• 1 DR [Year of Sunrise]
  • The Standing Stone is raised by the elves of Cormanthyr and the Dalesmen (starting the Dalereckoning Calendar), they form the Dales Compact, an agreement of mutual aid. »

  • 591 DR [Year of Silver Streams]
  • Oakengrove Abbey, a human stronghold dedicated to Silvanus, is founded roughly seventy miles west of the Standing Stone. »

  • 700 DR [Year of the Slain Raven]
  • The forests of Moondale, founded shortly after the raising of the Standing Stone, are completely cleared by this date even though no living tree was ever filled by its people. »

  • 713 DR [Year of the Firedrake]
  • Hammer 25 Snowblood Trail (Weeping War: Campaign #6)
    A.K.A.:Snowsblood Trail
    Due to horrific reports from some refugees passing through their lands, earnest forces from the surrounding Dales and a minor force of wizards from Cormyr collected near the Standing Stone and forged north toward Myth Drannor. This running battle along their move north helped keep the Army of Darkness east and north of the city by denying its commanders the intelligence and reports of ambushed Army parties. »

  • Alturiak 30 Standing Stone's Blood (Weeping War: Campaign #6)
    A.K.A.: Vow Stone's Defense
    This battle, the last to involve non-Cormanthans in the Weeping War, was the only conflict ever to take place at the clearing around the Standing Stone. Despite their best efforts, many scouts and N'Vaelahr agents died before they could report the movements of a number of Darkness factions. They managed to unite south and east of the Standing Stone, though at least six of their "slain" N'Vaelahr managed to get word to Arms-Captain Selorn in Myth Drannor, so resistance forces could be assembled before they reached the city again. The two groups met at the Standing Stone, to find that the commanding fire giant colonel had conscripted two young green dragons to their side to counter the silver and electrum dragons allies of the elves. United with the Dalesmen and Cormyreans of the Snowsblood Trail, Cormanthyr's forces held the day thanks to the masterful strategies of Captain Selorn.

    Among those who perished in the war include Colonel Arak "Blazebeard" and the green dragons Praelorisstan and Agoshyrvor the Verdant. »

  • Ches 15 Dysrisa's Fall (Weeping War (Campaign #6)
    A.K.A.: The Shadowtop Storming, (Battle of) Five Fells
    This war was fought near Dysrisa East of the Standing Stone. The city was finally destroyed by the Army of Darkness on Ches 18, 713 DR. »

  • 1044 DR [Year of Singing Shards]
  • Aencar is invited to a feast in Essembra. This turns out to be a trap laid by evil mages who summons a dracolich to slay Aencar. One of his lieutenants defeats the dracolich, but Aencar was dead. One of the evil mages was Alacanther of Arrabar, who burns down Aencar in his keep. The ruins of Aencar's castle can still be seen from Rauthauvyr's Ride, the road running to the Standing Stone, and it has not been reoccupied since his death. The Dalelands splits up into independent, though allied communities.

    A descendant of Aencar's chief swordcaptain, Chancellor Ilmeth, rules Essembra, where a statue of Aencar stands, and serves as Battledale's delegate to the Dales Council. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Kythorn 26 House Dlardrageth attacks the city of Hillsfar and Hillsfar's army based at the Standing Stone in retribution for betraying their alliance. The First Lord's tower is destroyed, but Maalthiir escapes back to Hillsfar. »

  • Flamerule 3 House Dlardrageth breaks Hillsfar's army at the Standing Stone, forcing it to flee back to Hillsfar. Sembia's army begins to dissolve under repeated assault by the legion House Dlardrageth. »

  • Flamerule 21 House Dlardrageth destroy the Standing Stone and allies with House Jaelre. »

  • 1425 DR [Year of Seven Sisters]
  • Ashabenford, the capital of Mistledale has grown remarkably over the last century and now serves as the seat of the Dales Council. This organization has grown real teeth since Sembia began to conquer dales. The age-old Dales Compact is reaffirmed with Myth Drannor and the Standing Stone is restored (which was destroyed by drow roughly 15 years ago). »