• The Late period of Imaskar
  • -3920 DR to -2488 DR
    The reunification of Lower and Upper Imaskar under the strong hand of Lord Artificer Omanond, and the restoration Inupras as the sole capital of Imaskar marked the start of this period.

    It is during this period that the archwizards Madryoch and Hilather rose to power. Three millennia before the Netherese discover the Plane of Shadow, Madryoch the Ebon Flame was busy cataloging its dark secrets. It was there that Madryoch crafted the Shadow Stone and set in motion his plan to overthrow Omanond and seize control of Imaskar. Fortunately for the empire, the young prodigy Hilather confronted Madryoch in the frontier fortress of Metos and ultimately trapped the shadow lord in the Plane of Imprisonment. »

  • -2954 DR
  • On the plane of Shadow, Sphur Upra is founded as a gloaming community when five gloaming families on the Plane of Shadow band together for mutual defense. »

  • -645 DR [Year of Maleficent Counsel]
  • Birth of Shadow of Netheril. He would be the first to theorize the idea of demiplanes. His research would become banned and assassins would be hired to slay him for his theories. However, with the backing of Karsus, he would publish conclusive proof of the existence of demiplanes, and the first discovered demiplane would be named after him, the Demiplane of Shadow. With this proof, Shadow would no longer be hunted for his theories. »

  • -390 DR [Year of Enchanters]
  • Lord Shadow becomes involved with the beautiful bard, Alashar Crywinds of Xinlenal. As the two planned to get married, Alashar reveals that she was actually an assassin sent to slay the arcanist for his work on demiplanes (despite the fact that the death mark had been lifted years earlier) by the arcanist Grenway. Since neither could stand the thought of killing the other, they came up with a different plan.

    Shadow's research had provided him with the knowledge he needed to transfer himself into the Demiplane of Shadow, leaving his physical form behind on the Prime Material Plane. Creating a simulacrum of Alashar, they sent her duplicate back to Grenway to report her success (where she was promptly executed). Karsus oversaw the marriage of the two in a secret ceremony, and Shadow cast his spell that drew them both into the Demiplane of Shadow forever. »

  • -339 DR [Year of Sundered Webs]
  • The Netherese floating cities of Selunarra and Thultantar escape the destruction of Netheril by transporting their enclaves and entire populations to the Gates of the Moon and the Plane of Shadow respectively. »

  • -221 DR [Year of Shambling Shadows]
  • Shadow dragons of Clan Jaezred conquer the drow city of Chaulssin (beneath the Rauvin Mountains) and enslave the populace. In the centuries that follow, the drow population is eradicated, twisted into creatures of shadow and supplanted by wyrm-spawned offspring. The city is slowly drawn farther and farther into the Plane »

  • 236 DR [Year of the Plague Clouds]
  • Shadraxil the shadow dragon, begins attacking Cormyrean keeps in the Thunder Peaks. In response, Cormyr sends the knight and dragonslayer Jerold Keegan and a contingent of men to slay him. Keegan's plan involved luring Shadraxil into an arcane trap that would seal him inside a magical prison in the Plane of Shadow. The plan succeeded, but in his rage Shadraxil draws upon all of his considerable arcane powers to extend his influence beyond his prison and eventually manages to drive Keegan mad. Seeing the dragon's work for what it is, the knights are told by King Tharyann to slay a juvenile shadow dragon, bury it and keep the affair secret. The fortresses are abandoned for fear of future reprisals from Shadraxil. »

  • 634 DR [Year of the Darkspawn]
  • Clan Jaezred is overthrown by its half-drow/half-shadow dragon progeny. Haerinvureem, a great shadow wyrm better known as Shimmergloom, escapes the carnage through the Shadow Plane. »

  • 737 DR [Year of the Purple Wyrm]
  • Warned by Vhaeraun, the Chaulssinyr withdraw into the Plane of Shadow. Days later, drow invaders from Menzoberranzan find the city abandoned and are forced to retreat "victories" in the face of constant attack by monsters from the Plane of Shadow. The Chaulssinyr found the Shadow City of Chaul'mur'ssin on the Plane of Shadow. »

  • 1372 DR [Year of Wild Magic]
  • Hammer 1 Galaeron Nihmedu uses the Karsestone to create a gate that transports the ancient floating city of Thultanthar and its Shadovar from the Plane of Shadows back to Faerûn.

    The Shadovar, led by Telamont Tanthul, find themselves floating over the Dire Wood. Almost immediately, the princes of Thultanthar (now known more commonly by its translated name of Shade) begin looking for Netherese ruins and artifacts as well as spying on people and places that could possibly hinder their ultimate goal of creating a new Netheril in their image. »

  • Uktar 3 Kaanyr Vhok and the forces of Gracklstugh (more than 5,000 duergar in more than eight companies, with orc and ogre slaves) begins besieging Menzoberranzan. The forces approached from the southeast, and also swung around and attacked from the north, utilizing a tunnel from outside the city that gave access to Tier Breche where the Academy was located. This remained the main battlefield for quite some time, which the masters of the Academy worked together to prevent the besiegers from overtaking the city. The attackers use stonefire to damage the Academy's structures; they are damaged but remained intact at the end of the siege. In addition, the duergar armies raise undead soldiers to fight from them. At least once, the Archmage of Menzoberranzan was able to turn the undead soldiers against their fellows.

    Just before the siege begins, Gromph Baenre, the Archmage, had been missing for a period of several weeks after being imprisoned by the Lichdrow Dyrr. He returns to find the city under siege and he takes it upon himself to remove Nimor Imphraezl from the picture. He gathers all the mages of House Baenre and attempts to attack Nimor through a scrying crystal. However, Nimor's protections reflect the spells cast upon him, killing Julani Baenre and injuring the other wizards. Gromph then disguises himself and weaponsmaster Andzrel Baenre as tanarukks of the Scourged Legion and enters the enemy camp. Gromph attaches a light gem to Nimor to prevent him from shadow-walking. Nimor transports himself to the Plane of Shadow, but is stuck there for some time, unable to shadow-walk back to the Material Plane.

    At the same time that the city is besieged by outside forces, House Xorlarrin, with some support from other houses, besieges the traitorous House Agrach Dyrr. Gromph Baenre also confronts the Lichdrow Dyrr in a spell battle that destroys the Bazaar. »

  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Mirtul 3 King Gareth Dragonsbane leads an army against the monstrous horde but falls when he is betrayed by Cult of the Dragon members in his ranks. Gareth's soul trapped on the Plane of Shadow. »

  • Kythorn 25 Capnolithyl (Brimstone), a vampiric smoke drake and former servant of Sammaster, travels to the Plane of Shadow with a group of paladins and dragon slayers and successfully releases Gareth Dragonbane's soul. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Eleint 13 The adventurers who revealed the false temple to Mystra in Wheloon return from the Vast Swamp with some of the kidnapped spellcasters. In their possession they have an unfinished letter purportedly discovered in the Plane of Shadow. This letter alludes to the Book of the Black, a secret of the Sharrans, and includes scrap of paper with an alternative Roll of Years known to Sharrans as the Black Chronology. The significance of this discovery goes largely unnoticed even as the Sharrans muster their resources to fulfill the events prophesied in the Book of the Black. »

  • Nightal 1 Elyril Hraven priestess of Shar, completes a ritual set forth in the empty spaces within the Leaves of One Night and summons the Shadowstorm. A planar rift is torn open over Ordulin, and that portion of the Plane of Shadow known as the Admbral Calyx pours forth. Ordulin is destroyed in the cataclysm, and the bulk of its citizens are killed. Volumvax the Divine One, also known as Kesson Rel the First Chosen of Mask, emerges from the rift amid an army of shadows and shadow giants. Volumvax raises Ordulin's dead as shadows to bolster his own army. »

  • 1385 DR [Year of Blue Fire]
  • Deneir writes himself into the Weave via the Metatext in an attempt to stabilize it and causes him to pass away from known existence.

    Lathander, Tyr, and Sune imprison Cyric in the Supreme Throne for 1000 years.

    The World Tree is destroyed.

    Lathander reveals himself to be Amaunator in the weeks just after the Spellplauge.

    Priests of Hanali Celanil open a portal to Arvandor near Evereska, and learn that their deity exists in Arvandor only as an avatar of Sune.

    Shar turns the Plane of Shadow into the Shadowfell. This event along with the effects of the Spellplague causes the prison of Shadraxil to weaken. The shadow dragon petitions Shar for assistance in escaping in return for his service. Shar agrees and sends her servants to the town of Winterhaven to prepare to free him. They are defeated after many years of excavations and preparations by adventurers. »