• -30000 DR
  • Fall of the Aearee Empires
    The Time of Dragons is ushered in as dragons across Faerun swarm together in the first Flight of Dragons. They assail the avians in the air, on the land, and beneath the ground. They fall upon the home nest of Viakoo and burn the city from the sky.

    In the caverns beneath the Orsraun Mountains, the wyrm-general Nagamat rampages through the ancestral hatcheries of Shara and claims the kingdom as his own. Using the found magic, Nagamat founds the first dragon kingdom. Sharan aearee survivors escape deeper into the Underdark, where the feral and twisted descendants of the Aearee-Quor become the dire corbies.

    The survivors of Viakoo flee west across the ocean to the land called Anchorome. Five of their cities, all crafted from spelljamming helms, flee to the stars. Rulungwar, Donnakee, Phra'iskree, Oolatiel, and an unnamed fifth one, lost during the exodus, crosses the Sea of Night to the world of Coliar. These aeries float there still, among Coliar's manifold moons. Descendants of Aearee-Krocaa are known today as the aarakocra.

    Some few repentant Aearee-Quor begs Quorlinn for his mercy, and he leads them to Kara-Tur to find refuge with their long lost cousins of Tiennkoo-Shara, the tengu. Descendants of these people call themselves kenku. »

  • -1064 DR
  • Netheril begins launching vessels into Realmspace, mostly from the city of Yeoman's Loft, the main port of call for Netherese spelljammers. Netheril's desire to station valuable troops so far away from the cities soon dwindled (which included the city of Arctic Rim). »

  • -964 DR
  • Great wealth entered the groundling city of Yeoman's Loft from spelljamming expedition, but spelljamming proved an ever greater expense and the archwizards decide that the risk was far too great to justify the tremendous expense of lost ships and murdered crews. Spelljamming is officially abandoned at this point in time, but Yeoman's Loft remained. »

  • -836 DR
  • A spelljamming vessel crashes near Westwendt, causing an explosion that filled the night sky and starts a forest fire that burned thousands of reported seeing beholder-like shapes scattered amidst the flames. »

  • -339 DR [Year of Sundered Webs]
  • The massive docking structure of Yeoman's Loft that was constructed for the spelljamming vessels explodes and collapses when Mystrl sacrificed herself. Four spelljamming vessels that were currently docked likewise suffered a similar fate, their helms detonated. Thousands died as the massive structure collapsed into the city. »

  • 623 DR [Year of Nightsilver]
  • As a young child, Amlaruil Moonflower witnesses the Spelljammer gliding gracefully over the waters along Evermeet's northern shore. »

  • 712 DR [Year of the Lost Lance]
  • Eleint 10 The Dawn Fronts Campaign (Weeping War: Campaign #5)
    A.K.A.: "The Eastern Front"; The Spiders' Truce Wars, The Battles Above and Below
    Despite the great advances made against the Army of Darkness, the Allies of Cormanthyr lost their momentum in this campaign, allowing the Army to re-establish some entrenchments closer to the capital. This was not an organized campaign, since it broke up into many skirmishes and a few isolated sub-campaigns, the two largest and most noted of which are below.

    The Second Elven Court Crusade: The Clash at the Duelists' Arena, the Spiders' Assault, the Battle of Temples' Blight, the Four-Front War, and the Starsdark Clashes are the quintet of battles comprised the so-called Second Elven Court Crusade, and they all operated under the Spiders' Truce. The primary tactic of the elf armies was to drive the Army of Darkness into the ruins and hold them there. This tactic either would see them destroyed by the spiders and other monsters therein or they would inadvertently aid the elves in clearing out the spiders.

    The Three Green wing Wars: These three battles were so named for their primary ally, a spelljamming elf man-o-war ship! Responding to a magical plea for help from a grounded ally among Cormanthyr's wizards, the Elven Imperial Fleet of Realmspace sent Captain Oncith Ilbenalu to aid the elves with his green crystalline-winged man-o-war battlecraft, the Monarch Mordent. Dominating the three battles in which it participated, the Monarch provided air cover and heavy weaponry with its ballistae and catapult that aided the ground troops immeasurably. With the Third Greenwing War, Captain Oncith's pride overcame his sense as he maneuvered too close to the treetops and the Army of Darkness forces that his helmsman could not maneuver effectively. When Gaulguth the nycoloth flew skyward, there was little beyond ineffectual missile fire to stop him from using his great axe Heartcleaver to shatter one of the ship's wings at its base. With the magical shock slaying the helmsman immediately, the Monarch Mordent crashed into the trees and atop nearly 200 members of the Army of Darkness. Since that lost battle, the photosynthetic wings continued to grow, and large crystalline webworks wrapped around the clearings and the trees in this northern glade now called Monarch's Fall Glade. While most animals shun the amber-and-emerald crystal webs and walls, many elves used this as a redoubt and shelter both during and long after the war.

    This campaign lasts until Alturiak 713 (a total of 133 days). »

  • Uktar 6 The First Greenwing War (Weeping War: Campaign #5)
    A.K.A.: Eclipse of the Monarch
    The spelljamming ship Monarch Mordent engages the Army of Darkness. It's presence brings victory for the Allies, and causes the death of the Shadowshowl flind tribe and the Snowblooding orc tribe. However, the First Copse of Khaalindaan is also all killed.

    This event lasts until Uktar 9, 712 DR. »