• c. -31000 DR
  • End of the Batrachi and Giants War
    The conflict between the Batrachi and the giants of Ostoria comes to an abrupt end when the ice moon Zotha falls from the sky devastating much of the lands within central Merrouroboros. A large fragment of the moon carves a gorge so deep between the four Inner Seas, they merge together to form the Sea of Fallen Stars, an event the sarrukhs remark on as a "changing of the stars". Severe earthquakes rocked the region for weeks afterwards. The crystalline batrachi cities, though reinforced by magic, were unable to withstand the incessant aftershocks. Within a year, the Batrachi Empire had fallen into ruin.

    The impact of the moon threw up a thick cloud of dust into the atmosphere obscuring the sun for seven years. Without the sun, plant-life began to die out across the land, soon followed by the herbivores and finally the carnivores. Only those peoples possessing great magic or divine protection survived the mass extinction. »

  • The First Epoch of Seros
  • c. -29000 DR to -14000 DR
    The First Epoch (Time of Beginnings) in Seros (the Inner Sea). All the races currently living under the Sea of Fallen Stars take to the waters during this period, which only the whales have much knowledge of . This Epoch ends with the elven migration into Seros, and their rise to power. »

  • -16900 DR
  • Numerous elves abandon the surface realms of Eiellur and Syorpiir (present-day Chondalwood and the Land of the Lions) during the War of Three Leaves (which also included Thearnytaar) to settle in the Selmal Basin (near the Vilhon Reach) of the Sea of Fallen Stars. This migration continues for several millennia. »

  • -11200 DR
  • With another major migration of elves to the Sea of Fallen Stars after the fall of Thearnytaar, the sea elves expand militarily beyond the Selmal Basin and establish the kingdoms and regions of Coranthys, Tor Meraliir, Ullythan Reef, and Ryeniir. »

  • -9872 DR
  • Sea Elven garrison towers built among the Sharksteeth Mountains (the mountain range where the current Sharksbane Wall), with the help of Vodos the Great Builder. »

  • -8938 DR
  • The 135-mile-long Sharksbane Wall is completed in Seros, effectively imprisoning the sahuagin in the southern arm of the Inner Sea (strong armies can overwhelm defending forces and storm over the wall, but no raiders can slip through casually or unnoticed). Over the nine centuries that follow, sea devils west of the Wall are ruthlessly hunted down and exterminated. »

  • -819 DR
  • A Dukar allegedly assassinates Coronal Lynsal, and his paranoid daughter Vaeqiis II begins sanctions against the four Dukar Orders of Myth Nantar and all wizards throughout the Sea of Fallen Stars. »

  • -777 DR
  • End of the Fifth Seros War:
    The Fifth Seros War ends following the deaths of Vaeqiis II Merynth and her kraken allies, the result of sacrifices by a small band of Dukars of the Jhimari Order, but not before the destruction of the shalarin kingdom of Es'krin and the morkoth magecracy known as the Arcana of Humbar. Aryselmalyr's new ruler (approved by the four Grand Dukars as well as the elf nobility) is Coronal Pravis Orlson, who restores the peace missed for over six centuries. Kayas the Krakenscourge the traditional weapon of the Triton Protectorates of the Sea of Fallen Stars, passes into the possession of the Orlson Dynasty. »

  • -153 DR [Year of the Starry Shroud]
  • Human survivors of Jhaamdath's fall migrate north across the Sea of Fallen Stars to settle the lands along the southern slopes of the Earthfast Mountains. The first of these settlements is founded and named Proeskampalar (present-day Procampur). »

  • -37 DR [Year of Patriots]
  • Alaghon, the first recorded settlement in what would become the nation of Turmish, is founded upon the southern shores of the Sea of Fallen Stars. »

  • 231 DR [Year of the Mist Dragon]
  • Ouranalathra, the "Mistmaiden", a gigantic mist dragon, appears in the lands around the Sea of Fallen Stars in the spring of this year, challenging and slaying any dragon it can find. »

  • 233 DR [Year of Much Ale]
  • A rich barley harvest this year makes beer plentiful and good in the lands around the Sea of Fallen Stars. »

  • c. 600 DR
  • Modern ships sail the surface of Seros from many ports, allowing safer sea travel at last. Numerous powers in Faerun establish major trade lanes across the sea, though the majority of sea traffic remains within sight of land. »

  • 812 DR [Year of the Gem Dragons]
  • The Mask of Mysteries first appears in Realmslore when it is found on the face of a corpse in a tomb on the Dragonisle in the Sea of Fallen Stars. The human buried there is thought to have been Arnthas "the Sky", much maligned among elves as a smooth-tongued "false friend" of the elves who in the guise of companionship learned many secrets of elven magic - and stole powerful magical items from the proudest families of Myth Drannor before its fall.

    The Mask of Mysteries is actually a black silk mask of unknown age. The magical properties of the Mask are awakened by kissing it, speaking the name of the god (either Mask or one of his secret names, such as Veldraeos or Ondoum), and then kissing the Mask again. »

  • 913 DR [Year of the Watching Raven]
  • Sembia founded under the Raven banner, the personal emblem of Rauthauvyr "the Raven", a human war-leader who gathered and commanded a standing army to police the roads of the fledgling human territory. Rauthauvyr forces the elves to allow a road through their forests, linking the northwestern shore of the Sea of Fallen Stars to the Moonsea, ensuring the growth and prosperity of Sembia. Hailed as the founder of the realm, he refuses to rule it, preferring to serve a succession of elected-by-merchant-council "evermasters" until he grew old and infirm - whereupon he rode off alone into the forest, never to be seen by humans again. »

  • 1142 DR [Year of the Sword's Oath]
  • Several pirates, including the notorious Redsail, scourge of the Sea of Fallen Stars, retire to Aglarond, bringing with them much wealth. They carouse and forcibly "broaden" local society, but also invest widely and covertly in local merchant shipping, business, and property, shifting mercantile dominance of Inner Sea trade away from southern coastal lands. »

  • 1172 DR [Year of the Hoary Host]
  • The Azuthan Abbey of Onter's Pool on the island of Norlorn northwest of Kelthann in the Sea of Fallen Stars is sacked and burned by pirates. The ghosts of the slain priests become restless and haunt the island for many years, to the displeasure of many pirates. The abbey was the resting place of Vorthryn's Archivir, an artifact of Azuth.

    The Archivir was created long ago by Vorthryn Saraddath and is one of the few holy books of the faith that is not a Touched Tome, rather a book of prayers dedicated to the god Azuth. The Archivir was intended to provide a central and orthodox source of magic for the devout priests of the Azuthan abbey. »

  • 1264 DR [Year of the Shattered Alter]
  • The Helm of Helm (an artifact of Helm) rises out of a battlefield bog, presenting itself to the Helmite cleric Garshond in the defense of Iriaebor against a hobgoblin-led army of mixed orcs and goblins. Some clergy then and now believe that Helm took it from the bones of an older, forgotten champion of his faith, one whose bones lay under the waters of that bog.

    Garshond takes the Helm back to The Watchtower of the Vigilant, his fledgling temple-keep in Harkstag (a long-vanished village that stood northeast of Serpent's Cowl, in what is now scrub woodland. Then, as now, the area is infested with lurking yuan-ti). There he calls a council to which he invites the most law-abiding, old money families of Waterdeep, Iriaebor, and Scornubel. Most send their nearest merchant agents, but a few send younger sons, and to them all Garshond preached the common benefits of well-guarded roads and an elite, disciplined band of guardian knights.

    The Council of Helm is a great success, and establishes Garshond as the most important Helmite priest of his day. Some of the nobles stayed to join the envisaged Vigilant Riders, and others send senior agents with money to sponsor the band and so formalize its obligations to the merchants using the area. The Riders undertake to patrol the roads linking Waterdeep, Baldur's Gate, Elturel, Scornubel, Iriaebor, and the smaller towns and villages between. This does not please the brigands and goblinkin in the area, whose depredations had made the lightly populated lands between Amn, the Sea of Fallen Stars, and Waterdeep the most dangerous for travelers in all Faerun. »

  • 1271 DR [Year of the Shattered Wall]
  • The Ahlors Protectorate is ravaged by an attack from an unexpected quarter. Iryklathagra, exploring a saline environment wholly unlike that in which she was born by means of an iridescent ioun stone, plunders the trade city of Otanyn. In addition to seizing a fortune in pearls, she makes off with Kayas the Krakenscourge and the corpse of the weapon's last triton wielder in her claws. The Krakenscourge has since lain unused in her hoard. »

  • 1312 DR [Year of the Griffon]
  • The city of Teziir is refounded on the Dragonmere by the Mlaerae, merchants from Westgate who disapprove of that city's wickedness, and see no way to break the power of the Night Masks and corrupt cabals ruling Westgate. The Mlaerae want a Dragonmere port under their control, and Tazaiir Bay (the best natural harbor at the western end of the Sea of Fallen Stars) is theirs for the taking, as earlier pirate ports on the site had been sacked and burned repeatedly by various Inner Sea city navies. "Tazaiir" was the name of those earlier cities, "Teziir" a more modern corruption. Tazaiir is believed to have been a long-ago human female pirate leader. »

  • 1346 DR [Year of the Bloodbird]
  • An elven burial barge that drifts into the nets of pirates in the open seas west of the isles of Sarr proves to contain a fortune in gems, a sword whose blade is visible only in moonlight (or when bathed in gore!), and the Leaves of Green (an artifact of Silvanus). These riches overcame the usual superstition of the pirates of the Fallen Stars, and they fairly tear apart the corpse of the elf and its slender ship of rest in their eagerness to become men of wealth. The barkscrap is retained by a pirate named Skirpo as something "that no one else was grabbing, which just might be of value".

    It was valued by someone on the Dragonisle not long after, because they kill Skirpo and take the Leaves. It is sold in Sembia the next spring, briefly surfacing in Ordulin in a merchant's hoard for which two rival band of adventurers find to the death in an inn, and is claimed from the last reeling survivor of that fray by the innkeeper as part payment for the damages done to the rooms. It disappears again only a tenday later, when ambitious Zhentarim magelings riding feywings tear the top right off the inn to get at anything of value they might carry off while they practiced blasting the angry owners of said items to ashes with spells in the progress.

    After the destruction of Zhentil Keep, a caravan master finds the book floating in the ruins. Fearing to examine the Leaves too closely, he wraps it in an old cloak and takes it to Arabel on his regular caravan run, selling it there to someone who takes it into the Stonelands and is devoured in that place by predators. The book lays beside his gnawed bones for a winter or more before adventurers find it again and take it to the House of the Morning in Eveningstar to be identified. They reclaim it then, and set off into the Haunted Halls, never to be seen again. »