• 1121 DR [Year of the Shameful Plea]
  • The priestess of Auril, Shalara of the Seven Kisses is known to be in possession of The Silver Supplicant (an artifact of Auril, a statuette in the likeness of the "First Frostmaiden", Thaulatiiya). "Coldeyes", as some call Shalara, carries it about as she travels the western Heartlands. Shalara acts as a warden of the faith in the lands around Iriaebor and Scornubel, visiting shrines, hermitages, and mountain-cavern temples in rotation, to advise and direct both clergy and lay worshippers. She meted out "the discipline of the divine" against faithful who transgressed, and is widely feared among them, but she also avenges wrongs done to the faithful by those outside the faith. To carry out such work, Shalara leads a force of three priests, a mageling, and a half-dozen warrors (all skilled horse archers with arrows of cold). She employs the Supplicant both as a source of spells for herself and as a holy relic to awe and inspire the faithful. »

  • 1146 DR [Year of the Tardy Guests]
  • Shalara of the Seven Kisses (and bearer of the Silver Supplicant, an artifact of Auril) and her band slays the legendary Korsus Smokebeard of the Company of Korsus. »

  • 1156 DR [Year of the Winged Gift]
  • The Company of Korsus catches up with Shalara of the Seven Kisses (a priestess of Auril and bearer of the Silver Supplicant, an artifact of Auril) while the Aurilians were already engaged with the Thirsty Arrows Company. Shalara and all the Aurilians are slain, and one of the the two half elf sisters of the Thirsty Arrows claims the Supplicant and takes it back to Baldur's Gate.

    There the recovering adventurers soon discover that local Aurilian clergy had traced them. No less than seven armed raids are made on the walled "high house" that the Thirsty Arrow used as a base. In the end, the Aurilians succeeded in setting fire to the villa and the conflagration revealed a secret way down into the vaults that avoided the heavily trapped tunnels. The fleeing Thirsty Arrows place the Supplicant into the carrying compartment in the chest of a guardian golem (either an iron golem or a unique metal guardian) and commanded it to attack the intruders.

    The golem wrought bloody mayhem among the Aurilians, and dawn saw it standing alone amid a pile of dead. It is a month or more before other Aurilians arrive, but the golem and the Supplicant are gone. »