• 151 DR [Year of the Kraken]
  • Birth of the kraken Slarkrethel. »

  • 244 DR [Year of the Elfsands]
  • Slarkrethel the kraken, finds the submerged ruins of Ascarle and begins building his undersea empire. He is inspired by legends of his ancestor's past and his desire for more power to regain some of his race's former glory. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • The Summer Storm Wars claims many sahuagin lives of the Alamber as well as over thirty ships and 2,000 people of Mulhorand as the god-kings' forces clash with the sea devils. The visitations of Sekolah, Anhur, and other lesser water powers cause much disruption in Seros. The mythal barrier around Myth Nantar crackles and surges but holds against attempts to break the barrier.

    Umberlee ravages the Pirate Isles of the Inner Sea with hurricanes and storms, destroying more than two-thirds of the pirates' fleet (causing many pirates to stop worshipping her). Appearing also in the Trackless Sea, the Bitch Queen adopts the kraken Slarkrethel as her seraph (Chosen). »

  • 1363 DR [Year of the Wyvern]
  • Ruathym defeats a merrow army sent to conquer it by the illithid Vestress, a servant of Slarkrethel, Chosen of Umberlee. »