• c. -34000 DR
  • The otherworldly realm of Faerie is ruled by the fey (creators of korreds, sprites, and pixies).  The fey continue to rule to the present day. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Eleasis 30 Having observed the Viper's Nest for the past 2 days, the ranger Dura Gerathu travels to the Misty Vale and informs his druid friend, the Green Lady, a druid of Eldath what he had observed.

    He then travels to his cabin in Brynwood and composes a letter for his falcon Gale to deliver to the high priest of Tymora, Randolph dul Umast in Sevenecho. However, Cedric Ravajar, now leader of the Vipers, sends Calispar and his bandits to eliminate Dura.

    Dura is killed and the letter leads the Vipers to the Green Lady. They begin to look for her, when sprites in the service of the Green Lady informs her of the intruders. The Vipers are beaten back, but vow to return at a later time.

    The Green Lady sends a pair of sprites to determine the fate of Dura. When they return with word of his death, the Green Lady falls into deep mourning, and waits for the Vipers to return to finish her. »