• c. -25100 DR
  • Sharlario Moonflower and his son Cornaith visit the dark elf city of Atornash in the south. Durothil takes a silver dragon mount and becomes the first draonrider. Durothil is later slain in battle with the red dragon Mahatnartorian, known to the green elves as Master of the Mountains. »

  • -25000 DR
  • The Draco Holy Wars

    Merrourboros, circa -25,500 DR

    Quick upon the heals of the truce with the giants that ended the Thousand Year War, a sect of silver dragons launches a sneak attack against the gold dragons claiming the sole divine favor of the deity Asgorath. The gods retaliate against the silvers, greens attack reds, and soon all of dragonkind is drawn into the conflict. Their ranks already depleted from the war with the giants, this five hundred year conflict is enough to significantly deplete the dragon population on Toril and actually threaten extinction. »

  • -8800 DR
  • After an attack by a flight of red dragons on the center of the great elf forest of Keltormir, the dragon fire sparked a forest fire that raged out of control. This fire extinguished four entire clans of elves, eleven giant settlements, at least four green dragons, and thousands of square miles of woodlands (the area between two great rivers, modern Sulduskoon and Ith). The once-unified elves of Keltormir splintered into a number of separate clans. »

  • c. -2770 DR
  • King Connar IV of Ammarindar vanquishes many of the creatures that have devastated Sharrven, including the red wyrm Rithaerosurffel, known as the Bane of Sharrven. »

  • -1838 DR
  • In retribution for Calishite adventurers plundering her hoard and slaying one of her brood, Ylveraasahlisar the Rose Dragon destroys Calimshan's army, the Caleph's Court, the Raor Bakkal, and two-thirds of Calimport before she settles onto the bakkal's throne and rules the heart of the empire. Much of Calimport Muzad (the subterranean portion of the city) comes into being as a result of the red dragon's attack, as her demands for the city's immediate reconstruction forces builders to simply smooth out the rubble and begin again on top of the old structures. »

  • -1726 DR
  • Dragonslayers led by Rafak el Cajaan sorely wound Ylveraasahlisar the Rose Dragon and drive her out of Calimport, although she escapes the humans, Ylvera dies under the jaws of their bronze dragon ally, Cadasalmpar. The Cajaan Dynasty refounds human rule of the empire. The Cajaans feud among themselves over the next eighteen years, continually fighting and scheming for the throne of Calimshan. »

  • -1200 DR
  • Numerous settlements and many more elf patrols fall before a trio of nycoloths rampaging through the forest of Cormanthor. Rumors say jealous Netherese archwizards summoned and sent the yugoloths in to the Elven Wood merely to test what magics they had to array against Netheril. In truth, the archwizard Aldlas Sodhese sought the long-missing Nether Scrolls (the source of Netherese magic). He had tracked the artifacts to somewhere within the Elven Woods, and he summoned the greater nycoloths to wreak havoc and uncover his ancestor's greatest magic.

    The nycoloths, while normally competitive and argumentative, worked well together in their roles as strategist (Aulmpiter), stealthy warrior (Malimshaer), and terrible berserker (Gaulguth). The trio destroyed many villages of elves, whole tribes of satyrs and centaurs and at least two green dragons under Cormanthyr's boughs.

    Despite his not-inconsiderable power, Aldlas Sodhese was sorely outmatched against elven High Magic and bladesingers armed with magic enough to give the Khov'Anilessa pause. While elven casualties were still high over the daylong battle, they managed to nearly slay Gaulguth and Malimshaear and subdue Aulmpiter. Aldlas died when, in a spellbattle against the Grand Mage, an arcane hand reached to wring and twist his mantle around him, crushing him under the power of his own shattering magic.

    Coronal Miirphys, the High Mages, and a number of priests then used the N'Quor'Khaor High Magic ritual to bind and imprison the three. The nycoloths' invisable undetectable subdimensional prison floated high above the city of elves, unnoticed by all. It could be permeated by all sorts of energy and matter, yet it held the nycoloths as if its walls were adamantine. The nycoloths kept all their items and weapons, since their prison rendered both them and their equipment powerless and unable even to return to their home planes. They floated more than a mile above the capital, where they looked down upon the growing splendor of the city they failed to destroy. The elves set the binding ritual so that the only key to freeing the three was when a "red dragon that never knew malice or greed in its heart flies over the Coronal's throne". »

  • -645 DR [Year of Maleficent Counsel]
  • Frothwater is attacked by the red dragon Embercoat. Since they shied away from contact with the archwizard enclaves, the city is forced to defend itself from the vicious attacks of the adult dragon. For 20 years, the residents endure the twice-seasonal raids that the dragon inflicts upon them. »

  • -625 DR [Year of Molten Fury]
  • A party of adventurers finally tracked the red dragon Embercoat back to its lair. Entering the dragon's lair, the party fought a valiant battle against the wyrm, but are killed after inflicting severe wounds upon the dragon. Only the party's paladin, Reliaz Justmarch, crawled back to a nearby trail to be found by a passing merchant.

    The following spring, the recovered paladin faces Embercoat as it approaches for another raid of Frothwater. Seeing one of the creatures that had wounded it so terribly. Embercoat landed and fights the paladin in a vicious battle that claims both of their lives. The city, however, is saved. »

  • -205 DR [Year of Good Hunting]
  • The Passing of Power
    The Lord of Scepters, Iliphar Nelnueve of House Amaratharr and a small group of elves mets with the balck dragon Thauglorimorgorus (Thauglor) and his seconds the blue dragon Gloriankithsanus and the red dragon Mistinarperadnacles Hai Draco (Mist) to settle their differences. Iliphar challenges Thauglor to a Feint of Honor and defeats the dragon, granting the elves claim to the realm of Cormanthyr. »

  • 227 DR [Year of the Raised Banner]
  • The dwarves of Alaoreum fight and win an epic battle with the red dragon Stormcrossing. The dwarves win, but the humans are alerted to their presence in the mountains of Turmish. »

  • 348 DR [Year of the Dagger]
  • Saeval Ammath hatches his founding red dragon's egg. Due to many enchantments he placed on the egg, the dragon's shape is more similar to a blue dragon, though its tone is still red. Saeval names the hatchling Garnetallisar. »

  • 358 DR [Year of the Battle Talons]
  • The dragon Garnetallisar becomes known to the folk of Myth Drannor, as he takes to flying with the wizard Saeval astride his back. Despite much uproar, Garnet proves himself trustworthy and humble before the coronal and others. Saeval's enchantments give this unique dragon a lawful good nature. The coronal grants his trust by providing a means for the dragon and his master to live within the mythal, despite its normal defenses against chromatic dragons. »

  • 460 DR [Year of Scorching Suns]
  • Demron is commissioned for another Banebalde. This one is for the Spell-Major to replace the lost Ary'Faern'Kerym elfblade lost a decade ago by Zaos Durothil in battle with the red wyrm Edallisufanxar. »

  • Birth of the Red Dragon Hoondarrh, somewhere in the easter Sword Coast North. He was the first hatchling of his brood. Due to a quarrel between his parents, one of Hoondarrh's brood-mates was killed, and another injured. Hoodarrh salys and devours his brood-mates.

    He soon grows bold enough to challenge his remaining parent, but is forced to flee for his life into the northernmost Sword Coast. »

  • 544 DR [Year of the Killing Rose]
  • After besting a pair of red dragons and a treacherous assistant, the Magister Tyvbolt Arsurath is killed by the mage Annath Sunfall.

    Annath becomes Magister. »

  • 600 DR [Year of Fire and Frost]
  • Hoondarrh attacks a human expedition struggling in the Spine of the World and devours everyone, including the wizard Tharilim of Calimport, who was in possesion of the Ongild, which becomes lodged in his innards. Hoondarrh finds that he can activate it's magic.

    With this new magical power, Hoondarrh goes to challenge his surviving parent and is victorious. »

  • 708 DR [Year of Bound Evils]
  • Three nycaloths (Aulmpiter, Malimshaer, and Gaulguth) escape their dimensional pocket prison that floats invisibly high above Cormanthyr. Their freedom depends on a "red dragon that never held malice or greed in its heart over the coronal's throne". As Saeval Ammath and his adopted dragon-mount Garnetallisar flyabove Myth Drannor, they weaken the dimensional prison enough for the nycoloths to escape.

    The Khov'Anilessa (as the elves called them, or the Trio Nefarious) were also aided by the summoning rituals being performed (poorly) by a flind shaman for to the north, above the Dragon Sea, and they traveled to it immediately upon breaking their prison, so none knew of thier breakout. Despite the beliefs of the flind shaman, the fiends were free of anyone's control. »

  • 712 DR [Year of the Lost Lance]
  • Hammer 12 Garnet's Pyre (Weeping War: Campaign #2)
    A.K.A.: Dive of the Dragons; The Peace Dragon's Rage; Flight of Anger/Flight of Death
    The noble red dragon Garnet, upon discovering that he was one of the primary causes of the nycaloth's escape and subsequent conflict, rashly took to the air, and headed north into the approaching war. Given the speed at which Garnet fled Myth Drannor, no forces could be assembled quickly enough to allow them to back up the dragon's wrathful attack. Still, an ally took flight after him, an elder silver dragon named Sylvallitham who had, in the past, acted as Garnet's mentor in draconic lessons such as flight, use of breath weapons, and innate abilities. The elder dragon attempted to talk his star pupil out of this rash action, to no avail. Without a thought toward his own personal safety, Garnet furiously dove into the heart of the main Army of Darkness, with Sylvallitharm reluctantly aiding his attack and joining the imprudent strike.

    Flying directly out of the highsun to strike with total surprise, the two dragons took an awesome toll on the Army, Garnet breathing his arcing bolts of electrical fire and Sylvall his other magical attacks. The dragons managed to split the main Army group into two and slow the whole's advances. They also broke the army's supply lines and trapped whole regiments amidst surrounding forest fires, which created large breaks within the ranks as well and served to minimize troop coordination and communication on the ground. Despite these victories, the dragons were unable to focus attacks on the nycaloths due to various magic and heavy protective missile fire.

    Had these two dragons coordinated this assault with large ground forces of elf troops, the war might have ended here, just north of the village of Oloriil. Their rashness kept many from moving swiftly to back up their angry flight, but there are inconclusive reports of small bands of scouts, adventurers, or isolated mages whose towers lay nearby that took advantage of the dragons' surprise attack. In addition to the four regiments destroyed by the dragons, these isolated and uncoordinated ground attacks by adventurers and others claimed another seven parties and two squadrons of orcs, gnolls, and hobgoblins.

    Elf scouts watching the battle reported that it was victorious due merely to the passions and anger of two good dragons. However, just as they had scattered enough ground troops to finally close on the nycaloth leaders of the Army, six tightly-focused beams of light struck and engulfed the two dragons in their dive formation. Both Garnet and Sylvall disappeared without a trace, nor were they heard from throughout the rest of the Weeping War. »

  • 718 DR [Year of the Painful Price]
  • Amarkos II Durlarven suffers wounds in battle against a red dragon. Amarkos II eventually dies of these wounds and Forvar II Durlarven, Amarkos II's son and sole heir takes the throne of Impiltur. »

  • 826 DR [Year of Wolfpacks]
  • The female Gold Dragon Valamaradace comes upon the dying Mairogra, a female Red Dragon who'd ruled a domain centered roughly on Everlund. Mairogra was laid low by a concentrated attack of adventurers. Valamaradace eases her passing by casting a spell that lessened the dying wyrms pain. Mairogra confers upon Valamaradace the title of 'the Dragon Queen', the title that Mairogra had used.

    Valamaradace comes into possession of the Crown of the Mountain from Mairogra. »