• 229 DR [Year of the Black Flame]
  • A cabal of wizards calling themselves "The Black Flame" forms in Unther and destroys several armies sent by local rulers to slay them. They leave a legacy of powerful spells that later form much of the arsenal of the Red Wizards of Thay. »

  • 249 DR [Year of the Crystal Casket]
  • The cabal of wizards in Unther calling themselves "The Black Flame" is no more after its members are destroyed by rivals or lost in travels to other planes. They leave behind many powerful spells that later form much of the arsenal of the Red Wizards of Thay. »

  • 827 DR [Year of the Sacrificed Fortune]
  • The wizard Omm Hlandrar of Halruaa engages a Red Wizard named Velsharoon in a spectacular magical battle in the skies over the Shaar. The contest ends in a draw. »

  • 923 DR [Year of the Bloodied Soldier]
  • Realizing that the demon Eltab cannot be dismissed from the Realms, the Red Wizard Jorgmacdon imprisons the demon lord near the mouth of the River Eltar with a variant of the same ritual that had been used by the Narfelli demonbinders. The Red Wizards then build their new capital city, Eltabbar in and around the canals that formed the massive binding rune. »

  • 934 DR [Year of Fell Wizardry]
  • The Red Wizards of Thay launch their first invasion of Rashemen through the Gorge of Gauros but are repelled. »

  • 952 DR [Year of the Rings Royal]
  • The Magister Ildathchance Orlaer is killed in an ambush by the Thayan mage Baerzus Anagathiir. The Red Wizard becomes Magister.

    Baerzus then dies under the massed magical might of the Red Wizards. The ensuing magical chaos requires the appearance of Azuth, who fixes the tear in the Weave, and confers the office of Magister upon someone far from Thay; the enchanted gauntlet-maker Bilnur Faerglamer of Tethyr. »

  • 955 DR [Year of the Telltale Candle]
  • Orcgate Affair:
    The mages of the Covenant gather a great, armed host from the human settlements of the North to confront an orc horde massing in the Spine of the World. In a move known as the Orcgates Affair, the Red Wizards of Thay magically transport the horde far to the south by means of great portals. The North is spared much devastation, and the failure of the orcs to appear deals a significant blow to the influence and prestige of the Covenant. »

  • 976 DR [Year of the Slaying Spells]
  • Upon discovering that the Red Wizards of Thay were responsible for the Orcgate Affair, the Covenant begins to work subtly against the mages from the east. »

  • 994 DR [Year of the Weary Scribe]
  • The Magister Meldryn Jalensifer, is instructed by Mystra to give the Scepter of Mystra (an artifact of Mystra) to a minor mage somehwere on Toril and then let it wander, reclaiming it only if a Red Wizard of Thay, a mage of Halruaa, or another powerful mage, linked by social ties to a group of archmages, took possession of it. The Magister gives the Scepter to a minor hedge-wizard by the name of Naerlus "Flamespell" Anarthandyer.

    Naerlus promptly abandons his former kindly befuddlement and uses its magic to build himself into a petty tyrant in the coastlands north of Leilon. The Magister Meldryn judges it is better to remove the Scepter from Naerlus before he got embroiled in a major war and begins to call on the Scepter to return to him (Mystra, Azuth, the Mgaister and all of the Chosen of Mystra can trace the whereabouts of the Scepter and see its wielder and immediate surroundings merely by concentrating for a few moments. Mystra, Azuth, and the Magister can call on the Scepter to themselves by prolonged concentration). While the Magister was beginning to call the Scepter to himself, Naerlus accidentally discovers the fly away spell (a power of the Scepter to cause it to teleport to a random location on Faerun. The trigger was made to change, so that no one could learn how to keep the Scepter forever).

    The Scepter found its way to a ruined abbey of Shar in northern Calimshan. It is found a season later by adventurers who were too afraid to experiment with it, and sells it to Amblaeryn Alaba, a rich Calishite satrap who hoped that with its aid his five hired mages could destroy a rival and his hireed guardian mages.

    The five mages then betrayed Amblaeryn. When his rival, Imtherl, refused to pay what he had promised for their betrayal, the five mages killed Imtherl and all his mages as well.

    The five wizards eventually fought over the Scepter, which left one dead and another turned into a stone, lost among thousands of similar stones on a beach north of Ormpur. The wizard Earndus Orthorm claimed the Scepter, which caused the other two to attack him. In haste, Earndus accidentally triggers the fly away spell, and is slain by the other two wizards.

    This time the Scepter lands into the hands of an orc shaman. Unable to activate any of its powers, the orc tosses the Scepter into a deep gorge, which again activated the fly away spell (whenever the Scepter falls more than a 100 feet, it spontaneously activates the fly away spell.)

    Appearing in a tavern in Telflamm, it demonstrates another ability. Whenever an offensive arcane spell is cast near it and the Scepter is not held by anyone, it floats in the air to about a man's height and glows a faint blue light. This ability is triggered by two minor mages in a spellduel, and a full blown tavern brawl erupts to claim the Scepter. Eventually a doppleganger in the guise of a serving wench claims and flees with the Scepter. One of the dueling wizards gives chase, but the doppleganger overpowers and slays the wizard. A passing priest of Tymora and his mage companion slays the doppleganger. The mage, Taluth of Telflamm, claims and carefully studies the Scepter. In time, he triggers the fly away spell. The Scepter appears in a drowned tomb in a deserted suburb of Calimport that had crumbled into the sea. »

  • 1074 DR [Year of the Tightening Fist]
  • The Zulkirs (and the Red Wizards) crush the last opposition to their rule over Thay. Bezantur is well on its way towards becoming the mercantile and religious capital of Thay. »

  • 1081 DR [Year of the Disastrous Bauble]
  • Another one of the Four Founders of the Convenant dies when the Red Wizards of Thay kill Aganazzar in their assault on the School of Wizardry in Neverwinter. By year's end, the two groups are engaged in a titanic wizardwar. »

  • 1101 DR [Year of the Maelstrom]
  • Presper and Grimwald, the surviving members of the Four Founders of the Covenant, leave Faerun through a series of portals, drawing as many Red Wizards as possible after them into a series of magic traps and ambushes. The remaining Covenant members go underground, and the arrogant Red Wizards believe they have shattered the cabal of mages. »

  • 1110 DR [Year of the Bloody Fields]
  • Thay marches on Phent, but the combined forces of Impiltur and the Theskian cities defeat the Red Wizards' army. »

  • 1157 DR [Year of the Wizened Mage]
  • The Zulkir of Necromancy Nyressa Flass, known as "the Vampire Zulkir", is slain by a cabal of Red Wizard foes led by Szass Tam, who is named her successor. Tam keeps Nyressa around as a skeleton patrolling his property. »

  • 1248 DR [Year of the Cockatrice]
  • Verovan, last king of Westgate, dies during a ship race on the Inner Sea near the Neck after challenging the Red Wizards of Thay to a boat race. Fed up with the excesses of the monarchy, the noble merchant families of Westgate establish the "new" position of Croamarkh, an elected head of state whose term of office lasts four years. House Vhammos occupies the former royal palace shortly thereafter and renames the building Castle Vhammos. »

  • 1260 DR [Year of the Broken Blade]
  • Battle of Lapendrar
    Halacar Olosynne of Aglarond launches an invasion of Thay, advancing along the Lapendrar. The Red Wizards destroy his army. »

  • 1271 DR [Year of the Shattered Wall]
  • Mirtul 5 Warriors and mages of the Cult of the Dragon with the dracoliches Goarulskul the Black and Arlauthra Manytalons, attack the Holyheart Fastness in search of the Crysturm of Tranquility. A young treetender, Lorth Blaenarry, flees with the sacred sphere north and west.

    He reaches Turmish, where lurking Red Wizards of Thay recognize the sphere and try to grab him. They hunt him through the streets of Alaghon and Telpir and almost slay him in the woods near Starmantle Bay, but is able to escape with the help of a Harper sorcerer (who changes Lorth's appearance to look older and uglier). Lorth boards a ship bound for Zhentil Keep.

    In Zhentil Keep, Lorth is fortunate to be found by other Harper agents, who take him to the Border Kingdom. The Cult of the Dragon again catches up with him, but escapes when Zhentarim agents also attack. The Harper agents, in desperation, teleports Lorth alone into the heart of the Anauroch desert, to the holy site of Eldath, the House of the Moon.

    There the Green Goddess herself, Eldath, appears to Lorth, and whisks him to Neverwinter (but not before adding a new power to the sphere, and promising to add a new power whenever the sphere is brought back to the House of the Moon in need). Lorth devotes his life to serving Eldath and to bring the wilderness back to those places that has suffered under too many axes, ploughs and fires. »

  • 1313 DR [Year of the Shattered Oak]
  • The Helmite priest Carath tracks down the surviving member of the Wild Blades Adventurers, Tayana (who had been cursed by a Red Wizard of Thay into the shape of a giant serpent). Although Tayana attacked Carath, he uses spells to subdue her. and eventually breaks the curse. In gratitude, she gives the Helm of Helm to Carath. In time, they become wed.

    Carath establishes the Guardtower of the God temple in Redwater, and spends his days training young hopefuls to be priests of Helm. »

  • 1323 DR [Year of Dreamwebs]
  • In Thay, the Zulkir of Enchantment leads an attempt to control the minds of influential people through their dreams. The efforts of the Red Wizards are eventually thwarted. »

  • 1351 DR [Year of the Crown]
  • The Red Wizards obtain a concession in Telflamm. This grows into the largest of the Thayan enclaves, as it is a distribution center for Thayan goods throughout much of northern Faerun. »

  • 1356 DR [Year of the Worm]
  • Two known Red Wizards are crushed while standing on the docks in Alaghon (of Turmish). The druids of the Emerald Enclave are suspected. »