• -5330 DR
  • The murabar (warlord-ruler) of Coramshan seizes much of southern High Shanatar (including Iltakar, home of the modern-day ruins of Shoonarch), while dwarf armies fight the Giant Wars to the north. »

  • 5 DR [Year of the Clutched Emerald]
  • The syl-pasha of Calimshan establishes gates between various sites in Calimport and his new imperial capital rising at Shoonarch. »

  • 15 DR [Year of Glittering Glory]
  • King Amahl II of Tethyr dies and is succeeded by his only son, Amahl III. The syl-pasha moves his court and much of Calimshan's power to Shoonarch. Since Calimport remains the primary port for his empire even though it is no longer his capital, Syl-Pasha Akkabar Shoon establishes a tightly controlled puppet dynasty on the caleph's throne. »

  • 107 DR [Year of the Fledgings]
  • Q ysar Shoon II dies and is succeeded by his first grandnephew, Q ysar Shoon III. Hazamir el Aktorral, Sy-Pasha of Calimshan, is made riqysar (regent emperor). Riqysar Aktorral moves some of the court back to Calimport and the surroundings he trusts rather than live in Shoonarch. »

  • 123 DR [Year of the Icy Axe]
  • With the death of el Aktorral this year, all governmental control of Calimshan and the Imperium moves to Shoonach until the fall of the Imperium. Calimport becomes merely the largest port, and its northern quarters become more and more deserted. »

  • 231 DR [Year of the Mist Dragon]
  • The Mad Mage Ihundyl conquers the hin of Meiritin and declares himself ruler of the Calishar Emirates. Mild unrest farther south near Shoonarch delays a military response from the Shoon Imperium. »

  • 249 DR [Year of the Crystal Casket]
  • The Magister Galeerie Mulurkrath is hit over the head with a shovel by a jealous husband and is killed.

    Talana Brakuularn of Shoonach, founder of the first Mage Fairs, is awarded the office of Magister. »

  • 320 DR [Year of the Bright Plumage]
  • The Infernal Death
    A plague characterized by mild fever and mania strikes the cities of Memnon, Teshburl, Keltar, Calimport, Myratma, and Shoonarch in Calimshan. Combusting corpses during the plague-filled summer lead to the Plague Fires in Calimport. »

  • 322 DR [Year of Seven Scales]
  • Iryklathagra brazenly confronts Shoon VII, the great-great-great-grandson of Shoon IV. She settles onto Q ysar's Square before the Imperial Palace in Shoonarch and dares the q ysar to respond to her presence. After several days of tense negotiations, the blue dragon departs peacefully with a fraction of the hoard she claims as hers. Instead of delivering the treasure, Shoon attacks the dragon, starting the Sharpfang Battles. »

  • 366 DR [Year of Molten Anvils]
  • The last of the battles between Iryklathagra and Shoon VII earned the dragon her common appellation of "Sharpfangs", as the blue dragon shattered and nearly bit off the qusar's left arm and right leg during the conflict. Shoon VII and his nemesis battled in the skies over Shoonarch and among the streets of the slaves' city just outside the city center. »

  • 450 DR [Year of the Corrie Fist]
  • Iryklathagra goes to pick over the bones of the Shoon Imperium on the fourth day of the Shoonarch Conflagration, the great fire set by Tethyr's army.

    After a brief talk with King Strohm, the great wyrm blue dragon destroys and plunders buildings among the Imperial Mount above city proper and claims much hidden magic for her own, including Ghazir the Desert's Edge, which had been fabricated with magical lore gleaned from the long dead silver dragon, Rhimnasarl's research.

    Many of the treasures Iryklathagra seized were once part of Rimnasarl's hoard or had been derived from the lore seized from the great silver dragon by Q ysar Shoon IV. (Janhyra's Tome, also known as the Tome of Secrets, was one of the few artifacts that lay within the vaults of Shoonach not to fall into her claws, and she spends much time trying to track them down). Sharpfangs keeps to his word and never uses Tethyr as a hunting ground. »

  • 451 DR [Year of Unleashed Fears]
  • The last of the Shoonarch imperial garrisons are driven from the Chultan Penninsula and the Shaar. »

  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Iryklathagra succumbs to the Dracorage and attacks and shatters the eastern tower of the Twin Towers of the Eclipse before returning to her lair.

    Her lust for destruction unsated, she reemerges from the Imperial Mount at the heart of Shoonach (suggesting the existence of a portal linking her lair to the ruined imperial capital) and flies south to Calimport. Barred by a mythal from unleashing her fury on the Pasha's Sabban, home the Symbolic heir to the qysars of Shoon, Sharpfangs turns her wrath against the nearby Plaza of Divine Truth. During the battle with the temple's defenders, Iryklathagra's sweeping tail shatters the legendary Idol of Bhaelros, thus triggering an ancient prophecy. An aspect of Bhaelros (Talos) manifests in the middle of the courtyard astride an enslaved great brass wyrm. The resultant battle destroys most of Palace Ward (with the notable exception of the Pasha's Sabban) before Sharpfangs was finally driven off. »