• -5006 DR
  • Coramshan successfully counterattacks, pushing Jhaamdath back to Saelmur. »

  • 1101 DR [Year of the Maelstrom]
  • The city of Treshla, north of Saelmur and the Lake of Steam, is destroyed by a group of beholders from the nearby Thornwood.

    The Balance of Belaros (an artifact of Tyr) installed in the High Hall of Justice, remains where it was floating, even though the building around it has fallen.

    It next comes to the attention of some followers of Tyr in the Masked Marilith, a shop that solid rare and unique treasures in Saerloon, in Sembia. The proprietor of that establishment admitted to Tyrran inquisitors that he purchased the Balance from an anonymous mage who said he had given up on trying to discover the true powers of the thing. The Masked Marilith and its owner are destroyed by meteor swarms shortly thereafter, probably sent by the same mage. The buyer of the Balance is a notorious merchant rogue named Luuthateel Dree who is driven by a hunger for immortality and sought to buy any magic that might help him achieve his goal. Tyrran priests offered him a choice between magical longevity (the most their powers could grant) and death, but Luuthateel escaped them, reputedly into the Underdark, and the Balance vanished again.

    It has been seen twice at market fairs in Silverymoon and Berdusk since then, but has never fallen into the hands of the faithful of Tyr. The Tyrrans have gone so far as to accuse the Harpers of keeping it from them. This accusation has been vigorously denied, and even Lady Cylyria Dragonbreast offered to undergo questioning under detect lie spells cast by Holy Justices. »

  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Balagos "The Flying Flame", male great wyrm red dragon (who has two lairs, the Smokespire, the most westerly peak of the arm of the Troll Mountains that shelters the upland forests of Amn north of Eshpurta, and the Wyrmwell, in Mount Thargil, easternmost of the Starspire Mountains), flies east to the Lake of Steam, where he unleashes a firestorm in the warring cities of Saelmur and Mintarn that leaves a new detente, with neither city able to muster the troop strength to mount a credible attack on the other. »