• 882 DR [Year of the Curse]
  • The Company of the Yellow Star takes refuge in fallen Starshadow Tower, which they came across while following the path that leads north form the Hall of Four Ghosts. The ghost, baron Erthaer Javilarhhsson possesses the leader of the company, a warrior named Heldack Ironclaw, who then convinces his fellows that they should settle Starshadow Vale. The company spends the summer months gathering landless men willing to settle the vale. By early autumn, there are at least three dozen families settled in the vale.

    The settlement falls less than a fortnight later when warriors lead by Nimoar "the Reaver" sweeps through the vale, ravaging the harvest and setting fires to the small settlement. »

  • 1018 DR [Year of the Dracorage]
  • Tordath Ironfist, blood of Turgo, the dwarven lord and his followers were returning to the Forlorn Hills after visiting kin working a small mine in the depths of the High Forest, but they are forced to take shelter amid the ruins of Starshadow Tower by the passage of an errant green wyrm. The ghost baron Erthaer Javilarhhsson, possessed Tordath and then led him back to Firehammer Hold, where the charismatic young clan leader convinced many of his kinsman to return with him to the vale. The stout folk rebuilt Starshadow Tower within a matter of months, and then set about establishing a ruby mine along a nearby ridge.

    Less than two months after their arrival, the dwarves of Starshadow Tower were no more, and the ghost baron's keep was once again a smoking ruin. The great red dragon named Imvaernarhro, torn from slumber by the madness of the Rage, set fire to the vale, quickly killing Tordath and his followers and tearing into the ruby-laden ridge with his grasping claws. Since that time, the stout folk have avoided Starshadow Vale, but tales still speak of the fortune in rubies they left behind of Imvaernarhro's lair. »

  • 1222 DR [Year of the Horn]
  • A Waterdhavian hunting party led by Lord Ornigar Tchazzam makes camp amid the ruins of Starshadow Tower in the early days of Tarsakh. The ghost baron, Erthaer Javilarhhsson, possesses the young Tchazzam scion, who then becomes obsessed with founding his own hold in the vale. That summer, Lord Ornigar enlists the financial backing of several noble families; in the fall, he returns to Starshadow Vale accompanied by a dozen scions of Waterdeep's nobility and ten times that number of retainers. Backed by a large amount of coin and the arrogance of youth, the nobles quickly restored Starshadow Tower with the aid of spellcasters in their employ. However, their efforts quickly come to naught, for some ill-advised plundering of the orc-built barrows that dotted the vale quickly drew the attention of the Horned Lord and the Tanglethorn orc tribes of the High Forest. Within a tenday, the Blackhorn Horde had overrun the vale, and Tchazzam and his ill-fated followers lay crushed beneath their boots. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Kythorn 27 The Band of Falling Waters takes refuge from a series of devastating lightning storms amid the ruins of Starshadow Tower. During the night, the ghost baron possesses the leader of the band, Daela Swiftarrow, the arcane archer. »

  • Eleasis 17 Daela Swiftarrow of the Band of Falling Waters, and her followers arrive at Starshadow Vale and the ruins of Starshadow Tower. Work rebuilding the structure begins almost immediately. »

  • Eleint 29 Work on Starshadow Tower is nearly complete, thanks to hard work and judicious use of magic. Although the tower is still in disrepair, Daela Swiftarrow's (of the Band of Falling Waters) followers expect it should provide sufficient shelter and protection to make it through the winter. »

  • Uktar 9 Starshadow Tower is attacked by a skeletal wyrm during an early winter blizzard, and no tower guard survives to give an account of their foe. »

  • Feast of the Moon Starshadow Vale is attacked again on a clear, moonlit night by a great dracolich. Lady Daela Swiftarrow (of the Band of Falling Waters) and her followers manage to drive it off, but not before the roof of Starshadow Tower is shattered by the wyrm's claws. »