• c. -3100 DR
  • Human seafarers from the west name and settle the island of Ruathym in the Sea of Swords. »

  • 140 DR [Year of the Executioner]
  • Fleeing persecution under the Shadowking of Ebenfar, tribes of lost Talfir cross the Sea of Swords and settle along the southern shores of the island they name Gwynneth, which they named after their leader, Gwynneth Randol. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Eleint Seven ships of the Vemmil clan of Amn return from a mission to Zakhara, but four are attacked and looted by the Sea Reavers. The remainder arrive at Murann amid much ceremony.

    On Highharvestide, a huge, manlike juggernaut created from ship parts is Gated into the Sea of Swords at highsun and attacks the pirates' port of Skaug. »