• -2055 DR
  • Birth of Fourfinger of Netheril in Scourge. »

  • -1996 DR
  • Death of Fourfingers of Netheril.
    Fourfingers was a man who considered himself an expert on weather-related matters, Fourfingers lived along the banks of the Narrow Sea in the city of Scourge. He ardently avoided all contact with the other spellcasters of Netheril, preferring to remain in Scourge and continue his weather experiments.

    The residents of Scourge considered him to be the source of the rust that seemed to permeate the very air. While the rusting winds of Scourge were around long before (and long after) Fourfinger's death, it's not quite as clear whether Fourfinger was aware of the source of the rusting winds. He seemed to take great joy when storms rolled in off the sea (many believed he summoned them to the city hemself). Throughout most of his life, seldom a seek went by without a terrible storm rolling in off the sea. »