• -2489 DR
  • Arrival of the God-Kings
    The deities of the Imaskari slaves bypass the planar barrier by sending powerful avatars, known as manifestations, of themselves through the endless void of space to Toril, led by the ancient deity Ptah. Upon arriving on Faerun, they further divide their remaining divine essences and create lesser, mortal forms of avatars, known as incarnations. These incarnations descend into the fertile plains of Imaskar and go among their people. The most talented they make priests, and the truly faithful are transformed into divine minions. The Imaskari slaves then revolt against their masters. »

  • -1050 DR
  • A power struggle in Mulhorand between Osiris and Set to suceed Ra results in the murder of Osiris. »

  • -1048 DR
  • Isis resurrects Osiris. Horus-Re battles Set and becomes chief of the Mulhorandi pantheon. The First Mulhorand Empire ends. »

  • 1320 DR [Year of the Watching Cold]
  • Akonhorus II becomes pharaoh of Mulhorand.
    Resurgence of the Cult of Set as Seti, a manifestation of Set appears in Mulhorand. »

  • 1350 DR [Year of the Morningstar]
  • The Cult of Set gains control of Sampranasz in Mulhorand, though this fact remains hidden. Seti forms the Fangs of Set. »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • The Pharaoh of Mulhorand is assassinated by the Cult of Set. Horustep III takes the throne of Mulhorand at age 11. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • The avatar of Sseth appears briefly above the water of the Lapal Sea before battling the dinosaur avatar of Ubtao on the eastern edge of the Jungle of Chult.

    Sseth stops answering the prayers of the sarrukh of Okoth, and the sarrukh approach the divine minions of the deity Set and agree to bind their god Sseth into eternal slumber if they are granted spells and aid in their battle against the khaasta. At the end of the Time of Troubles, Set claims Sseth's portfolio. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Set begins to answer the prayers of his newly acquired worshippers, the sarrukh of Okoth (including the yuan-ti, who still believe their divine power to come from Sseth). These sarrukh of Okoth are lead by the legendary albino sarrukh, Pil'it'ith. They are primarily served by Scaled Ones.

    Khaastas have begun to appear in the Lake of Salt region, and the two groups continue their millennia old war. »