• -3859 DR
  • Several villages on the shores of the Narrow Sea (Fenwick, Gers, Gilan, Gustaf, Moran, Nauseef, and Janick) combine for mutual protection, forming the Alliance of Seventon, which later becomes Netheril. »

  • -3827 DR
  • Nether the Elder announces plans to abolish the rulers of the other villages and oversea the Seventon region from his home in Gers. During the night of celebrating, Alandril kills his father. Speculation suggested that Nether the Elder would have passed rule on to his more ruthless third son, Darzal. The Netherese chose a form of government based loosely on democracy. »

  • -3552 DR
  • The city of Northreach is established in Netheril. When Netheril was reaching farther west in an effort to first find the dwarves, Northreach was one of the settlements that was established in an effort to shore up supplies for the explorers. Behind Seventon, it is probably one of Netheril's oldest cities. »

  • -2029 DR
  • Birth of Anglin of Netheril in Seventon. »

  • -1921 DR
  • Death of Anglin of Netheril in Seventon, while researching a new spell (tentatively called Anglin's gateway) backfires and sucks him through a mysterious portal.

    Anglin was responsible for many of the prismatic based spells. He was constantly worried about shielding himself and the town from attack. Thus, many of his spells dealt with watching for danger (magic mirror), shielding himself from attack (prismatic sphere), and dispersing attacking creatures (prismatic spray). He was a very respected general in the Seventon militia.

    The arcanist also ran a small school in Seventon called the Summoned Sorcerer. From here, he taught those that desired to learn spellcraft the nuances of magic, asking only in return that they serve in the Seventon militia for at least five years after he finished training them. »

  • -1642 DR
  • At the age of 18, Enollar, who had spent most of his youth working at the docks of Harborage to make ends meet, stows away on a ship to Seventon, where he is allowed to study magic at Alimon's Mental Academy, a small school run by a little-known mentalist. »

  • -1619 DR
  • Decampus of Netheril creates her first (and only spell), Decampus's alarm, at the tender age of 13. She then attends several arcanist universities in Seventon and Xinlenal enclave. »

  • -1561 DR
  • Death of General Matick of Netheril.
    Mathick was a ruthless man with a violent streak as long as a dragon's tail. He joined the ranks of Seventon's army and began a rapid climb to the top (sometimes through the attrition of his superiors). During his life he thwarted over 30 minor goblin assaults, and his successes were legendary even during his own life. The ratio of Netherese losses in relation to enemy kills were the lowest of any general in the nation's history.

    Matick was believed to have slaughtered over 25,000 orcs, 35,000 goblins, 2,000 trolls, and about 5,000 halflins and elves (whom he hated feverishly). The general was also said to have been responsible for the creation of three spells that eventually become armor, magic missile, and shield, but sages believe he actually had these spells commissioned. »