• -400 DR [Year of Gilded Sky]
  • Birth of Shradin Mulophor. »

  • 1148 DR [Year of the Angry Sea]
  • The necromancer Shradin Mulophor takes up residence in the ruins of Sargauth Enclave (after asking permission from Halaster Blackcloak and also becoming his apprentice), establishing a small trading settlement that will soon becomes known as Skullport, Port of Shadows. The Lord of Bones, as Shradin comes to be known, encourages trade with other Underdark powers by linking the River Sargauth with subterranean waterways and creating portals leading to distant seas. »

  • 1184 DR [Year of the Howling Hourglass]
  • After an expedition into the Underhalls, Shradin Mulophor returns a changed man, unstable and unpredictable. Although he retains the mantle Lord of Bones, he no longer commands the fear and respect he once did. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Highharvestide Arcturia, one of Halaster's apprentices, is slain in Undermountain by four frost giants (members of the Twisted Rune) in the Room of the Grim Statue. Despite her death, she still managed to kill two fo the giants and was able to activate her contingency magic to remove her corpse and leave an illusion of her dead body. After Arcturia's body was returned to her sancuary, she rises as an undead creature known as a worm that walks.

    The arch-mage Shradin Mulophor (who is without Halaster's protection due to his abduction) is shouted to death by the Skulls of Skullport, and the Skulls become the undisputed masters of Skullport in Undermountain. The form of Shradin and all his possessions instantly turns into a pale red mist and floats away. The Skulls had actually transformed him into an entity capable of feeding on the physical components of victims and channeling that power into the mantle surrounding Skullport.

    With Shradin and the Rag Mage, 2 Skulls are now able to escape the confines of their prison for a short period of time, typically into the halls of Undermountain. They try to keep this fact from becoming common knowledge.

    Halaster, who had foreseen this possibility long ago, is sure to oppose the Skulls in their attempts to be free of the mantle of Skullport. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Mirtul An adventuring party known as the Hunt has successfully penetrated and returned to Skullport from Shradin Mulophor's dwelling. The members of the party are Shasslan Timtrane (female human fighter), Crommlar Muirel (male human cleric of Tempus), and Tanagost Arletoll (male human wizard). The Hunt's members reported finding a vast subterranean palace far beneath the streets of Skullport. Lethal traps ranging from rune-warded archways to statues that spat fire and acid heavily guarded the palace. Worse still, horrid monsters and undead constructs - including what appeared to be a miniature dragon of bone - greeted them at every juncture and chamber. They only delved into the first three levels, finding storerooms, guest rooms, and what appeared to be a throne chamber befitting the home of a Calisite pasha. The members of the Hunt refuse to go into too much detail describing the place, since they plan to return as soon as their wounds heal. »

  • Kythorn Skullport is shaken by the very sudden and unexpected return of Shradin Mulophor, the Lord of Bones. Although this Shradin appears to be in his late thirties, based upon his mannerisms and appearance, there is no questioning that his is the real Shradin. The question is, of course, where did he come from and why is he many decades younger than when he disappeared last year during Higharvestide? Not surprisingly, he is tight-lipped on the subject. When asked, he merely scowls at the questioner and mutters a warning not to press the issue. Unlike Shradin senior, as his previous incarnation has come to be called, the youthful Shradin appears more stable, but his is no less competent with necromantic magic, and those who have pressed the wizard for answers or demands have been blasted to ash. Most unusual is the young Shradin's apparent disinterest in reassuming his previous role as the Lord of Bones.

    This Shradin is actually a clone of the former Lord of Bones that was manufactured decades ago and forgotten in a little-used storeroom under Shradin's Excellent Zombies in the Lower Heart. Subsequent spells cast on the clone placed it indefinitely in status until the members of the Hunt accidentally decanted it. Since his release, Shradin has attempted to reclaim his former trappings and magical items. He has regained several of his old spell books and a handful of his wands. His next priority is gaining access to his old lair and the items he stored there. However, many of the traps that guards his lair was added after this Shradin's creation, and his initial attempts to go further into his lair were unsuccessful. He has since announced his interest in hiring a band of adventurers to enter his old lair and return certain items and objects to him (one of which is a libram of ineffable damnation). »