• -11500 DR
  • Wendonai the balor is tasked by Lolth to seduce the Sethomiir clan, rulers of the Ilythiiri, into her worship and grant them evil magics.

    Thearnytaar and Eiellur band together and declare war on Ilythiir, decrying the Ilythiiri's use of fire and wanton destruction far more than the power plays of the northern elves. They fight a holding action, preventing the Ilythiiri from advancing north. »

  • -10400 DR
  • Dark elves of Clan Sethomiir travel by magic to the Riildath (present-day Rawlinswood and Forest of Lethyr) from Ilythiir, guided by the hand of the balor Wendonai. They construct an underground fortress named Narathmault, "the Dark Pit", at the site of present-day Dun-Tharos, recognizing it as a place of great evil. »

  • -10000 DR
  • Like their kin elsewhere, the dark elves of Narathmault are transformed into drow by the will of the Seldarine, shattering their bindings over a host of fiends who swiftly turn on their former masters. Led by Undrek of Clan Sethomiir, the drow and their minotaur servants are forced to flee Narathmault, traveling south and east into the underground caverns beneath the present-day Plateau of Thay. »