• 1121 DR [Year of the Shameful Plea]
  • The priestess of Auril, Shalara of the Seven Kisses is known to be in possession of The Silver Supplicant (an artifact of Auril, a statuette in the likeness of the "First Frostmaiden", Thaulatiiya). "Coldeyes", as some call Shalara, carries it about as she travels the western Heartlands. Shalara acts as a warden of the faith in the lands around Iriaebor and Scornubel, visiting shrines, hermitages, and mountain-cavern temples in rotation, to advise and direct both clergy and lay worshippers. She meted out "the discipline of the divine" against faithful who transgressed, and is widely feared among them, but she also avenges wrongs done to the faithful by those outside the faith. To carry out such work, Shalara leads a force of three priests, a mageling, and a half-dozen warrors (all skilled horse archers with arrows of cold). She employs the Supplicant both as a source of spells for herself and as a holy relic to awe and inspire the faithful. »

  • 1264 DR [Year of the Shattered Alter]
  • The Helm of Helm (an artifact of Helm) rises out of a battlefield bog, presenting itself to the Helmite cleric Garshond in the defense of Iriaebor against a hobgoblin-led army of mixed orcs and goblins. Some clergy then and now believe that Helm took it from the bones of an older, forgotten champion of his faith, one whose bones lay under the waters of that bog.

    Garshond takes the Helm back to The Watchtower of the Vigilant, his fledgling temple-keep in Harkstag (a long-vanished village that stood northeast of Serpent's Cowl, in what is now scrub woodland. Then, as now, the area is infested with lurking yuan-ti). There he calls a council to which he invites the most law-abiding, old money families of Waterdeep, Iriaebor, and Scornubel. Most send their nearest merchant agents, but a few send younger sons, and to them all Garshond preached the common benefits of well-guarded roads and an elite, disciplined band of guardian knights.

    The Council of Helm is a great success, and establishes Garshond as the most important Helmite priest of his day. Some of the nobles stayed to join the envisaged Vigilant Riders, and others send senior agents with money to sponsor the band and so formalize its obligations to the merchants using the area. The Riders undertake to patrol the roads linking Waterdeep, Baldur's Gate, Elturel, Scornubel, Iriaebor, and the smaller towns and villages between. This does not please the brigands and goblinkin in the area, whose depredations had made the lightly populated lands between Amn, the Sea of Fallen Stars, and Waterdeep the most dangerous for travelers in all Faerun. »

  • 1314 DR [Year of the Shadowtop]
  • The Leaves of Green (an artifact of Silvanus) is purchased in Scornubel by the merchant trader Aughen of Athkatla. Aughen had intended to take the tome to Sembia and there auction it, but his ship is sunk in Suzail by a golem rising up, appearing from the bottom of the harbor. In the wreck, the book vanishes again. »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • Alturiak A man named Haljak hires many skilled warriors in Scornubel for good wages, but none of those hired are seen again. »

  • 1364 DR [Year of the Wave]
  • A thief tries to steal the Mask of Mysteries from the unknown Sembian noblewoman who bore it. However, removing the Mask causes her face to erupt into a mass of tentacles - tendrils like those of a mind flayer, save that these were gray, knobby, and ended in snapping mouths that devours the thief's face and hands. The guards attack the noblewoman turned horror, who escapes into the night.

    Claiming to the rightful owners of the Mask, the Asannath family offers 100,000 gold pieces for its return.

    Less than a month later, a Calishite merchant offers the Mask for sale in Scornubel. This causes a battle between priests of Mask and multiple independent thieves for the Mask. During the battle, a late arrival slew the merchant and made off with the Mask, but is himself slain in some mechanical trap in a nearby cellar. When the body of the thief was recovered many days later, the thieves hands were cut off and the Mask was gone again.

    Rumors of the Mask have surfaced in Waterdeep, Skullport, Westgate, and in Arrabar. The Dark Hand of the Shadowlord, the most influential cleric of Mask in Calimshan calls for all faithful to search for the Mask. »

  • 1365 DR [Year of the Sword]
  • The Far Anchor inn is built by a retired sea captain in Scornubel. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • Vraer of Scornubel, the self-styled First Lord Worshiper of the Dread Master of Death (a title Kelemvor now frowns upon), writes the Testament of Vraer (an artifact of Kelemvor) during the winter of this year. Vraer is formerly a devout priest of Myrkul, and the ascension of Kelemvor seems to have shattered his mind. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Vraer of Scornubel, the creator of the Testament of Vraer (and insane priest of Kelemvor), challenges the beholder colony known as the White Fate to a duel for ownership of their home, a verdant valley somewhere south and east of Llorkh. He loses his duel, and the secrets of the Testament are lost. »