• 1330 DR [Year of the Marching Moon]
  • Twisted Rune member Jhaniloth Puiral is destroyed by Prince Rythan of Tethyr. He was working with Priamon Rakesk on taking control of the many portals of Undermountain but switches his focus towards using Halaster Blackcloak's gates as a tool for the power of the Twisted Rune, and a means of escape. »

  • 1334 DR [Year of the Blazing Brand]
  • Battle of Nightflames
    Mulsparkh's army of orcs, evil sorcerers and satrap outcasts destroys Crown Prince Rythan of Tethyr, the brother of King Alemander IV, and his army in the Battle of Nightflames. These outcasts form the realm of Mulsparkh on the Calimshan-Tethyr border but are then swiftly crushed by the Calishite viziers. The Sword of Starlight, a Tethyrian sword of state and a powerful magic item, is secreted away by Yuzas Nur yn Yusuf el Tiagar, a military officer who has greater ambitions than abilities. »

  • 1347 DR [Year of the Bright Blade]
  • Eleint 13 The Ten Black Days of Eleint
    King Alemander IV and the rest of the Tethyrian royal family die during the conflagration that destroys Castle Tethyr. Crown Prince Alemander V - the late Prince Rythan's younger brother and second son of King Alemander IV - and General Sharboneth die in the fires of their own making. From the 13th to the 22nd day of Elient, hysteria grips Tethyr, causing the destruction of Tethyr's nobles and many castles and temples. Hundreds of innocent people who have any ties to the royalty are also murdered. »