• -329 DR [Year of Icefire]
  • Dwarves of Clan Shattered Shield of Citadel Sundbarr flee their mines and workings in the Ice Mountains due to the approuch of a group of renegade dwarves from Citadel Felbarr, believed to be afflicted with a disease known as the slaying slumber. They begin a titanic trek eastward across the High Ice to the kingdom of Dareth. »

  • -327 DR [Year of Opened Graves]
  • The shield dwarves of Clan Shattered Shield arrive in Dareth to find their arctic dwarf cousins beset by the white dragons (and their servitor creatures) of Hoarfaern. They rescue the surviving folk of Dareth and retreat to a lone mountain which they name Mount Sundabar in honor of their home in Delzoun. They commence building a fortress of their own there and elect Embryn Shattered Shield as their king. He leaves his clan to take the name Embryn Dareth. »

  • -149 DR [Year of Adamantine Ore]
  • Shield dwarf prospectors discovers rich veins of adamantine and iron in the Teshan Mountains (present-day Desertsmouth Mountains) and send word back to their kin in the Storm Horns to join them. »

  • 1095 DR [Year of the Dawndance]
  • War-Captain Imphras Heltharn of Lyrabar unites the city-states of the Easting Reach (Lyrabar, Hlammach, Dilpur, and Sarshel) and leads them against a hobgoblin horde from the Giantspire Mountains. The wood elves of the Grey Forest, and the shield dwarves of the Earthfast Mountains also join the fight. The hobgoblin horde (which was controlled by the succubus Soneillon) is driven back to the shores of Bluefang Water in the uplands of Impiltur. There, Soargar (Mage Royal of Old Impiltur and Archmage of Lyrabar), the young sorceress Sambral (apprentice to Soargar), the visiting archmage Velgarbrin of Baldur's Gate, and the folk of Impiltur and its allies rout the hobgoblin horde.

    After the battle, Soargar breaths his last, but not before telling Imphras that the Crown of Narfell and a cache of magical blades (come to be known as Soargar's Legacy) are located in his tower. Soargar had also sometime ago cast a mighty abjuration spell which prevented the succubus Soneillon from physically entering the lands of Impiltur. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Increased eastward trade along the Golden Way inspires merchants from other countries to establish outposts in Rashemen in the trading outposts in Almorel and Kourmira. One group of settlers are shield dwarves. The local Rashemi welcome the dwarves after testing their ability to forge, fight, and drink. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Tarsakh Skullport is plagued by a mysterious predator the likes of which its residents have never seen before. Delvers in Undermountain have reported have reported seeing a reddish mist prowling the chambers and corridors nearest Skullport. The most recent sighting occurred in the first ride of this month and was reported by Alastard Boarshund (male human Paladin of Torm) while he and his adventuring party were exploring north of the Port of Shadow. He and his wife, Shaella the Dove (female human Paladin of Sune), were resting from a recent encounter with a dracolisk. Three of the party members ha been left petrified by the dracolisk's gaze, and the party's thief, Qarwill the Stoat (male shield dwarf) had disappeared into a concealed pit. As the paladins rested against the wall of the chamber, a red mist drifted noiselessly over Shaella's dozing form. She awoke screaming, startling her fatigued mate. He watched helplessly as she was consumed entirely. When the mist lifted, naught remained behind to mark her passing save her polished skull. It rose up, turned toward the terrified paladin, and said: "Farewell my love, a greater destiny now guides me. I beg you not to pursue this." Since this unfortunate event, the fallen paladin has frequented every tavern in Skullport, squandering his remaining wealth on alcohol and lamenting the loss of his beloved. »

  • Clan Ghalmrin, a group of shield dwarves from the Starspire Mountains with a direct blood link to the royalty of Shanatar reclaims the Wyrmskull Throne. Unfortunately, they lack the numbers to rule effectively and decide to offer the throne to any dwarf who can prove their worthiness to sit on it. »

  • 1383 DR [Year of the Vindicated Warrior]
  • War of Gold and Gloom
    The war comes to an unexpected end in the caverns of long-abandoned Barakuir. During the course of a great battle between the Army of Gold and the Army of Steel, the crusaders of the Great Rift discover a collection of ancient runestones detailing the fate of Clan Duergar and the betrayal that led to the fall of their kingdom. This discovery, long forgotten, prompts the loretaker illithids of Oryndoll to unleash an army of thralls against both dwarven hosts, although the gray dwarves suffer most of the casualties. In the end, the dwarves lose more than half their number, but Oryndoll's thrall army is shattered. In an unexpected act of compassion, the commander of the Army of Gold offers the surviving duergar a place within his company. The united Stout Folk then march west into ruined Shanatar, in hopes of claiming a bastion suitable for repelling the inevitable illithid attack to come. »