• 1314 DR [Year of the Shadowtop]
  • For the past century, the Oglara is used as a serving platter in feast halls of various petty lordlings and wealthy city nobles from Neverwinter and Yallasch. In the fall of this year, the staff in the kitchens of Lord Anthanlas of Murann was preparing a grand feast. While washing out a net full of sea-turtles, an astonished undercook awoke the spell display of the Oglara, and the mage of the house is summoned, who divines that it is a holy item of Unberlee. He then dupes his employer, crafting a duplicate shell. The mage flees with the Shell and tries to sell it to an Umberlant cleric in Memnon.

    Unfortunately, he asks too much and is lured into a trap. The new owner, Samsryn Dhugar, a cunning but lowly Wavewatcher of the Coral Crown Church of Umberlee. He slowly rises to the rank of Storm Prelate, a roving holy inquisitor responsible for discipline within the faith and reprisals against its foes up and down the Sword Coast, Samsryn becomes deeply feared and hated in Umberlant ranks. »

  • 1347 DR [Year of the Bright Blade]
  • Samsryn Dhugar finally considers challenging the High Trident of Calimport when he arrives in a roadside inn in northern Calimshan in the fall of this year. Finding all of its rooms full and the best suites occupied by a traveling band of dwarves, Samsryn orders them whipped out of the place to make room for him. In the following struggle, the inn is largely destroyed. All of Samsryn's guards and servant priests are slain, and Samsryn himself is left a maimed, helpless captive of the few surviving dwarves.

    The dwarves set about grimly trying to salvage something out of the losses the Umberlant had visited upon them. In the questioning that follows, just before he died, Samsryn reveals details of his treasures, including the Oglara. The six surviving dwarves plunder all of Samsryn's holdings and scattering into the Underdark. While one of the dwarves unluckily is caught by the vengeful Umberlants, the other five (one who possessed the Oglara) escaped. »