• 766 DR [Year of Yearning]
  • Alassra Shentrantra Silverhand (The Simbul) is born in Silvermoon Tower near Neverwinter. Her parents are the human noble Dornal Silverhand and his sorceress wife, the half-elf Elue Shundar. Elue was possessed by the goddess Mystra, so as to birth mortal servants for herself. »

  • 1246 DR [Year of Burning Steel]
  • The Simbul becomes the "apprentice" to Ilione of Aglarond (although the Simbul is already greater at the art then her "master"). »

  • 1280 DR [Year of the Manticore]
  • The Magister Uldinus Lawkland is killed by the mage Ohland Grethgar, a pupil of the Simbul's who was trained by her specifically to defeat the Magister Uldinus (due to a forbiddance from Mystra that her Chosen could not purposefully destroy the Magister without her permission). Mystra severely reproves the Simbul for her actions.

    Grethgar becomes the new Magister. »

  • 1295 DR [Year of the Ormserpent]
  • Prince Thaum (who is the son of Kuskur Heltharn, regent of Impiltur and Elthinda Balindre, daughter of Telflamm's merchant king) gathers a mercenary army (using coins from Telflamm's treasury he took from the doddering merchant-king) and sacks the city of Sarshel. He then marches on the Tower of Filur and seizes the throne of Impiltur.

    Regent Kuskur and the young King Rilimbrar flee into exile. Kuskur requests aid from Queen Ilione of Aglarond, who sends her mysterious apprentice, known only as the Simbul, to dispatch Thaum. With Thaum dead, his son Imphras (later Imphras IV) attempts to hold the throne.

    Imphras IV is now or at some point comes under the influence of the Queen of Whispers, the succubus Soneillon. »

  • 1320 DR [Year of the Watching Cold]
  • Ilione Olosynne, the last member of Aglarond's royal line, dies of plague. She leaves no child but names her apprentice, the Simbul as her heir. »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • Marpenoth The Simbul disappears from Aglarond for three months during the spring (presumably looking for Rooltasz Tesurpar). Councilors begin to jockey for position, many hoping to be named the new ruler by acclamation. »

  • A major earthquake destroys much of Eltabbar in Thay as the Zulkir Szass Tam releases the demon lord Eltab from his centuries long imprisonment. Using the Death Moon Orb, Tam was able to force Eltab to sit in the artifact, Thakorsil's Sear. he then begins casting the Ritual of Twin Burnings to inscribe the nine Runes of Chaos upon the seat where Eltab is held (by Thakorsil's Seat). This causes an area where divination magic cannot penatrate (which prevents the Simbul from observing Thay). Szass Tam's plan to bind the demon lord to his service are thwarted (by a party of adventurers sent by the Simbul), and Eltab flees to a demoncyst beneath Thaymount. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • Hammer The Simbul finally returns from her sudden disappearence for the past 3 months, finding her councilors vying for rule of Aglarond. She makes clear arrangements to notify the council in the event of her death. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • The former Magister, Alvaerele Tasundrym defeats 12 Red Wizards who were attacking Velprintalar, who were attempting to draw out the Simbul (who was again away).

    Although the Red Wizards withdraw from the Umber Marshes, the battle is not over. As autumn falls, undead creatures trapped in the swamp claw their way out of the thickening muck. Without the leadership of the Thayans, they wander about aimlessly to this day, hurling themselves upon the Watchwall. »

  • 1371 DR [Year of the Unstrung Harp]
  • The zulkirs of Thay, tired of incessant battles with Aglarond, offer peace. The Simbul accepts with reservations. »

  • 1372 DR [Year of Wild Magic]
  • The Shadovar city of Shade attempts an attack on Shadowdale. Dove Falconhand blasts one of the shadow princes with silver fire. Since Shadovars are living shadow magic, and silver fire pure weave magic, the collision tears a rift to the Nine Hells. Elminster, realizing that the only way to close the portal before a legion of baatezu pore forth into Toril was to close it from the other side.

    Once in the Nine Hells, he is abducted and enslaved by an outcast Arch-Devil known as Nergal, who wishes to discover the secret of Mystra's silver fire. While the arch-fiend continued to plunder Elminsters thoughts and memories, Mystra becomes aware of her favorite servant's plight and enters the Nine Hells herself to find him. Realizing that her presence was less than inconspicuous (due to the Pact Primeval that prohibits the presence of any god in the Nine Hells), Mystra retreats and dispatches more subtle agents to find him.

    First Halaster Blackclock, who Mystra promises to cure his madness. He is defeated by the hordes of baatezu.

    Mystra then sends the Symbul. After much searching, the Simbul finds Elminster (and Halaster), and together they defeat Nergal and return home.

    Mystra keeps her promises and partially cures Halaster. The goddess then blasts Asmodeus with Halaster's insanity. »

  • 1376 DR [Year of the Bent Blade]
  • Strange creatures called nilshai are encountered en masse in the Yuirwood of Aglarond, usually near the old elf memhirs. Reports of the creatures' depredations are of such shocking bloodlines that the Simbul enacts a bounty on nilshai hides. »

  • 1425 DR [Year of Seven Sisters]
  • The Simbul of Aglarond is consumed in the fire that destroys the god Velsharoon. Aglarond breaks out into civil war with various groups trying to gain power over the country. Aglarond honors the Simbul by keeping the gods corpse - a powerful token in its own right - out of evil hands. (In truth, the Simbul survived the conflagration and now resides in the Dalelands with Elminster). »

  • 1479 DR [Year of the Ageless One]
  • The ruins of Tethgard is the site of a bloody battle between the trio of Elminster, Storm Silverhand, and the Simbul against a company of War Wizards and Purple Dragons seeking to take them into custody.

    After finally admitting that they needed help saving the Realms, and having run out of easy-to-steal magic items to feed to the Simbul, Elminster seeks to gain access to artifacts known to contain the spirits of the Nine - objects powerful enough to pierce the wards surrounding the royal palace of Suzail or, Elminster believes, to permanently restore the Simbul's sanity. He also sought to recruit the efforts of a descendant of his, Amarune Whitewave.

    During one of his excursions into the palace, Elminster's body was destroyed by Manshoon, who had secretly been peeling away the Old Mage's contingency spells over several years. However, Manshoon departed before he realized that Elminster had survived his body's destruction as a pile of magical ash. With the agreement of Amarune and the aid of Storm, Elminster's essence was transferred to Amarune's body with the aid of a spell the ex-Chosen discovered in a cache once belonging to Azuth. He now "rides the mind" of his great-granddaughter, able to control her body's movements when he wishes.

    The Simbul is restored to sanity when Elminster and Storm feed her a Blueflame item. After her mind was restored, she subdues Manshoo and charges both Elminster and Manshoon to work to gather all the Blueflame items together. After the Simbul teleports away however, Manshoon turns on Elminster and blasts his human form to ashes, but could not destroy him. »

  • The Simbul begins closing dimensional rifts created after the Weave's collapse during the Spellplague, aided by the power of the Blueflame items and Mystra's guidance. In one of the rifts, she's ambushed by a horde of demons and almost dismembered, but she manages to prevail by absorbing the power of Blueflame items into herself, destroying the demons and the rift but transforming herself into a being of pure silver fire.

    Several magically-dominated nobles are slain killing Lady Maratine Delcastle in Manshoon's attempt to get at Elminster. He is successful, and when Elminster calls him out, the Old Sage is nearly destroyed in the ensuing battle between himself, Manshoon's death tyrants, and Suzail's War Wizards. He is saved only by the timely arrival of the Simbul, who sacrifices herself by restoring the Old Sage to his original body and giving him her silver fire, at which point her body and soul dissipates into nothingness.

    Having absorbed too much silver fire from the Simbul and Manshoon, Elminster flees to Mystra and returns a large part of her divinity to her, returning a goddess of magic to the Realms. This event becomes known as Mystra's Return.

    Enraged at the death of his paramour and the countless others slain by Manshoon's machinations, and with a painful overabundance of Mystra's silver fire, Elminster tracks down and destroys Manshoon's body. In the process, he discovers that Manshoon is himself a Chosen of Mystra and that he does not have power enough to kill him. »