• 261 DR [Year of Soaring Stars]
  • The elf city at the heart of Cormanthyr becomes the unified city of Myth Drannor with the completion of its mythal (aided in it's creation by the Srinshee, and Alea Dahast). Coronal Eltargrim Irithyl, in an edict called the Opening, declared that Cormanthyr was to be an open realm, accessible to all non-elves (N'Tel'Quess), following the laying of the mythal and the renaming of the city. »

  • 390 DR [Year of the Half Moon]
  • The Srinshree, High Mage of Cormanthyr and Myth Drannor, goes into deep morning for a decade, after her first paramour (and apprentice) in centuries dies in a hunting accident. While she and others suspect that one of the noble houses had a hand in her beloved's death, no proof ever surfaces and the matter was dropped. Hereafter, the young-appearing Srinshee never appears clad in any colors brighter than midnight blue, black being predominant. »

  • 656 DR [Year of Peaceful Seas]
  • The Circle of Flames completes the Scrolls of Ardentym this year. Akh'Faer scholars and strategists receive six incomplete fragments of the Scrolls, but only the Circle of Flames and the Srinshee have complete copies of them. »

  • 664 DR [Year of the Falling Petals]
  • The Heir's Passing:
    Aravae Irithyl, the heir of the Coronal of Myth Drannor, and all of her personal guard are found dead under mysterious circumstances the morning after Cinnaelos'Cor. The Shrinshee and the Hight Court Mages insist on maintaining the Mourning Days and add the funeral of Aravae to the solemn times while staving off a succession war among the noble Houses. »

  • 666 DR [Year of Stern Judgment]
  • The Claiming Chaos:
    The end of the Mourning Days demands an immediate decision on the succession of the Coronal. A Claiming Ceremony is convened to determine the next Coronal of Myth Drannor and Cormanthyr. After 40 elves and the Rule Tower itself are destroyed by bickering nobles, the Srinshee steps in, easily swinging the elfblade free of its perch.
    As it is brandished before her, the golden light of the blade crystallizes around her in a massive diamond-shaped energy field that engulfs and restores the Rule Tower. Finally, with a whirl of magic, she, the magical field, and the weapon disappear. »

  • 685 DR [Year of the Wraithwinds]
  • Two among the eight senior officers and one junior officer split off from the other armathors to join the resigning High Court mage and Councilor Shyael Ildacer to pursue a new course as the "followers of the Srinshee's dream", the Eternal Srinnala. »

  • 1377 DR [Year of the Haunting]
  • the Srinshee returns to Myth Drannor and offers Ilsevele Miritar the Ruler's Blade in recognition of her wise and resolute leadership in the realm's refounding. Ilsevele humbly accepts the Ruler's Blade and takes the title of coronal.

    Queen Amlaruil arrives to congratulate the new coronal and brings with her the Tree of Souls as a gift to the new realm. The artifact is planted in a ring-shaped colonade at the heart of the city known as Seldarrshen Nieryll, the Starsoul Shrine. »

  • 1487 DR [Year of the Rune Lords Triumphant]
  • Marpenoth 13 The flying city of Shade moves directly against Myth Drannor.

    Princes of Shade Vattick Tanthul is killed by Dove Falconhand.
    Dove then succumbs to injuries sustained during her battle with Vattick while rallying the baelnorn of Myth Drannor to come out of their tombs and defend their city.

    Telamont Tanthul drains the energies of Myth Drannor's mythal in order to turn the new Weave into a Shadow Weave for his mistress.

    Larloch strikes against the elves in the confusion and the Srinshee appears to defend them. The Srinshee sacrifices herself to wrest the stolen Weave energy from Larloch (which was part of his plans to become the new god of magic) and Telamont and bolster Mystra's new Weave. She also teleports Ilsevele Miritar and Fflar Melruth to safety in Semberholme.

    Shade eventually crashes into Myth Drannor but a hastily erected ward protects the Tree of Souls from the impact.

    Elminster assassinates Telemont Thantul. »