• 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • The ogre mages Sothillis and Cyrvisnea emerge from the Small Teeth with their army of goblins, kobolds, ogres, and hill giants (which they had been preparing over the past 14 years). They attack eastern Amn. After sacking Fort Ishla, the army of monsters attack Esmeltaran with complete surprise and quickly conquer the city. While the ogre mages did not find the Armory of Nedeheim under the castle of Dahaundar, they did find royal records dating back to Imnel's regime suggesting that the armory had been moved to the city of Murann after the Horned Mage's attack.

    The ogre mages then split their forces. Cyrvisnea led a host of goblins and kobolds west to Imnescar, where they and Cyricists of the Twin Towers of the Eclipse together sack the town. In Imnescar, Cyrvisnea searches the old armory hidden beneath the town, confirming that Prince Imnel had indeed looted it of its weapons centuries before. After leaving a garrison in Esmeltaran to occupy Amn's army, Sothillis leds the remainder of his forces southwest through Trademeet to the port city of Murann, where the monsters laid siege on Eleasias 22, 1370 DR aided by a naval blockade by the pirates of the Nelanther (who were contracted by the Rundeen).

    The siege grounds to a halt over the winter while the monsters fortified their rear flank against attack by Amn's army. »

  • 1371 DR [Year of the Unstrung Harp]
  • Midsummer Murann is captured by the ogre mage Sothillis and his army with the aid of clerics of Cyric from the Tower of the Eternal Eclipse. The humanoids seize Murann's gold-laden ships, trapped within the harbor by the pirates, and claims the city for their own as the capital to the new Sothillisian Empire.

    Sothillis wisely leaves the city's alchemists' guild intact, forcing its members to create alchemical items and potions for the armies.

    The Armory of Nedeheim is nowhere to be found in the city, but the ogre mages are uncertain whether they were deceived as to its true location or if someone plundered the armory before their conquest of the city. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Tarsakh 17 - 23: Three successive caravans belonging to House Tanislove are attacked and plundered by Sothillisian forces as they cross the Swordbelt along the Trade Way. Rumors quickly spread that House Tanislove is refusing to bribe Sothillis and the Amnian commanders along the route, as has become the custom over the past year, despite the ongoing war between Amn and the monstrous separatist. House Tanislove begins rerouting its shipment through Brost, costing it valuable time and money. »

  • Mirtul 13 An elite company of adventurers, based at the western Tower of the Eclipse and said to be led by the half-ogre bastard son of Sothillis, mounts a daring prison break on the dungeons beneath the Black Spires of the Maiden, a temple of Loviatar in the Vale of Wailing Women in the eastern Small Teeth. All members of the Company of Rune-scribed Horns escape, along with a dozen ogres captured in the retaking of Esmeltaran. One of the ogres bring word that a clue was found in the last days of the siege suggesting that the Armory of Nedeheim is hidden deep beneath Murann, in the caverns of the Underdark once claimed by the Shanatarn kingdom of Xothaerin. »

  • Flamerule 20 Sothillis announces he will top any offer to the adventuring company that brings him the Armory of Nedeheim in its entirety. »

  • Eleint 5 The Council of Six and the Sothillis the Murkul of Murannheim jointly dispatch heralds announcing the Trade Way Truce, ending hostilities between the Sothillisian Empire and the Kingdom of Amn. This marks the beginning of the Stinger War, pitting the tlincallis of Oaxaptupa, as the stingers call themselves and their newly established kingdom, against the allied forces of Amn, including the Renegades of the Eclipse. Of course, the Swordbelt Alliance, as the surface-dweller truce-army comes to be called, is one of temproary convenience, and hostilities often break out between the various factions, significantly undermining their effectiveness. »