• -339 DR [Year of Sundered Webs]
  • The Sargauth Enclave in present-day Undermountain is partially destroyed as a result of Karsus's Folly, and the Netherese arcanists that survive are twisted into magically potent undead that will become known as the Skulls of Skullport. These Skulls find that they are now part of the mantle that they were working on, and now cannot travel beyond it's borders. »

  • 168 DR [Year of Scattered Stars]
  • A wizard of unknown ancestry calling himself Halaster Blackcloak later identified as the Raurinese wizard Hilather builds a tower (using summoned demons and other outsiders) and a fortified ramparts in the middle of the Deepwater Plateau, to the north and west of the burgeoning farms along the harbor shore in Waterdeep. The tower is called Halaster's Hold. He is accompanied by his apprentices (which included Arcturia). He begins exploration of the Underhalls of the Melairkyn and claims the delvings for himself.

    Halaster discovers the remnants of the Sargauth Enclave, and recognizing the danger posed by the future Skulls of Skullport, retreats from their area and forbids his apprentices from investigating the area. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Halaster's control of Undermountain's wards wavers for the first time in centuries, and the Skulls are briefly able to tap into a small piece of his power. The unlucky victim of the Skull's newfound magical powers is an archmage visiting Skullport at the time in disguise. The Rag Mage, as he came to be known, is transformed by the Skulls into his current form, capable of feeding Skullport's mantle by slowly bleeding the magical and life energies of victims through his servitor raggamoffyns and channeling it into the mantle of Skullport. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Highharvestide Arcturia, one of Halaster's apprentices, is slain in Undermountain by four frost giants (members of the Twisted Rune) in the Room of the Grim Statue. Despite her death, she still managed to kill two fo the giants and was able to activate her contingency magic to remove her corpse and leave an illusion of her dead body. After Arcturia's body was returned to her sancuary, she rises as an undead creature known as a worm that walks.

    The arch-mage Shradin Mulophor (who is without Halaster's protection due to his abduction) is shouted to death by the Skulls of Skullport, and the Skulls become the undisputed masters of Skullport in Undermountain. The form of Shradin and all his possessions instantly turns into a pale red mist and floats away. The Skulls had actually transformed him into an entity capable of feeding on the physical components of victims and channeling that power into the mantle surrounding Skullport.

    With Shradin and the Rag Mage, 2 Skulls are now able to escape the confines of their prison for a short period of time, typically into the halls of Undermountain. They try to keep this fact from becoming common knowledge.

    Halaster, who had foreseen this possibility long ago, is sure to oppose the Skulls in their attempts to be free of the mantle of Skullport. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Hammer Following a particularly bitter winter, icebergs have become a danger for ships coming and going from the Port of Shadows in Skull Port. In a matter of days, Skull Pool is clogged with small ones and pieces of large ones, and they threaten to slow trade by limiting the movement of goods. The Keepers take action to clear the waterways, using fire magic. Trapped within the largest iceberg is a longboat complete with a full crew of dead northman raiders, all of whom are still at the oars. Within days of the craft being melted free of the ice, the ghosts of the northman begin harassing dock workers. »

  • Mirtul The yuan-ti abomination Zsulkk Ssarmn and Nhyris D'Hothek finally duel face-to-face after many tendays of uneasy silence between their forces. The battle takes place on Illithid Way in the Lower Heart of Skullport. As the city's denizens watch, Nhyris throws aside his ever-present cowl so that all onlookers can see his undead visage. In the ensuing chaos, Nhyris unleashes the power of the Crown of Horns, killing those unlucky enough to be caught in the path of its black flames. The Skulls drift high overhead, out of range of the destruction, silently observing without interfering. The battle rages on for many minutes, and many buildings are damaged, some beyond repair. Finally Zstulkk scores a telling wound on the overconfident Nhyris. Nhyris and the Crown disappear in a fiery explosion of black flame. It is unknown whether Nhyris was destroyed or merely injured, but neither Nhyris's body nor the Crown is found at the scene. »

  • Highharvestide At midnight before the festival of Higharvestide, the Skulls make their annual sojourn to destinations unknown, abandoning Skullport until midnight the following day. The entire port breaks out in song, celebrating its temporary release from the unwavering gaze of the Skulls. During this time old scores are settled by blade and spell, Skulkers are free to do as they please, and chaos reigns. Moments before midnight the following day, the Skulls sweep into view high over the flaming buildings and catwalks and survey the damage. Crafty Skulkers know better than to be caught on the streets immediately following the Skulls return. »

  • Uktar Thought the snows have locked the Lands Above in the season of death, traders from the south arrive in quantity by way of the many gates along the Sargauth. They bring in much needed supplies of food and other necessities. A trader from the south, in an effort to minimize costs and maximize profits, has imported spoiled food and then used illusions and spices to cover up the taint. A citywide epidemic erupts seemingly overnight. The trader responsible flees for his life, but not before angry mobs of furious Skulkers burn his barges while they are docked at the Lower Port and hang his bodyguards. The mob justice prompts citywide riots, forcing the Skulls to take action and summon wizshades to put down the rebellion. »

  • Uktar A handful of sects, including followers of Ilmater, Shar, and Talona, have dispatched small bands of priests to minister to the people of Skullport and combat the epidemic suffered by those who had ingested spoiled food. Although Skulkers are glad for the presence of the additional healers, some grouse that the various religious factions are simply intent on gaining a foothold in the Port of Shadows. Curiously, the Skulls seem strangely tolerant of the open display of faith, although long-time residents predict that the Skulls will enforce their traditional prohibition on public displays of religious activity once the epidemic is contained. »

  • Nightal After decades of uninterrupted sleep in a ruin nestled into Skullport's cavern wall, Vulharindauloth, a gigantic elder black dragon, was awoken several years ago during a slow day in Skullport by a battle between the late, unlamented eye tyrant Xuzoun and it's agents (on one hand) and Durnan, Mirt the Moneylender, and Asper (on the other). After a murderous rampage through the streets of Skullport, the warm was finally driven off by the concerted actions of three Skulls and their attendant wizshades and vassal skulls. Now the Lower Port is abuzz with rumors that Vulharindauloth had been seen again, this time in the Skull Pool. The wyrm has apparently returned and taken up residence in an extensive network of flooded caverns that link to the bottom of the Skull Pool basin in the waters just offshore from the Keeper Enclave. The Iron Ring is said to have dispatched at least three emissaries in the hope of forestalling regular attacks on its slave pens by the warm, but none of its envoys have yet returned. »

  • Nightal The predatory reddish mist that has been plaguing Skullport for months has been seen again, but this time it seemed to flow from the eyes of one of the ruling Skulls before attacking its latest victim, a low-ranking yuan-ti pureblood named Kessynsans in Zstulkk Ssarmn's employ. Kessynsans's skull is now one of the vassal skulls, notable for its cobra like fangs. The talk throughout Skullport is that the Skulls seek to expel all of Skullport's inhabitants now that the pact the Skulls made with the Lord of Bones has been voided. »