• -2 DR [Year of Gruesome Streams]
  • After 18 months of war, Ithmong is destroyed and Clan Ithal nearly wiped out by royal forces. King Amahl II of Tethyr swears fealty to Syl-Pasha Shoon on Greengrass upon his victory. This is the true start of the Shoon Imperium with Akkabar's rule over both Calimshan and Tethyr. »

  • 27 DR [Year of Shadowed Blades]
  • Syl-Pasha Akkabar dies mysteriously, and Amahl III Shoon rules both Calimshan and Tethyr. Abandoning the old times, Amahl crowns himself qysar (emperor) over both, joining them as the Shoon Imperium. The qysar places his brother-in-law, Rahman Cormal, on Tethyr's throne, beginning the Cormal Dynasty of Tethyr. Start of the Sixth Age of Calimshan, also known as the Age of Shoon. »

  • 123 DR [Year of the Icy Axe]
  • With the death of el Aktorral this year, all governmental control of Calimshan and the Imperium moves to Shoonach until the fall of the Imperium. Calimport becomes merely the largest port, and its northern quarters become more and more deserted. »

  • 230 DR [Year of the Wailing Dryads]
  • The realm of Tathtar on the Deepwash seeks to expand its territory into the weak eastern areas of Tethyr, coming into conflict with the Shoon Imperium. »

  • 231 DR [Year of the Mist Dragon]
  • The Mad Mage Ihundyl conquers the hin of Meiritin and declares himself ruler of the Calishar Emirates. Mild unrest farther south near Shoonarch delays a military response from the Shoon Imperium. »

  • 240 DR [Year of the Chosen]
  • Peace treaties are established between the Shoon Imperium and Tathar, ending the conflict between them. »

  • 285 DR [Year of Wasteful Pride]
  • The Shoon Imperium seizes control of Lapaliiya, through the region's cities remain effectively independent during the reign of Qysar Shoon V.

    The Shoon Imperium's reach also extends westward into the savage land of Thindol. Conflicts with the lizardfolk of the region sharply reduce their number of the central Chultan Peninsula. »

  • A failed uprising in Untisczer leads the Shoon Imperium to launch the long-planned Tashalar Campaigns. After destroying Untisczer in a show of imperial might, the qysara's troops quickly install military governors in every city along the Tashtan coast. »

  • Anthilar, the legendary Archmage of Untisczer, flees the destruction of his city by the Shoon Imperium and flees to a secret lair in the mountains west of the Tashan Gap. There he becomes a lich, working in secret to control the merchants of Tashluta. »

  • 293 DR [Year of Hounds]
  • The Thinguth are liberated when soldiers of the Shoon Empire defeat the lizardfolk tribes. »

  • 300 DR [Year of the Late Sun]
  • By the death of Qysara Shoon V, Shoon satraps rule greater Thindol, the Tashalar, the cities of Lapaliiya, and all the major settlements of the Shaar as far east as the Landrise. »

  • 361 DR [Year of the Fearless King]
  • Both the Shoon Imperium and the Kingdom of Cormyr decide to extract their influence into the Western Heartlands. »

  • 375 DR [Year of the Woeful Resurrection]
  • Ashar's March
    Ashar Tornamn of Valashar begins a 15-month march north along the Sword Coast and into the Western Heartlands seeking to expand the hegemony of the Shoon Imperium. »

  • 376 DR [Year of the Leaping Hare]
  • After thirty-five years of expansion under King Ashar, Valashar (and the Shoon Empire) stretches as far north as the Troll Mountains and the High Moor by summer. Responding to the claim of northern lands by King Ashar and the expansion toward Cormyr's western border, Crown Prince Azoun I mounts a bold campaign that swiftly crushes Valashar's armies on the Fields of the Dead and drives the Shoonite forces back through Amn, Tethyr and Valashar before sacking Ithmong and other garrisons along the way. The Shoon Empire's borders shrink back to the Giant's Run Mountains, and Lord Tornamn is exacuted. »

  • 417 DR [Year of the Brilliant Plan]
  • Birth of Myntharan "the Magus" in the Shoon Empire. »

  • 450 DR [Year of the Corrie Fist]
  • Iryklathagra goes to pick over the bones of the Shoon Imperium on the fourth day of the Shoonarch Conflagration, the great fire set by Tethyr's army.

    After a brief talk with King Strohm, the great wyrm blue dragon destroys and plunders buildings among the Imperial Mount above city proper and claims much hidden magic for her own, including Ghazir the Desert's Edge, which had been fabricated with magical lore gleaned from the long dead silver dragon, Rhimnasarl's research.

    Many of the treasures Iryklathagra seized were once part of Rimnasarl's hoard or had been derived from the lore seized from the great silver dragon by Q ysar Shoon IV. (Janhyra's Tome, also known as the Tome of Secrets, was one of the few artifacts that lay within the vaults of Shoonach not to fall into her claws, and she spends much time trying to track them down). Sharpfangs keeps to his word and never uses Tethyr as a hunting ground. »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • Kythorn Calimshan begins building its first navy since the time of the Shoon Imperium. »