• -55 DR [Year of Traitorous Thoughts]
  • Lharida (Ithal) Soleilon, acting regent of Westgate is poisoned and dies. The 17 year old Prince Ryndath II becomes the active king. »

  • -52 DR [Year of the Choking Spores]
  • Birth of Ryndarth II Soleilon, son and sole heir of Ryndarth I in Westgate. »

  • -27 DR [Year of the Masquerade]
  • A doppleganger slays Crown Prince Ryndarth II Soleilon and assumes his identity.

    Soon after, Ryndarth I dies and the doppleganger in the identity of Ryndarth II ("the Masque King") becomes king of Westgate and rules for almost a year. »

  • Ashtukzu I "the Mulan" is sent by Gilgeam to conquer Westgate. Ashtukzu defeats the doppleganger (in the guise of Ryndarth II) and establishes himself as the ruler of the city, declaring it independent of Unther. »