• -339 DR [Year of Sundered Webs]
  • The Sargauth Enclave in present-day Undermountain is partially destroyed as a result of Karsus's Folly, and the Netherese arcanists that survive are twisted into magically potent undead that will become known as the Skulls of Skullport. These Skulls find that they are now part of the mantle that they were working on, and now cannot travel beyond it's borders. »

  • 997 DR [Year of the Fearful Harper]
  • The Scepter of Mystra if discovered by merfolk and sold to a Calishite merchant, who then sells it in a bazaar in Schamedar. Its purchaser, Kloroth of the Seven Curses, discovers another power of the Scepter. An arcane worshiper of Mystra or a priest of Mystra can cast spells that are beyond his ability while holding the Scepter. Kloroth uses it to create a series of permanent gates in an attempt to create a fast trade network between the Sword Coast (Waterdeep in particular) and the Inner Sea lands (Sembia). However, the Scepter had another ability that got in the way of Kloroth's plans. If the permanency spell is used in conjunction with the other ability that Kloroth discovered, the Scepter permanently polymorphs the user randomly. Kloroth thus acquired an eight curse, this one personal (the other seven had been spells he had cast on opponents). Kloroth was changed into a shrieker mushroom in a dark street in Selgaunt.

    The Scepter changes hands six times that night. Dawn finds the last one to claim the Scepter to be an older and wiser Naerlus "Flamespell" Anarthandyer, who had been forced to flee the Sword Coast when he had lost the Scepter the first time and found himself facing many roused foes. After slaying the previous owner with spells that caused his arms to change into tentacles, Naerlus flees through Klauth's gate, and finds himself in Skullport. A mind flayer promptly slays Naerlus and flees into Undermountain with the Scepter. The illithid is in turn slain by drow, who then gets lost in Undermountains labyrinth, and dies. »

  • 1148 DR [Year of the Angry Sea]
  • The necromancer Shradin Mulophor takes up residence in the ruins of Sargauth Enclave (after asking permission from Halaster Blackcloak and also becoming his apprentice), establishing a small trading settlement that will soon becomes known as Skullport, Port of Shadows. The Lord of Bones, as Shradin comes to be known, encourages trade with other Underdark powers by linking the River Sargauth with subterranean waterways and creating portals leading to distant seas. »

  • 1154 DR [Year of the Sun Underground]
  • Ch'Chitl is founded by a cult of illithids that plan the settlement to serve as an adjacent to Skullport. »

  • 1166 DR [Year of the Countless Scribes]
  • The Keepers (a group of wizards led by the Halruaan archmage Gideona) arrive in Skullport and take control of providing access to and from the port. »

  • 1168 DR [Year of the Leering Orc]
  • The group of wizards who would come to be known as the Keepers are able to get the magical locks that make it possible for ships to safely and rapidly gain access to the future site of Skullport functioning in this year. »

  • 1174 DR [Year of the Agate Hammer]
  • The Lords of Waterdeep construct the hoist, a massive system of blocks and tackles capable of lifting and manipulating seagoing vessels into or out of the locks leading to and from Skullport. »

  • 1344 DR [Year of Moonfall]
  • The Flame of the Spirit (an artifact of Tymora) is seen in Skullport by Mirt the Moneylender. An anonymous mage who learned how to open the Flame into its tablet form is trying to sell it to discerning buyers as "a tome of many mighty magics from long-lost Netheril". He fled when Mirt tries to seize the Flame, and proves to have both dopplegangers and illithids among his loyal bodyguards. It takes over a dozen years for their attempts to slay Mirt to cease. »

  • 1355 DR [Year of the Harp]
  • The Promenade of the Dark Maiden (temple to Eilistraee) is built northeast of Skullport by Qilue Veladorn (Silverhand) and her followers. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Halaster's control of Undermountain's wards wavers for the first time in centuries, and the Skulls are briefly able to tap into a small piece of his power. The unlucky victim of the Skull's newfound magical powers is an archmage visiting Skullport at the time in disguise. The Rag Mage, as he came to be known, is transformed by the Skulls into his current form, capable of feeding Skullport's mantle by slowly bleeding the magical and life energies of victims through his servitor raggamoffyns and channeling it into the mantle of Skullport. »

  • 1359 DR [Year of the Serpent]
  • Following the death of Bhaal, a bid by the Calishite chapter of the Dark Dagger to control that southern realm's underworld during the Darkstalker Wars spills over into the streets of Skullport. Agents of Ralan el Persarkhal, then a powerful rival of the Dark Dagger and now the syl-pahsa of Calimshan, enters the Port of Shadow in the guise of a Calishite slave traders. Within a matter of hours, over half of the Skulker membership of the Dark Dagger are dead and the steady flow of money and magic they had been sending to their southern brethren is interrupted. The Dark Dagger's efforts to control Calimshan's underworld collapses and the guild's authority in Skullport is seriously undermined. »

  • 1361 DR [Year of Maidens]
  • Qilue Veladorn (Silverhand) agrees to help Liriel Baenre against the Vhaeraun worshiping Dragon's Hoard and sends her warriors to attack their headquarters. However, during the fighting, despite their victory, Gorlist kills Elkantar Iluim. Gorlist's father, Nisstyre is killed.

    Later, Gorlist leads the remaining Dragon's Hoard against the Promenade in revenge and in the fighting Ysolde Veladorn was also killed.

    Zz'Pzora, a two-headed deep dragon, is killed in the lair of the Dragon's Hoard merchant company beneath Skullport. »

  • 1363 DR [Year of the Wyvern]
  • The yuan-ti abomination Zstulkk Ssarmn and the priest of Loviatar Quinan Varnaed establish the Iron Ring slaver consortium in Skullport. »

  • 1364 DR [Year of the Wave]
  • A thief tries to steal the Mask of Mysteries from the unknown Sembian noblewoman who bore it. However, removing the Mask causes her face to erupt into a mass of tentacles - tendrils like those of a mind flayer, save that these were gray, knobby, and ended in snapping mouths that devours the thief's face and hands. The guards attack the noblewoman turned horror, who escapes into the night.

    Claiming to the rightful owners of the Mask, the Asannath family offers 100,000 gold pieces for its return.

    Less than a month later, a Calishite merchant offers the Mask for sale in Scornubel. This causes a battle between priests of Mask and multiple independent thieves for the Mask. During the battle, a late arrival slew the merchant and made off with the Mask, but is himself slain in some mechanical trap in a nearby cellar. When the body of the thief was recovered many days later, the thieves hands were cut off and the Mask was gone again.

    Rumors of the Mask have surfaced in Waterdeep, Skullport, Westgate, and in Arrabar. The Dark Hand of the Shadowlord, the most influential cleric of Mask in Calimshan calls for all faithful to search for the Mask. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Highharvestide Arcturia, one of Halaster's apprentices, is slain in Undermountain by four frost giants (members of the Twisted Rune) in the Room of the Grim Statue. Despite her death, she still managed to kill two fo the giants and was able to activate her contingency magic to remove her corpse and leave an illusion of her dead body. After Arcturia's body was returned to her sancuary, she rises as an undead creature known as a worm that walks.

    The arch-mage Shradin Mulophor (who is without Halaster's protection due to his abduction) is shouted to death by the Skulls of Skullport, and the Skulls become the undisputed masters of Skullport in Undermountain. The form of Shradin and all his possessions instantly turns into a pale red mist and floats away. The Skulls had actually transformed him into an entity capable of feeding on the physical components of victims and channeling that power into the mantle surrounding Skullport.

    With Shradin and the Rag Mage, 2 Skulls are now able to escape the confines of their prison for a short period of time, typically into the halls of Undermountain. They try to keep this fact from becoming common knowledge.

    Halaster, who had foreseen this possibility long ago, is sure to oppose the Skulls in their attempts to be free of the mantle of Skullport. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Hammer Following a particularly bitter winter, icebergs have become a danger for ships coming and going from the Port of Shadows in Skull Port. In a matter of days, Skull Pool is clogged with small ones and pieces of large ones, and they threaten to slow trade by limiting the movement of goods. The Keepers take action to clear the waterways, using fire magic. Trapped within the largest iceberg is a longboat complete with a full crew of dead northman raiders, all of whom are still at the oars. Within days of the craft being melted free of the ice, the ghosts of the northman begin harassing dock workers. »

  • Hammer A cell of agents of the Lords of Waterdeep is discovered and driven out of Skullport into Undermountain. The agents had been secretly planning the release of every slave incarcerated on Skull Island. A fleet-footed group made up of the yuan-ti abomination, Zstulkk Ssarmn's jailers and Ahmaergo's hands pursued the agents for several days until they lost them in the upper levels of Undermountain. The agents were led by the elusive Jerichu "Cave Bear", a ranger who specializes in subterranean environs and knows much about the flora and fauna of Undermountain. However, Jerichu has neither returned to Skullport nor reported to his superiors in Waterdeep. »

  • Alturiak Two linked barges are found adrift in the River Sargauth with their crews and pilots missing. Their cargoes appear to have been picked over but otherwise have been left intact. Stranger still, a single egg measuring 3 feet across is found on board one barge stored on a bed of ice and frost. The Skullport Island Registry impounds the cargo and sells the egg, obviously that of a white dragon, at a sealed auction. Although the person of people who bought the egg never came forward publicly, rumors spread that Chantos Greybeard and Aurin the Generous of the Hired Horrors were seen leaving the Registry shortly after the auction closed. Speculation runs rampant that the Hired Horrors may be planning to mass produce white dragons with the assistance of their deepspawn.

    Two questions remain unanswered:

    • Is there a dragon's hoard lying hidden somewhere along the course of the river unguarded (perhaps off of one of the many gates)?
    • What if the unborn dragon's parents are not dead and come looking for their young?


  • Alturiak A silver-finned, black-scaled monster continues to prey upon lone vessels on the River Sargauth between the lair of the Eye and Skullport. The monster has so far eluded all attempts to capture or destroy it. Most believe that it lives in a cave just below the river's waterline, but investigations into this have resulted in more casualties than answers. What is known is that the monster lurks among wreckage and debris until a boat is close. Then it launches itself against the underside of the ship, using its 3-foot dorsal fin like a blade to gut the vessel. The monster than pursues fleeing crew members and drags them beneath the water's surface to be eaten. »

  • Ches An early thaw brings the first of the ocean-going traders en masse to Skullport, clogging Skull Pool with their many longboats, barges, and caravels. Soon, the docks and warehouses are packed to capacity, and many captains must resort to storing their goods on their ships until space is cleared. Armed guards and mercenaries are everywhere, and the captains are forced into keeping their crews on board or hiring sellswords to defend their cargoes. This leads to some mutinies and near-mutinies of buccaneer crews who have not had leave for months. Thieving is at an all-time high as cutpurses and burglars risk their lives to line their pockets with pilfered gold and goods. Innkeepers, small businessmen, and even private citizens open their doors to the traders, exchanging what little extra space they posses for coin. »

  • Ches The Crowing Cockatrice in Skullport is host to a most unusual competition. A drunken Calashite wine trader by the name of Alajafi Anwar yn Mahmud el Synabbat boasts that he will fill the gullet of every citizen of the Port with his finest wine if one of them can beat his best guardsman - a hulking hill giant by the name of Gwatt - in a wrestling match. Arrikett Uruth (the hin), a bristling, brawling, snarling sub commander of the Promenade of Eilistraee's temple guard, is on hand to not only accept the wager but also to soundly thrash the oafish giant. Many of the trappings of the Crowing Cockatrice are smashed into kindling, forcing the Calashite to not just make good on his wager but also pay for the damages. It is estimated that 15,000 gp of the trader's finest wine is consumed before morning the following day. The trader is forced to obtain a loan from Transtra, the owner of the House of the Long Slow Kiss, so that he can return home and recuperate from the loss without a similar loss in face. »