• 1385 DR [Year of Blue Fire]
  • Deneir writes himself into the Weave via the Metatext in an attempt to stabilize it and causes him to pass away from known existence.

    Lathander, Tyr, and Sune imprison Cyric in the Supreme Throne for 1000 years.

    The World Tree is destroyed.

    Lathander reveals himself to be Amaunator in the weeks just after the Spellplauge.

    Priests of Hanali Celanil open a portal to Arvandor near Evereska, and learn that their deity exists in Arvandor only as an avatar of Sune.

    Shar turns the Plane of Shadow into the Shadowfell. This event along with the effects of the Spellplague causes the prison of Shadraxil to weaken. The shadow dragon petitions Shar for assistance in escaping in return for his service. Shar agrees and sends her servants to the town of Winterhaven to prepare to free him. They are defeated after many years of excavations and preparations by adventurers. »

  • Yaphyll, zulkir of divination is taken prisoner by Szass Tam, binding her with the Death moon orb and Thakorsil's Seat, powerful items of domination. He forced Yaphyll to perform the most powerful divination known to her order no matter the consequences to her own well-being, and to tell him how to arrange for a decisive victory over the other zulkirs. She performs the task and tells Szass to lay a trap at the Keep of Sorrows. Then she leaves him with another vision:

    The white queen is troubled but can't say why. The black queen hates the white and gives the assassin a black coat. The assassin steals upon the white queen. She can't see him gliding through the shadows. The sword screams. The white queen falls. Her city falls. Stones fall in the cavern to crush the soothsayer. The tree burns and thrashes in agony. Branches break. Branches twist and grow together..."

    At the end of the vision Yaphyll was surrounded by a blue flame and broke free of Szass Tam's power. The lich killed her with his poisonous touch trying to regain control over the diviner.

    As Yaphyll predicted, the fight at the Keep of Sorrows turns into Szass Tam's favor. With the help of the Death Moon Orb, Szass tries to coerce his former ally Dmitra Flass, into fighting for his side. But then the Spellplague hits. The Death Moon Orb explodes in Szass Tam's hand, freeing Dmitra of it's power. Szass is hit by a wave of azure fire, a result of the Spellplague, rendering his magic close to useless and burning the flesh from his face and hands. The lich flees from the scene by the help of Xingax.

    By revealing to Malark Springhill why he killed Druxus Rhym, the lich convinces the spymaster to switch sides and work for him and his greater cause henceforth.

    In order to learn more about the ways of magic in the time of the spellplague Tam summons Bane, sacrificing the tharchion Pyras Autorian in the ritual. Bane makes a bargain with the lich and grants him great power. Szass in turn surrenders his soul after 1000 years had passed when his quest of conquering Thay was completed.

    Szass summons a dream vestige to turn the tide in his favor. He succeeds in beating the legions of the zulkirs, chasing them all the way to Bezantur. His undead legions and loyal priests of Bane further force the zulkirs to leave the town aboard vessels. Szass summons the bodies of drowned men and also undead aquatic beasts for a final and lethal victory over the zulkirs. Accompanied by a fleet of warships made from darkness, Szass follows the fleeing zulkirs, entangling them in a marine war. His enemies and the zulkir Nevron's conjured denizens of the infernal oceans proved quite adept at sea fight, beating back his undead minions. Szass conjurs the dream vestige again, finally exhausting his magical powers bestowed by Bane. When Bareris defeated the dream vestige and the zulkir's forces beat Szass Tam's minions, the lich and Malark withdrew to the Thaymount, the lich being content with his conquered lands. Szass didn't bother chasing the remaining zulkirs any more, leaving Aloar and the Wizard's Reach to them not fearing any retribution by the depleted zulkir's forces. He reveals to Malark, that he found a book once in possession of Fastrin the Delver. »

  • Cormyr is struck hard, but not so violently as many other nations. Roughly one third of all War Wizards are slain, driven mad, or simply have gone missing in the year following Mystra's death. »

  • Voolad escapes from his magical prison which failed due to the chaos of the Spellplague. The druid conquers Thruldar and joins the Beastlands as a Beast Lord, controlling all that remains of the eastern Lluirwood, as well as the lands south of the Toadsquat foothills to the shore of the Gulf of Luiren. The ghost maintains an army of undead, foul plant creatures, weird beasts, giant insects, and ogres. »

  • Tchazzar is traveling through the Sky Rider mountains in Threskel when the Spellplague manifested. He was hit by a wave of blue fire and accidentally traveled through a rift to the Shadowfell. He was wounded by the blue fire and was subdued by a blight wyrm named Sseelrigoth who feeds on his essence for nearly 100 years. »

  • Aoth Fezim considers leaving the war in Thay, but Baeris Anskuld convinces him with his bardic music to stay.

    Aoth is struck by the Spellplague, leaving him blind (although he is still able to see through his griffon familiar, Brightwing). »

  • Necrotic energy leftover from the destroyed remains of Crenshinibon, the blind red dragon Hephaestus, and the nearby corpse of the illithid Yharaskrik fuses together and becomes the draco-lich known as the Ghost King.

    Catti-brie is struck by Blue Fire caused by the Spellplague during her meditations. Drizzt takes her to Mithral Hall where eventually Bruenor and Drizzt take her to Cadderly with the help of Jarlaxle through a disguised Athrogate. Drizzt, Bruenor, Jarlaxle and Athrogate team up and help her get to the Spirit Soaring.

    Once they arrive, they faced the threat of the Ghost King. Cadderly sacrifices himself in defeating the Ghost King, and was never able to help Catti-brie. She dies days later in Mithral Hall.

    Mielikki takes her away to a private heaven that had been prepared for her, along with Regis, who suffered the same fate from trying to save her with his charmed gem. They were destined to spend the rest of eternity dancing, completely happy...but alone. »

  • 1387 DR [Year of the Emerald Ermine]
  • The Emerald Enclave begins sending agents throughout the Vilhon Wilds to counter the effects of the Spellplague. As years become decades, their original mission is slowly perverted from one of respect for and guardianship of nature to a vain struggle against forces far beyond their control. »

  • 1388 DR [Year of the Tanarukka]
  • The Gundwynd Clan is rendered extinct in Waterdeep after entering the burial portal in their family tomb in the City of the Dead to bury three members, shortly after the Spellplague first struck the city. All who emerge are permanently transformed into trolls or giants. »

  • 1392 DR [Year of the Scroll]
  • The Dragon Coast city of Pros petitions the Crown of Cormyr to become a vassel-state in order to protect it from the ravages of the Spellplague. Azoun V reluctantly accepts. By year's end, Pros' sister-town of Ilipur joins the Forest Kingdom as well. Unfortunately the receding waters of the Sea of Fallen Stars have spelled ruin for these small trading towns. »

  • 1395 DR [Year of Silent Death]
  • The majority of the effects of the Spellplague has come to an end and most arcane magic has returned to normal. »

  • 1399 DR [Year of the Fallen Friends]
  • Caladnei, Royal Magician of Cormyr, is struck by the expanding effects of the Spellplague in a heavily-warded spellcasting chamber in Castle Obarskyr and is killed. The Dragonskull Chamber, its wards warped so that anyone with spellcasting ability can't approach without becoming violently ill, is ordered abandoned. Caladnei is succeeded by Laspeera Inthre as the new Mage Royal of Cormyr. »

  • 1478 DR [Year of the Dark Circle]
  • Lord Dagult Neverember, the self-proclaimed Lord Protector of Neverwinter, issues a standing order that anyone in the city showing signs of Spellplague infection should be sent to Helm's Hold for treatment. »

  • 1479 DR [Year of the Ageless One]
  • Areas of Toril that are still affected by the Spellplague are referred to as Plaguelands. »

  • Kalen Dren, in his Shadowbane persona, roams Downshadow in the upper levels of Undermountain rescuing damsels in distress and performing other noble deeds. He intervenes during a fight between a high ranking priestess of Sune, Lorien Dawnbringer, and an evil dwarven monk known as Rath. This incident brings him into contact with members of his guard patrol who don't recognize him because of his helm.

    Over the next few days Kalen has several other encounters, Vindicator is taken by Areazra, although she returns the sword several days later after she discovers that Kalen is Shadowbane.

    Shortly thereafter, Kalen comes upon a strange blue fog that contained a crying woman with blue hair. The woman was Myrin whom he rescued and took back to the rowhouse he shared with Cellica. Myrin is a wizard form Westgate who had been trapped in an intradimensional space by the Spellplague for nearly 100 years. She had an extremely powerful spellscar which allowed her to use another person's magical abilities if they were near her. Myrin attracted the attention of Lilten, the high priest of Beshaba, who makes several attempts to kidnap her.

    Rath, one of Lilten's minions, is finally successful in abducting Myrin and takes her to a belltower. Kalen tracks Rath to Downshadow where the two duel. Rath jumps through a magical gate which leads from Downshadow to the tower and Kalen follows and bests Rath by knocking him off the belltower. Rather than kill Rath, Kalen turns him over to the city watch.

    As thanks, Myrin siphons some of Kalen's spellplague, which was slowing killing him. »

  • The Simbul begins closing dimensional rifts created after the Weave's collapse during the Spellplague, aided by the power of the Blueflame items and Mystra's guidance. In one of the rifts, she's ambushed by a horde of demons and almost dismembered, but she manages to prevail by absorbing the power of Blueflame items into herself, destroying the demons and the rift but transforming herself into a being of pure silver fire.

    Several magically-dominated nobles are slain killing Lady Maratine Delcastle in Manshoon's attempt to get at Elminster. He is successful, and when Elminster calls him out, the Old Sage is nearly destroyed in the ensuing battle between himself, Manshoon's death tyrants, and Suzail's War Wizards. He is saved only by the timely arrival of the Simbul, who sacrifices herself by restoring the Old Sage to his original body and giving him her silver fire, at which point her body and soul dissipates into nothingness.

    Having absorbed too much silver fire from the Simbul and Manshoon, Elminster flees to Mystra and returns a large part of her divinity to her, returning a goddess of magic to the Realms. This event becomes known as Mystra's Return.

    Enraged at the death of his paramour and the countless others slain by Manshoon's machinations, and with a painful overabundance of Mystra's silver fire, Elminster tracks down and destroys Manshoon's body. In the process, he discovers that Manshoon is himself a Chosen of Mystra and that he does not have power enough to kill him. »

  • 1487 DR [Year of the Rune Lords Triumphant]
  • Abeir begins to re-separate from Toril in the spring, heralding volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The process is completed by the fall.

    Evermeet, Lantan, and Nimbral (all nations thought lost to the Spellplague) send ships to the mainland, along the Sword Coast and the coast of the Shining South (region).

    Halruaan Skyship are spotted throughout South Faerun. »