• 1094 DR [Year of the Crested Thrush]
  • Imnel IV Torlath is slain by the Skeletal Fingers thieves guild. Niskam "the Doomed" takes the throne of Amn. Later in the year, Niskam is slain by assassins hired by the Braethar merchant house, who places Imnel IV's bastard son, Rhor "the Lackey" on the throne. »

  • 1095 DR [Year of the Dawndance]
  • The Skeletal Fingers thieves' guild wreaks havoc across Tethyr and Amn from hideouts in the Small Teeth. »

  • 1128 DR [Year of the Peryton]
  • The Magelords of Mintarn rebuild their city after the attack by Iryklathagra during the last rage of dragons and plot their revenge against the dragon also known as Sharpfangs. Although their magical divinations finally revealed the site of the blue dragon's lair, plans by the magelords to destroy Iryklathagra were forstalled by their own defeat at the hands of the Harpers. In the chaos that ensued in Mintarn, the lore regarding Sharpfangs that had been gathered by the magelords fell into the hands of the Skeletal Finger thieves guild, a band of rogues active throughout the South. »

  • 1142 DR [Year of the Sword's Oath]
  • The Monocles of Bagthalos is stolen by the Skeletal Fingers thieves guild. »

  • 1162 DR [Year of the Prancing Centaur]
  • Members of the Skeletal Fingers thieves guild invade Iryklathagra's lair in hopes of stealing some of her legendary hoard, but they succeed only in awakening the blue wyrm from a long sleep. Enraged by their temerity, Sharpfangs retailiated by attacking the Skeletal Finger's secret redoubt in the depths of the Small Teeth and slaying every member of the guild.

    Because of her former lair's inviolability had been compromised, she then moves into the guild's vacant stronghold, transforming it into a nearly impregnable lair.

    Among the many coins, jewels, and artifacts, she recovers the Monocle of Bagthalos, a little known relic sacred to Helm. »

  • 1362 DR [Year of the Helm]
  • Iryklathagra, now a great wyrm blue dragon, occupies the chapter house of the Skeletal Fingers thieves guild in the depths of the Small Teeth. She transforms the trap-filled citadel into a nigh-impregnable lair. »