• 1146 DR [Year of the Tardy Guests]
  • The Tome of the Morning is revealed by Brother Quitherus Ardabad, an elderly underpriest when Lathanderian lay adventurers come to the Sunrise Spires temple located on the north bank of the RIver Chionthar several days travel upstream from Baldur's Gate looking for aid.

    The First Prior of the monastery reacts with shock and fury to learn that a holy relic of Lathander could be in his monastery without his knowledge. Lathander himself manifests in support of the elderly underpriest.

    The adventurers, The Rose-Red Shield, leaves the monastery with the elderly Quitherus in tow.

    The First Prior is later found dead, blasted to ashes before his own alter. The four surviving Holy Priors of the monastery conclude (after much prayer and divination) that the First had turned so far from the faith as to challenge Lathander and compel the god to return the Tome back to the temple. »

  • 1152 DR [Year of the Portentous Wave]
  • Brother Quitherus Ardabad, priest of Lathander and possessor of the Tome of the Morning dies to the rigors of travel and battle in Velen. During his travels with the Rose-Red Shield company, he uses the Tome to good use, saving the lives of various members many times. He even attracts four fellow priests of Lathander to join the Shields. At his death, the four priests engage in a bitter struggle for supremacy. One of the priests dies, a second is cast out. The two remaining priests, Lithconter and Voraux, come to a truce, and jointly wields the Tome with the Shields up and down the Sword Coast. »

  • 1168 DR [Year of the Leering Orc]
  • The members of the Rose-Red Shield company begins to grow tires of dodging all the enemies they had made. Matters come to a head in this year when their leader, Daranthas Pelodir, the "Sword of Lathander" is lured into a trap by brigands and slain by their leader, a beholder.

    The surviving Shields hurl themselves recklessly into a hunt for revenge, and by the time the beholder is slain, only Lithconter, Voraux, and a half-elf mageling, Verendra Tathtar are left alive. The three decide the the Shields should vanish, and they end up in the village of Broken Blade, a now forested hamlet west of Eversult. Verendra would sometimes pose as the wife of Lithconter, and sometimes as the bride of Voraux.

    In the years to follow, the half-elf would out live the Lathanderian priests, and the mage would live out alone in the woods, except for the occasional visit from Harpers. »