• The Second Epoch of Seros
  • -14000 DR to -215 DR
    Time of the elves in Seros (the Inner Sea). The Second Epoch officially begins with the building of the undersea capital of Aryselmalyr, and ends with forty years of war between the sea elves and other undersea races. It is also during this Epoch that the first land dwellers began exploration of the waters (wizards of Netheril), the initial migration of shalarin into the Inner Sea, and the trapping of the sahuagin behind the Sharksbane Wall. »

  • -9872 DR
  • Sea Elven garrison towers built among the Sharksteeth Mountains (the mountain range where the current Sharksbane Wall), with the help of Vodos the Great Builder. »

  • -9845 DR
  • Construction begins on the Sharksbane Wall (uniting the existing tower garrisons) designed as a barrier against the sahuagin incursions, stretching between the Akanapeaks of northern Chessenta and southwesternmost Altumbel, southwest of Delthuntle by clergy of Deep Sashelas, Trishina, and Eadro. »

  • -9833 DR
  • End of the First Seros War
    This war destroys the major sahuagin kingdom in "Sekolah's Trench" (the Trench of Lopok). Wars and skirmishes continue across centuries to slow or stop the building of the Sharksbane Wall. »

  • -8938 DR
  • The 135-mile-long Sharksbane Wall is completed in Seros, effectively imprisoning the sahuagin in the southern arm of the Inner Sea (strong armies can overwhelm defending forces and storm over the wall, but no raiders can slip through casually or unnoticed). Over the nine centuries that follow, sea devils west of the Wall are ruthlessly hunted down and exterminated. »

  • -8000 DR
  • All sahuagin settlements in the Inner Sea (Seros) lying west of the Sharksbane Wall are destroyed by this time. »

  • -238 DR [Year of Fortunes Fair]
  • Start of the Second Dukars' War
    After seventeen years of constant skirmishes amid all the powers of the central sea of Seros (and a resurgence of the sahuagin presence due to lack of order at the Pillars of the Trident), the Orders of Jhimari and Numos took proactive steps toward maintaining the peace by attempting to found a Dukars kingdom centered on Myth Nantar, Nantarum. »

  • 654 DR [Year of the Coveted Briars]
  • Battle of the Haunted Plains
    After their defeat here, more than 80% of all merrow in Seros flee or are driven south, behind the Sharksbane Wall. The remainder survives within the Hmur Plateau or among the ruins on the Haunted Plains. »

  • 656 DR [Year of Peaceful Seas]
  • End of the Ninth Seros War
    Due to merrow invading their territory and adding to their enemies' populations, sahuagin send massive raiding parties storming over the Sharksbane Wall. All this serves as retribution for the other races invading Aleaxtis, and that continues the Ninth Seros War for another year. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Flamerule 26 The Start of the Twelfth Seros War
    Deepwater War
    The monstrous wereshark Iakhovas (known as the "Threat From the Sea") finds an artifact in Coryselmal and uses it to shatter a large section of the Sharksbane Wall, destroying Akhanmyr and one of the Sea Unicorns guardposts in one explosion. The Xedran Reefs take this as a sign that their religious Time of Tempering has begun. Iakhovas and the sahuagin occupy Coryselmal for a time. »

  • Flamerule 27 All six High Mages, their four students, and Pacys the Loreweaver leave Sylkiir and head for Myth Nantar upon hearing the explosion from the Sharksbane Wall. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Nightal 9 Once believed to be a relatively shallow trench whose bottom was only 1,600 feet from the surface, the Python Trench rumbles with aftershocks from the destruction of the Sharksbane Wall, and its bottom now abruptly falls away. Waters seemingly filled with sunlight appears to be beneath, but this displaces many sahuagin from colonies within the Trench, as they cannot stand the light. The agitated sea devils attack all non-sahuagin they see, preventing investigation of "the Light Below". »