floating city, but at the cost of his own life. His tragic sacrifice is still sung by treant skalds today, in a saga called The Lament of Mornungongbarae. »

  • c. -4900 DR
  • Plague hits Calimport and Almraiven. Known as the Warrior's Plague, for the berserk rages and battle madness in those afflicted. Most casualties come from among the military forces. »

  • c. -4770 DR
  • The Plague of Terror and the Sunset Plague devastate the city of Calimport, decimating the ruling Marekh family and leaving the city abandoned and empty for nearly a century. »

  • The Shartra period of Imaskar
  • -4370 DR to -3920 DR
    A devastating plague suspiciously wracks Lower Imaskar, beginning the Shartra (which means darkness in Imaskari) period of Imaskar. Ailing citizens flock to temples throughout the empire, but their priests could not cure the plague. Even more mysterious, a blight kills most of the empire's crops, bringing famine to the few who had survived the plague.

    The impact of this so-called Silent Death was catastrophic - even in the most lightly affected areas, fifteen to twenty percent of the population died. Impoverished and isolated, Lower Imaskar survives the following decade only because of the weakness and misfortune of its enemies. In their bitterness, its people turned against their gods, and most priests are slain or driven into exile. Though the Silent Death did spread north into the region known today as the Endless Wastes, Upper Imaskar remains safe and untouched. »

  • c. -4370 DR
  • With his population devastated by plague and famine, and desperate to rebuild, Lord Artificer Khotan commissioned the building of two new Bukhara Spires (Imaskari portals) to another world where the populace does not know the Art. »

  • -1531 DR
  • A plague originating from Bandor Village reportedly through contact with a winged humanoid race. The plague snuffs all life in Bandor, spreading out to Vandal Station where it claimed 4,000 more lives before ceasing its deadly march. Only the most healthy of the Vandals survived, but the population of the village is reduced below 500. Their ability to patrol the ancestral lands of their forefathers is crippled, and many of the survivors move to Frostypaw. Those who chose to stay patrol the ancestral lands in small groups, guarding what they felt to be the most important burial grounds from intrusion. »

  • -990 DR
  • Intermittent plagues over the next century ravage the populations of Schamedar and Calimport. The first plague, which strikes this year, kills nearly half of Calimport's slaves and forces the syl-pasha and his family to remain trapped in their palace for nearly two years until the disease subsides. The warlords and sorcerers of Jhaamdath's Twelve Cities of the Sword are suspected of creating the plagues, but nothing is ever proven. »

  • -391 DR [Year of Squalid Scarecrows]
  • In Shou Lung, the first Emperor Chin of the Hai Dynasty and his household die from the Ivory Plague. The emperor's young grandson survives, as does the emperor's sister. She masquerades as the emperor, aided in this ruse by the bureaucracy and various good spirits, until the grandson is old enough to rule. The emperor's sister then reveals her true identity and flees the city, never to be seen again. Her rule is now recognized as that of the second Emperor Chin, and her grandnephew is considered the third Emperor Chin of the Hai Dynasty. From this time on, if no male heirs are of age, it is custom for a suitable female heir to rule until a male heir comes of age. The ruler is referred to as emperor, regardless of sex. »

  • -375 DR [Year of Dancing Idols]
  • The Empire Plague strikes the southern Shining Coast and lasts for five terrible years. Pasha Khalid el Axash of Calimshan dies, ending the Axash Dynasty. He is succeeded by his cousin Syl-Pasha Akkab el Evyrtaan, whose first command is to put Calimport to the torch to combat the threat of plague. The fires, for the first time in centuries, refuses to burn, and the new syl-pasha is forced to flee Calimport. »

  • -374 DR [Year of Shattering]
  • With Calimport all but abandoned due to the Empire Plague (which Calimshan blames on Jhaamdath), priests of Talona attempt to conquer the city and plunder its riches to build a temple to their goddess of poisons. Many of those who remain in Calimport are rogues, escaped slaves, and necromancers. For a time, the capital becomes known as the Rogues' City. »

  • -373 DR [Year of Whispering Stones]
  • Lhesper is founded by Lapal emigres fleeing the Empire Plague that had beset Lapaliiya two years before. »

  • -370 DR [Year of Rent Armor]
  • Hammer The Empire Plague ends. Syl-Pasha of Calimshan, Akkab el Evyrtaan reenters Calimport and initiates a bloodbath that destroys all those who remain in the city as traitors or plague carriers. Many folk, including the clergy of Talona that ruled the city, survive by fleeing into the Muzad (undercity). »

  • -329 DR [Year of Icefire]
  • Dwarves of Clan Shattered Shield of Citadel Sundbarr flee their mines and workings in the Ice Mountains due to the approuch of a group of renegade dwarves from Citadel Felbarr, believed to be afflicted with a disease known as the slaying slumber. They begin a titanic trek eastward across the High Ice to the kingdom of Dareth. »

  • -304 DR [Year of Erupting Crypts]
  • Serpentes begins to wage war against the humans of Lapaliiya (and taking them as slaves back to Serpentes), weakened by the Empire Plague. »

  • -33 DR [Year of the Harpist's Delight]
  • The Netherese state of Asram (in the present-day Anauroch Desert) falls victim to a plague sent by Talona, from which there are no survivors. In the spring months that led up to what many call a repeat of the Dark Disaster, cattle are found dead in the fields and crops withered and died, sometimes overnight. During the first week eleasius, however, the plague struck the entire nation. Few survived.

    This seems to have been the result of the interloper goddess Kiputytto attacking the goddess Talona, using the city of Phelajarama as a battleground. Talona gained the upper hand by plaguing the city, forcing the inhabitants to pray to her. Kiputytto struck back with similar method; however her plagues overcame the curative resources of the city and left the population dead in less than a month. In the aftermath, Talona slew Kiputytto. »

  • 3 DR [Year of the Faded Flower]
  • Belrath Mirandor usurps the throne of Impiltur from his older brother, Loaraven, who was on the frontier fighting an orc incursion. Loaraven later dies of plague. Belrath's reign is marked by civil war. »

  • 75 DR [Year of Clinging Death]
  • Plague wracks souther Faerun, devastating Chessenta, the Vilhon Reach, and the Shaar, killing more than half of the population in less than a decade. »

  • A plague strikes Westgate and nearly destroys the city. Kergaard Twinblade, the king succumbs to the plague.

    Hygaarth "the Pious" Croam, a priest of Ilmater, is elevated to the throne after battling the plague. »

  • 124 DR [Year of the Biting Frost]
  • Inrath III Mirandor becomes king of Impiltur with the death of his father Baranth I. During his reign, Inrath III's wife dies of plague. »

  • 238 DR [Year of Many Mushrooms]
  • Damp, cloudy weather and widespread rotting diseases promote wild growth of mushrooms all across northern Fearun. »

  • 303 DR [Year of the Crimson Tiara]
  • Edrae "the Doomed Babe" Obarskyr, the infant son of Gorann, is crowned king of Cormyr with the death of his father Gorann (who died of the machinations of his sister Gorauna and the Purplethroat Plague). »