• -72 DR [Year of Enchanted Hearts]
  • Birth of Ryndarth I "the Boy King" Soleilon, son and sole heir of Lemere II and Lharida in Westgate. »

  • -68 DR [Year of Discordant Destinies]
  • Death of king Lemere II Soleilon of Westgate. His wife Lharida (Ithal of Tethyr) reigns as regent until her 4 year old son, Ryndarth I "the Boy King" comes of age. »

  • -52 DR [Year of the Choking Spores]
  • Birth of Ryndarth II Soleilon, son and sole heir of Ryndarth I in Westgate. »

  • -27 DR [Year of the Masquerade]
  • A doppleganger slays Crown Prince Ryndarth II Soleilon and assumes his identity.

    Soon after, Ryndarth I dies and the doppleganger in the identity of Ryndarth II ("the Masque King") becomes king of Westgate and rules for almost a year. »