• -304 DR [Year of Erupting Crypts]
  • The serpent god Sseth, an avatar of Merrshaulk, founds the yuan-ti empire of Serpentes amid the ruins of the ancient sarrukh-empire of Mhairshaulk. »

  • Serpentes begins to wage war against the humans of Lapaliiya (and taking them as slaves back to Serpentes), weakened by the Empire Plague. »

  • -189 DR [Year of Sunned Serpents]
  • The lizardfolk/yuan-ti armies of Serpentes complete their conquest of the Tashalar. Most of the wealthy Calishite expatriates flee back to their native land. »

  • 10 DR [Year of Dreams]
  • The realm of Serpentes goes into rapid decline when its emperor Sseth vanishes beneath the Peaks of Flame. The once-allied yuan-ti tribes begin to feud over the succession.
    Ss'inthee'ssaree, capital city of Serpentes, falls into ruin. »

  • 34 DR [Year of Purloined Power]
  • With the decline of Serpentes, the humans of the Tashalar succeed in driving off the yuan-ti of the Se'Sehen tribe and after a ten-year war proclaim the Confederation of Tashtan. They claim dominion from the town of Narubel to the Sheir Penninsula, plus all the Shining Sea coastal lands in between including Lapaliiya. The diverse humans living in these areas become known collectively as the Tashalans. »