• 764 DR [Year of Mistmaidens]
  • Ethena Astorma (Storm) Silverhand is born in Silvermoon Tower near Neverwinter. Her parents are the human noble Dornal Silverhand and his sorceress wife, the half-elf Elue Shundar. Elue was possessed by the goddess Mystra, so as to birth mortal servants for herself. »

  • 767 DR [Year of the Awakening Wyrm]
  • Elminster becomes the foster parent to three of the Seven Sisters; Laeral Silverhand, Storm Silverhand, and Dove Falconhand. »

  • 1235 DR [Year of the Black Horde]
  • Warlord of Silverymoon Khallos Shieldsunder seizes control of Siverymoon while it is besieged by the orcs of the Black Horde and has his rule usurped in turn by the mage Shallos Ethenfrost.

    A harper army led by Alustriel and Storm Silverhand destroys the besieging orcs at the Battle of Tumbleskulls with the unlooked-for aid of the archmage Tulrun of the Tent.

    Alustriel slays the self-proclaimed High Mage Shallos Ethenfrost in spellbattle. Alustriel is unanimously elected by the people of Silverymoon to rule as High Lady Mage. »

  • 1236 DR [Year of the Struck Gong]
  • The Harper stronghold known as Moongleam Tower is built near Everlund by Storm Silverhand and other builders and artisans including the dwarf master stoneworker Gwuildeth Throck. »

  • 1355 DR [Year of the Harp]
  • Amril Zoar, scion of the exiled Waterdhavian family of the same name, slays two secret Lords of Waterdeep and badly wounds Open Lord Piergeiron. After being apprehended, he is spared execution by the intercession of Storm Silverhand of the Harpers. »

  • Elminster and Storm Silverhand travel to a magefair. »

  • 1372 DR [Year of Wild Magic]
  • Mirtul 20 After five months of battling phaerimms and armies of bugbears and lizardfolk thralls led by beholders and illithid generals, the relief army led by Laeral Silverhand Arunsun and her sister Storm arrives in Evereska. »

  • Eleasis 2 The Shadovars lose the Karsestone when several of Mystra's Chosen (Khelben Arunsun, Laeral Silverhand, Alustriel Silverhand, Dove Falconhand, Storm Silverhand) and the stone giant Aris attack and damage Shade's mythallar, temporarily crippling the enclave. Galaeron Nihmedu, after having a falling out with the ruler of Shade, Telamont Tanthul, rescues Vala from Prince Escanor.

    Elves and their allies drive the phaerimms out of Evereska in a tenday, and the city's mythal is restored by month's end, aided by Galaeron.

    Galaeron's father dies while fighting the phaerimm and inherits his lordship. Galaeron is offered the position of Master of the Defenses by Lord Duirsar (who replaces Kiinyon Colbathin, who also died in the war), but turns it down, choosing instead to travel with Vala to her home, the Granite Tower, in Vaasa, along with his spirit-deep mate, the wood elf Takari Moonsnow. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Eleint 12 Storm Silverhand, Dove Falconhand, and the rest of the Knights of Myth Drannor arrives in Myth Drannor to aid in its defense. Within hours they are engaged in a series of hit-and-run battles with drow skirmishers in the forests to the east. »

  • Nightal 30 Storm Silverhand and Dove Falconhand lead an elite contingent of elves into Shadowdale. The sisters are grievously wounded upon their arrival due to the interaction of their silver fire with the local Weave and are forced to teleport away. Their comrades in arms are left behind to an uncertain fate. »

  • 1479 DR [Year of the Ageless One]
  • The ruins of Tethgard is the site of a bloody battle between the trio of Elminster, Storm Silverhand, and the Simbul against a company of War Wizards and Purple Dragons seeking to take them into custody.

    After finally admitting that they needed help saving the Realms, and having run out of easy-to-steal magic items to feed to the Simbul, Elminster seeks to gain access to artifacts known to contain the spirits of the Nine - objects powerful enough to pierce the wards surrounding the royal palace of Suzail or, Elminster believes, to permanently restore the Simbul's sanity. He also sought to recruit the efforts of a descendant of his, Amarune Whitewave.

    During one of his excursions into the palace, Elminster's body was destroyed by Manshoon, who had secretly been peeling away the Old Mage's contingency spells over several years. However, Manshoon departed before he realized that Elminster had survived his body's destruction as a pile of magical ash. With the agreement of Amarune and the aid of Storm, Elminster's essence was transferred to Amarune's body with the aid of a spell the ex-Chosen discovered in a cache once belonging to Azuth. He now "rides the mind" of his great-granddaughter, able to control her body's movements when he wishes.

    The Simbul is restored to sanity when Elminster and Storm feed her a Blueflame item. After her mind was restored, she subdues Manshoo and charges both Elminster and Manshoon to work to gather all the Blueflame items together. After the Simbul teleports away however, Manshoon turns on Elminster and blasts his human form to ashes, but could not destroy him. »