• -3655 DR
  • Orcs pour forth from the Spine of the World, but the elves of Eaerlann and Illefarn turn them back with help from the fledgling Netherese Empire and the Reingarth barbarians. The tribal lands of the Rengarth are absorbed into Netheril, although the barbarians remain largely autonomous. »

  • -3605 DR
  • Orcs pour from the Spine of the World but elves turn them back in a great slaughter with help from the fledgling Netheril. This orc incursion lasts nineteen years. »

  • -585 DR [Year of Rumbling Earth]
  • The troll warlord Harska Thaug gathers a horde of trolls and orcs and leads it south from the Spine of the World to assault the elven realm of Rilithar. The horde lays waste to all in its path and attacks Selskartur, the Tower of the Star, the school of wizardry constructed by the Selskar Order. The Ar-Magus Ilviroon of the Selskar Order summons the slaad lord Bazim-Gorag, "the Firebringer", who decimates the horde causing it to flee back to the Spine of the World.

    Bazim-Gorag then turns to the Selskar Order and demands payment for his services. Ilviroon balks at the high price of payment and the slaad lord razes the Tower of the Star. Ilviroon lures Bazim-Gorag into a trap and imprisons him via a powerful binding spell cast in cooperation with several of the surviving wizards, in a chamber beneath the burned-out tower. As part of the binding, he sets the condition for Bazim-Gorag's rite of unbinding, but he tells no one the formula. »

  • -111 DR [Year of Terrible Anger]
  • The Orc Marches
    The entire North erupts as great orc hordes stream south from the Spine of the World and the Ice Mountains to lay waste to all in their path. Illusk and Gauntlgrym fall to this onslaught, and Delzoun is devastated by countless orc assaults. Most of Illusk's population manages to escape by sea or by magic and is spared. The elves of Iliyanbruen, Rilithar, Siluvanede, and Eaerlann unite to shatter the strength of the orcs and halt their rampage south into the High Forest and Dessarin Valley. »

  • 600 DR [Year of Fire and Frost]
  • Hoondarrh attacks a human expedition struggling in the Spine of the World and devours everyone, including the wizard Tharilim of Calimport, who was in possesion of the Ongild, which becomes lodged in his innards. Hoondarrh finds that he can activate it's magic.

    With this new magical power, Hoondarrh goes to challenge his surviving parent and is victorious. »

  • 611 DR [Year of the Normiir]
  • The rampaging orcs of the Everhorde erupt from the Spine of the World, engulfing the North in war. Illusk and Yarlith are left in ruins, but the Host Tower survives. Neverwinter survives, thanks to the aid of Palarandusk the Sun Dragon. »

  • 955 DR [Year of the Telltale Candle]
  • Orcgate Affair:
    The mages of the Covenant gather a great, armed host from the human settlements of the North to confront an orc horde massing in the Spine of the World. In a move known as the Orcgates Affair, the Red Wizards of Thay magically transport the horde far to the south by means of great portals. The North is spared much devastation, and the failure of the orcs to appear deals a significant blow to the influence and prestige of the Covenant. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • It is discovered that giants are driving the trolls out of the High Moor area. Cloud, fog, frost and hill giants are reported. Some are friendly, but most are not (especially the group of giants sent by Gerti Orelsdottr, daughter of the leader of the largest frost giant clans of the Spine of the World Mountains. »