• -25500 DR
  • First Rage of Dragons
    In a newly built citadel in the northernmost reaches of Toril, the elves create the Dracorage mythal. Tied to the appearance of the King-Killer Star, the Dracorage mythal incites the Rage of Dragons, a madness driving all dragonkind into mindless destruction as well as turning them against their own offspring. Draconic rule begins to fade from this point on. »

  • 1018 DR [Year of the Dracorage]
  • Rage of Dragons: A Rage of Dragons devastates the Heartlands, the lands around the Shining Sea, and the western and southern coasts of the Inner Sea. »

  • Tuelhalva summons an avatar of Gargauth to the Realms and calls for like-minded pragmatic Cult of the Dragon members in Sembia to join them in Peleveran and form a new cell far from the influence of Algashon. With the help of Gargauth, Tuelhalva quickly conquers the realm of Peleveran (located south of Chessenta). Gargauth betrays Tuelhalva by whispering words of their success to Algashon. The Banite priest musters an army of dragons, dracoliches and Cult members to destroy them. Both Algashon and Tuelhalva are slain.

    Because this battle unfolds during a continent-wide Rage of Dragons, few scholars realizes the destruction of Peleveran was the result of an interfactional battle within the Cult of the Dragon and not simply the larger Dracorage. »

  • Iryklathagra emerges from her lair and joins the massive flight of dragons ravaging Faerun. In a series of conflicts that lasted for nearly a month, Sharpfangs battled the defenders of Mintarn along the shores of the Lake of Steam, devastating that city and sinking many local ships in the process. When Iryklathagra finally retreated to her lair, she left Mintar largely in ruins. A few surviving magelords, who for years had labored to acquire power in the shadows of Mintar's government, emerges as the new leaders of the city by promising to protect the populace from future wyrm attacks. »

  • The Eight Age of Calimshan
    The dragon Sapphiraktar the Blue comes from the Calim Desert and destroys Calimport and Keltar, bringing an end to the Seventh Age of Calimshan. Beginning of the Eighth Age of Calimshan. »

  • The blue dragon Alasklerbanbastos allies with the Cult of the Dragon cell in Mourktar and is transformed into a dracolich. »

  • Cormyr suffers greatly from dragon attacks throughout the kingdom. Arabel, Dhedluk, Eveningstar, and a score of other settlements go up in flames. Suzail itself is set upon by three red dragons and the Purple Dragon himself, Thauglorimorgorus. High Mage Thanderahast is grievously wounded in an aerial battle against Thauglor. Brought to the ground in the King's Forest, the dragon is finally slain by Crown Prince Azoun II (using the sword Orbyn) and the Mage Royal's apprentice Jorunhast. »

  • Tordath Ironfist, blood of Turgo, the dwarven lord and his followers were returning to the Forlorn Hills after visiting kin working a small mine in the depths of the High Forest, but they are forced to take shelter amid the ruins of Starshadow Tower by the passage of an errant green wyrm. The ghost baron Erthaer Javilarhhsson, possessed Tordath and then led him back to Firehammer Hold, where the charismatic young clan leader convinced many of his kinsman to return with him to the vale. The stout folk rebuilt Starshadow Tower within a matter of months, and then set about establishing a ruby mine along a nearby ridge.

    Less than two months after their arrival, the dwarves of Starshadow Tower were no more, and the ghost baron's keep was once again a smoking ruin. The great red dragon named Imvaernarhro, torn from slumber by the madness of the Rage, set fire to the vale, quickly killing Tordath and his followers and tearing into the ruby-laden ridge with his grasping claws. Since that time, the stout folk have avoided Starshadow Vale, but tales still speak of the fortune in rubies they left behind of Imvaernarhro's lair. »

  • 1372 DR [Year of Wild Magic]
  • Marpenoth 14 King Lareth holds a conclave of metallic dragons to discuss the coming Rage. »

  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Hammer 1 The lich Sammaster completes his transformation of the Dracorage mythal, precipitating a Rage of Dragons independent of the appearance of the King-Killer Star in the heavnes. »

  • Hammer 23 Ylraphon, a settlement on the Dragon Reach, is destroyed by a Flight of Dragons. »

  • Tarsakh 5 Narlgathra, a red wyrm, emerges from the ruins of Myth Drannor and flies south to attack Tangled Trees. The summertime inhabitants are slaughtered, leaving only a handful of survivors to be discovered by far wandering inhabitants upon their return. »

  • Tarsakh 12 An Impilturan army sent into the Grey Forest is routed when an allied bronze dragon incites the Rage in the army's dragon allies. »

  • Tarsakh 17 The great black wyrm Zarlandris emerges from Glaun Bog and attacks the town of Highmoon. After a desperate battle, the dragon dies amid the rubble of the Tower of the Rising Moon. Lord Theremen Ulath vows to rebuild. »

  • Mirtul 2 Auseriel comes under concerted attack by a family of white dragons led by the great wyrm Harashnalthyn. At Maura's insistence, Prince Lamruil returns the Tree of Souls to Evermeet, while the princess and their remaining followers provide a valiant rearguard defense. »

  • Mirtul 9 The ancient red dragon Hoondarrh, “The Red Rage of Mintarn”, emerges from his subterranean lair beneath the isle of Skadaurak and flies west toward the Moonshaes. In a rage befitting his name, the Red Rage vents his fury on the city of Callidyrr, setting much of the city ablaze. »

  • Mirtul 11 A circle of powerful druids led by Robyn Kendrick teleport to Callidyrr and drive Hoondarrh off. The damage left in the wyrm’s wake will take years to rebuild. »

  • Mirtul 12 In his flight from Callidyrr, Hoondarrh temporarily shakes off the effects of the Rage and retreats to his lair beneath Skadaurak. There he begins preparations for the casting of a spell that will ensure his immortality and protect him from future madness. »

  • Mirtul 14 Hoondarrh completes the ritual and transforms himself into a ghostly dragon. Free from the effects of the Rage, the Red Rage plots against the Moonshaes. »

  • Mirtul 22 The great green wyrm Sirvinhandra, thought dead for centuries, emerges from a hidden lair in the Dun Hills and lays siege to the Abby of the Just Hammer. After inflicting great devastation, the dragon is laid low by Lord High Justicar High Avenger Deren Eriach. »

  • Flamerule 8 Kara and Dorn travel to the hidden valley of the metallic dragons in the Galena Mountains. King Lareth (the gold dragon) succumbs to the Rage of Dragons and is reluctantly slain by the gold dragon Tamarand. »