• -3847 DR
  • The Abbey of the Moon, a temple to Selune, is established in Netheril. It served as a retreat as well as a place of learning for hundreds of years. »

  • -3218 DR
  • The Abbey of the Moon is founded at another site after the first was destroyed by fire. A vision was given to one of the Oracles of the Moon and the new location Selunites chose is the headwaters of the Gillan River (The dream had showed the full moon falling down and transforming into a beautiful woman who walked along the headwaters of the Gillan River). The building is designed in the shape of a waxing crescent moon. Selunites store every piece of information about their goddess that could be recalled from their former abbey and takes detailed notes her waning and waxing powers. »

  • -2791 DR
  • Death of Halavar of Netheril.
    He was a widely known and well liked arcanist in the community of Palter. He spent a great deal of his time entertaining children and young adults, puppeteering a collage of marionettes and punchinellos. The basic themes for his productions were tragedies based on heroic Netherese warriors, criticisms of Netherese lifestyles, and satires of public figures and archwizards. This third form of entertainment, however, constantly got him into trouble with the bureaucracy.

    His greatest claim, however, came when he invented Halavar's universal pantograph. This device duplicated any nonmagical item placed in it. Even though it would work but once per day, the item could reproduce anything - even living matter. When the fact that the device could clone young children and adults, creating an exact duplicate (even down to the personality), the followers of Selune and Tyche rose up against the city of Palter in order to lynch the creative arcanist. He immediately left his city and was ruthlessly killed by bandits who wanted the device. The device was never found again, but its whereabouts have been theorized to be somewhere west of Netheril.

    This entry conflicts with the date of Palter's establishment in -2642 »

  • -339 DR [Year of Sundered Webs]
  • The Opus Enclave is spared the destruction of Netheril by divining the effects of Karsus's avatar spell and evacuating mere moments before magic failed. The truth behind their salvation was somewhat hazy, however, and other sources stated that the goddess Selune personally delivered them from destruction. »

  • -256 DR [Year of Able Warriors]
  • Satama, a Durpari trader, begins preaching the Adama, a belief system still dominant in the Shining South to this day. The Adama, or "the One", is the embodiment of the spirits found in all things, from the rocks and plants to animals and even gods; all creatures and objects on Toril are considered manifestations of the Adama. Following the Adama does not preclude worshiping the gods, but encourages fair and just dealings to "honor the Adama". Belief in the Adama promotes the tenets of the faiths of Zionil (Gond), Curna (Oghma), Lucha (Selune), Torm, and Waukeen. »

  • 390 DR [Year of the Half Moon]
  • The city of Myth Lharast is established in present-day Amn as a "purer" temple city with worship solely to Selune rather than the orthodox theocracy of Minsorran. »

  • Followers of Selune begin worshiping the Moonmaiden on the slopes of Mount Waterdeep. »

  • 446 DR [Year of the Unblinking Eye]
  • Gorothir, the "Dark Prophet of the Night" to Shar is deceived into going to a place dedicated to Selune by his grandchildren in an attempt to desecrate the holy site. There, his many progeny who tired of being treated as slaves to their grandsire, ambushes Gorothir with the help of many hired mages (some who were originally in Gorothir's service). The "Dark Prophet" is slain along with many others.

    After the battle, an archmage grabbed Gorothir's staff and broke it, causing the staff to explode and kill the archmage. Gorothir's Girdle is snatched up by one of his kin, Jurguth Goroth. Shar would use the garment to corrupt and turn him to her faith. »

  • 616 DR [Year of the Ensorceled Kings]
  • The rings that make up the Moonweb (an artifact of Selune) first appeared in the Realms individually, green to devout Selunites by the Shards (servitors of the goddess) in the dark years after the fall of Netheril. They served as minor magical aids and as focal points for prayers to the goddess.

    Eventually, two of the rings are unwittingly brought together in this year when Selunite clergy meet to plan the the future of the faith at Manystreams (an inn run by half elves that stood in a steep-sided lush, wooded valley near Mount Hlim, into which many streams fell, and operated as a meeting place for the beneficent and powerful). Selune appears in the dreams of all the assembled priests, telling them of the four rings and bidding them seek the two missing ones.

    The names and powers of the rings are as follows:

    • Amglaer: Accelerate healing, moonbeam and true seeing, and if one of the other three rings is also worn by the same being who is wearing Amglaer, air walk
    • Enthandas: Dispel magic, water breathing, and water walk (only while natural moonlight is shining ont the water), and, if Shelmroun is also worn by the Same being who is wearing Enthandos, Neutralize poison
    • Shelmroun: Efficacious monster ward, heroes' feast, and moonmotes (identical in all respects to magic missle, unleashing six missles), and, if Tilithar is also worn by the same being who is wearing Shelmroun, heal
    • Tilithar: Fire storm, remove curse, and remove paralysis, and, if Amglaer is also worn by the same being who is wearing Tilithar, restoration.

    The current bearers of the rings Amglaer and Shelmroun, are Randar Rheligonther, Moon Priest of Neverwinter, and Amtheiera Summerdusk, Lunequeen of Danthaldown (a now-vanished Selunite monastary). »

  • 686 DR [Year of the Unshriven]
  • Death of the Great Lovers, Randar Rheligonther and Amtheiera Summerdusk, both high priests of Selune and bearers of 3 of the rings of the Moonweb.

    The priests were commanded by Selune to search for the missing rings of the Moonweb. In their travels searching for the other rings, they fall in love and pledge their troth in a moonlit meadow somewhere deep in the wilderlands. The next morning they awoke to find a burial barge floating past them down a stream, and on the finger of the elf corpse in the vessel was the ring Tilithar.

    The three rings are taken to the Selunite temple at Evershed (southeast of the present inn known as the Calling Horns). The rings are used in rituals as the years passed, and the quest for the fourth ring became more a matter of legend then urgency. »

  • 712 DR [Year of the Lost Lance]
  • Ches 2 The Templestar's Rise (Weeping War: Campaign #3)
    A.K.A.: The Three Fronts of Myth Drannor, the Mauling, Advance of the Three Battalions, Gaulguth's Bath, the River's Reprisal, the Elemental Strikes, the Drowning
    Considered one battle, this seven-pronged attack by the Army of Darkness on the city of Myth Drannor marked its first invasion by external enemy troops in over 600 years! The Army of Darkness, while holding more than two-thirds of its forces back either at their nerve center in Olorill or in encampments surrounding the mythal, sent three battalions - the Agonists (first Legion), the Chaoslayers (first legion), and the Merciless (third legion) - and Gaulguth the Reaver into Myth Drannor.

    The three battalions spread out into their respective regiments, though they remained under the commands of Generals Khitax, Vroyxax, and Ollyq. The First Regiment of Agonists, under the direct command of Gaulguth and Colonel Szelmsevv, spearheaded the charge on Castle Cormanthor, while others concentrated attacks on all areas of Cormanthor, Kerrandunath, and Sheshyrinnam. For reasons unknown, none of the initial attackers approached the city from the east or disturbed the city east of the stream (leaving elves to later mutter and suspect that some N'Tel'Quess in Dlabraddath was responsible for the whole Fall of Myth Drannor). Even though the elves were nearly outnumbered two-to-one, they held on and destroyed over nine regiments (three of General Ollyq's Merciless, two of General Khitax's Agonists, and nearly the entire Chaoslayer battalion) in 19 solid hours of combat and spellbattles!

    This battle's title comes from its most prominent military (and spiritual) victory at the height of the fray. Under the moon's light and the constant press of enemies, the elves and other defenders of the realm suffered miserable losses for much of the early hours of the battle. By highmoon, more than half the western city was dominated and controlled by the Army of Darkness. Of the three Merciless regiments invading the peaceful temple ward of Sheshyrinnam, two were focused on military tactics and control of conquered territory, while the third took to desecrating and destroying the temple they everwhelmed.

    The aging priest Artox Frayhammer, with his lusty war cries and the compelling battle songs of his clergy of Moradin, turned the tide of battle for all Myth Drannor as he saw another, smaller temple fall. Leading the charge and rallying other temples' faithful behind him and his dwarves, Artox met and slew five mezzoloth officers - four majors and General Ollyq himslef - within mere minutes, as the Merciless expected resistence as feeble as they had encountered before. Soon, the army of the Templestars took rough shape as the temple defenders of Moradin, Garl Glittergold, Labelas Enoreth, Selune, and Mielikki united and destroyed all invaders with Sheshyrinnam. These victories in turn fired the hope of the other allies, and the tide turned in favor of Myth Drannor!

    The final note of the battle that ended this conflict (and quickly ignited the next) was a major summoning by Symruster, four baelnorn, and the fledgling Elementalists' Guild (until recently a minor part of the Guild of Wizards, Conjurers, and Enchanters). As the Army battalions were forced back to the stream by victorious elf troops in the western city, the stream Oacenth and Glyrryl's Pool erupted with gargantuan water elementals which literally leapt over the banks to wash away the surviving enemy regiments of the Merciless and Chaoslayer battalions. Even Gaulguth was forced to teleport to safety as three elementals tried to drown him in the depths of the pool!

    By dawn of the third day of Ches, the Army of Darkness was forced east of the stream and Glyrryl's Pool, where many of thier number drowned before the elementals were dispersed. In all, the invading Army of Darkness suffered the loss of 12 regiments - over 35,000 gnolls, hobgoblins, ogres, and orcs - before their retreat and fight, rather than one over which victory is assured.

    Among the deaths of this battle included:
    [Myth Drannor]
    Kovimal Honedaxe (Councilor and clan chief), Aesar "Moonwing" (Court Mage)
    [Army of Darkness]
    General Ollyq of the Merciless, General Vroyxax of the Chaoslayers

    This battle lasted until Ches 3, 712 DR »

  • 942 DR [Year of the Circling Vulture]
  • A young, wild-tempered farm girl from the Moonshaes, Emurra Scaradath comes to Waterdeep with her family to trade away two ships full of furs. She is the possessor of the fourth ring of the Moonweb, Enthandas.

    While the Scaradath family takes a coach outside the walls, Emurra is captured by drow. Engalathae has a dream of the ring on Emurra's finger. Engalathae uses spells to find Emurra and goes down into the Underdark after her. Engalathae then uses a Word of Recall spell to send Emurra and her mother back to the temple of Selune in Waterdeep. There, Emurra practically drags the priests there into an expedition down into the Deep Realms, promising the ring as payment. Led by six senior priestesses of the Moon, the expedition frees Engalathae and Emurra's father and brothers.

    The four rings are soon united, creating the first Moonweb, a spectacular pattern of interwoven shafts of gleaming moonlight that touches every Selunite present at the occasion, healing all of their hurts and hatreds, and confirming Emurra as a priestess of the goddess. Selune also grants those clergy present with the ability to trace each other, whatever the distance for the rest of their lives. They are known as "the Touched", and become the heart of the Selunite faith. As the years pass, Emurra and Engalathae rises to lead to them. »

  • 1090 DR [Year of Slaughter]
  • Followers of Malar led by the fanatical priest Belegoss Wolfwynd mount the Great Hunt. The Hunt permanently smashes the power of the southern Dragonreach cities. The Great Hunt kills Lunaven Moonstar and desecrates Selune's Waterdeep shrine.

    Elminster sets the Harpers to slaying every member of the Hunt aided by the enraged Selunites.

    Construction begins on the first true temple of Selune in Waterdeep. »

  • 1097 DR [Year of the Gleaming Crown]
  • The High House of Stars (temple of Selune in Waterdeep) finishes construction. »

  • 1099 DR [Year of the Restless]
  • Lady Alathene Moonstar of Waterdeep founds the Maids of the Midnight Moon, an order of sorcereses dedicated to Selune.

    By this time the Moonstar clan has ascended into the ranks of Waterdhavian nobility. »

  • 1104 DR [Year of the Dark Dawn]
  • Vanrak Moonstar becomes head of the Moonstar clan in Waterdeep after the mysterious death of his father, Andvarran. Blaming the priests of Selune for his father's death, Vanrak cuts the House's ties with the High House of Stars. »

  • 1130 DR [Year of the Howling Moon]
  • Vanrak's sister, Lady Alathene Moonstar takes refuge, with the rest of her Selûne-worshiping family in the High House of Stars and petitions the courts to strip her brother of his title and banish him, providing evidence of numerous heinous crimes. The Watch goes to apprehend him but unbeknownst to them, Vanrak had caught wind of their plan and taken his followers through a secret portal to Undermountain. »

  • 1182 DR [Year of the Tomb]
  • The Dark Army of the Night infiltrate the High House of Stars via its cellars and slaughter most of the Selûnite clergy before an alarm can be raised. When help arrives, the temple is an inferno of Shadow Magic darkfire. Waterdeep's Firefighters find it nearly impossible to put out the black flames.

    Using the wealth that they gained from looting the High House of Stars, Vanrak Moonstar turns himself into a Death Knight with the help of Shar. »

  • 1344 DR [Year of Moonfall]
  • Mirtul Most High Moonpriestess Thurlara "Old Bones" Shaulauna, possessor of one of the rings of the Moonweb, Shelmroun, is missing. Her hand however is found, missing the middle finger (where Selunites customarily wear magic rings). The Selunites of the remote monastery of Corthoun, in the woods south of Loudwater (the nearest Selunite temple) had suffered a doppleganger infestation, one of which had replaced the High Moonlord Evren Thildaran, who was the possessor of one of the Moonweb rings, Amglaer. The battle between the priests and the shapeshifters ends with the temple in ruins.

    The Moonweb ring Tilithar is given by the Priestess of the High Moonlight to Blackstaff Tower and Lady Laeral, unfortunately the tower and the lady are illusions, and the ring and the priestess both vanish.

    Selunite priests beseech the goddess for guidance. She instructs them to guard the last ring, Enthandas, which was held at Tharynd in the mountains west of Dolphingulf. The temple is assaulted by feywings, darkenbeasts, and gargoyles, and the ring is lost.

    In the fall of this year, Selune manifests as moon radiance in every holy place of the faith and instructs her clergy that hence forth the rings of the Moonweb are no longer to be held in temples by ranking clergy but to wander the Realms in the hands of adventurers. The search for the rings however, continues. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Marpenoth 15 A great battle in Waterdeep sees Myrkul destroyed by Midnight, Shar and Selune do battle. Cyric slays Kelemvor Lyonsbane with his sword Godsbane (actually an aspect of the god Mask). The Tablets of Fate are returned to Overlord Ao, creator of the Realms and of the gods themselves. He descends upon Toril and speaks to its inhabitants. Lord Ao declares that all gods become servants to their followers, that Midnight take Mystra's place as Goddess of Magic, and that Cyric shall take control of what was left undone by the deaths of Myrkul, Bane, and Bhaal. And, while Cyric found this responsibility quite an honor, Lord Ao was unsure he'd continue with that reasoning.

    Siamorphe manifests in Waterdeep and protects North and Sea Wards from much of the damages caused by Myrkul's Legions. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • The Fellowship of the Purple Staff is founded in the Dragon Coast region by a group of like minded priests of Chauntea, Helm, and Selune who united to settle the area of the Gulthmere Forest and the other lands north of Turmish into a more civilized land they would call the "Holy Realm".

    They are soon after bolstered by the local faithful of Lathander and Sune. »