• -30400 DR
  • The Wasting Plague
    In a conflict between the gnolls of Urgnarash and rookery of Kookrui-Shara, shamans of Yeenoghu summons marrashi - spirits of pestilence from the Barrens of Doom and Despair - to blight aearee crops and spread a wasting plague among the avians.

    The Aearee War
    An Aearee named Sieska Waewielonn of the Okwalok-Shara rookery over the shores of the Great Sea discovers the name of Pazreal, a demon lord. With the fiends aid, Sieska becomes lord of Okwalok-Shara. Soon all the rookeries of Aearee-Quor abandones the faith of Quorlin and turns to Pazreal (all except the rookery of Tiennkoo-Shara, which flees to the farthest peaks of Kara-Tur, where their descendants yet thrive today as the crow-headed race known as Tengu, they are the only branch of the Aearee-Quor who never lost their wings). Pazreal teaches the Aearee-Quor how to summon Vrocks, but at a great cost, he took from them their power of flight. The Aearee of Shara never again ride the winds, except by spell or steed.

    Sieska then wages war on the other Aeraree nations to the north and west. Aearee-Krocaa is the first to fall. Aearee-Syran, defends with the aid of fey allies, winged treants, and soarwhales against Aearee-Quor's near-endless demon vrocks and battle rocs. In the end, Mornungongbarae (possibly the first treant), who had guarded the High Forest for nearly a thousand years, rises up and brings down the Quor floating city, but at the cost of his own life. His tragic sacrifice is still sung by treant skalds today, in a saga called The Lament of Mornungongbarae. »

  • -918 DR
  • Death of M'dahl of Netheril.
    M'dahl was half of a team of arcanists who experimented with controlling extraplanar creatures in the Stone Fort, a structure near the Mines of Dekanter designed through magic to contain planar creatures. His many years of first-hand research produced a collection of spells that became widely used throughout Netheril.

    M'dahl was reportedly killed when a balor tanar'ri showed up in a summoning circle. The creature broke free of the summoning circle, plowed through a wall in the Stone Fort, and escaped into Netheril's Frontier. Only a handful of fighters managed to escape. »

  • -623 DR [Year of Clipped Wings]
  • Having allied himself with Eltab, serving as the Hidden Layer's emissary to Faerun for several centuries, Wendonai is summoned by a Nar Demonbinder, but is soon banished by an incredibly powerful cleric of Horus-Re for 2000 years. »

  • -585 DR [Year of Rumbling Earth]
  • The troll warlord Harska Thaug gathers a horde of trolls and orcs and leads it south from the Spine of the World to assault the elven realm of Rilithar. The horde lays waste to all in its path and attacks Selskartur, the Tower of the Star, the school of wizardry constructed by the Selskar Order. The Ar-Magus Ilviroon of the Selskar Order summons the slaad lord Bazim-Gorag, "the Firebringer", who decimates the horde causing it to flee back to the Spine of the World.

    Bazim-Gorag then turns to the Selskar Order and demands payment for his services. Ilviroon balks at the high price of payment and the slaad lord razes the Tower of the Star. Ilviroon lures Bazim-Gorag into a trap and imprisons him via a powerful binding spell cast in cooperation with several of the surviving wizards, in a chamber beneath the burned-out tower. As part of the binding, he sets the condition for Bazim-Gorag's rite of unbinding, but he tells no one the formula. »

  • -153 DR [Year of the Starry Shroud]
  • The Narfelli demonbinders summon Eltab for the first time to Faerun at Dun-Orthass, the present-day Citadel of Conjurers in southwestern Impiltur. The process of summoning the demon lord brings Eltab's abyssal throne room, the Hall of the Hidden Throne, as part of a demoncyst to the material plane. Inscribed on the floor in front of the Hall of the Hidden Throne is the Adamantine Binding, an extremely powerful calling circle that ties Eltab and the Hidden Layer to the eastern Realms. Only the legendary sword Hadryllis can shatter this binding. Until such time as the binding is destroyed, Eltab can only be banishded to a demoncyst and cannot depart the Realms. Moreover, for as long as the binding persists, the demoncysts of the Hidden Layer are inextricably tied to lands of Narfell. »

  • 708 DR [Year of Bound Evils]
  • Three nycaloths (Aulmpiter, Malimshaer, and Gaulguth) escape their dimensional pocket prison that floats invisibly high above Cormanthyr. Their freedom depends on a "red dragon that never held malice or greed in its heart over the coronal's throne". As Saeval Ammath and his adopted dragon-mount Garnetallisar flyabove Myth Drannor, they weaken the dimensional prison enough for the nycoloths to escape.

    The Khov'Anilessa (as the elves called them, or the Trio Nefarious) were also aided by the summoning rituals being performed (poorly) by a flind shaman for to the north, above the Dragon Sea, and they traveled to it immediately upon breaking their prison, so none knew of thier breakout. Despite the beliefs of the flind shaman, the fiends were free of anyone's control. »

  • 709 DR [Year of the Earnest Oaths]
  • The three freed nycoloths (Khov'Anilessa or Trio Nefarious, Aulmpiter, Malimshaer, and Gaulguth) slay their flind "summoner" and spend the next twenty nine months drawing together their forces amid the mountains and hills north of the Dragon Sea (including summoning servant yugoloths). In all, thier army consists of orcs, ogres, bugbears, hobgoblins, gnolls, flinds, trolls and an ever growing assortment of lesser yugoloths. »

  • 712 DR [Year of the Lost Lance]
  • Ches 2 The Templestar's Rise (Weeping War: Campaign #3)
    A.K.A.: The Three Fronts of Myth Drannor, the Mauling, Advance of the Three Battalions, Gaulguth's Bath, the River's Reprisal, the Elemental Strikes, the Drowning
    Considered one battle, this seven-pronged attack by the Army of Darkness on the city of Myth Drannor marked its first invasion by external enemy troops in over 600 years! The Army of Darkness, while holding more than two-thirds of its forces back either at their nerve center in Olorill or in encampments surrounding the mythal, sent three battalions - the Agonists (first Legion), the Chaoslayers (first legion), and the Merciless (third legion) - and Gaulguth the Reaver into Myth Drannor.

    The three battalions spread out into their respective regiments, though they remained under the commands of Generals Khitax, Vroyxax, and Ollyq. The First Regiment of Agonists, under the direct command of Gaulguth and Colonel Szelmsevv, spearheaded the charge on Castle Cormanthor, while others concentrated attacks on all areas of Cormanthor, Kerrandunath, and Sheshyrinnam. For reasons unknown, none of the initial attackers approached the city from the east or disturbed the city east of the stream (leaving elves to later mutter and suspect that some N'Tel'Quess in Dlabraddath was responsible for the whole Fall of Myth Drannor). Even though the elves were nearly outnumbered two-to-one, they held on and destroyed over nine regiments (three of General Ollyq's Merciless, two of General Khitax's Agonists, and nearly the entire Chaoslayer battalion) in 19 solid hours of combat and spellbattles!

    This battle's title comes from its most prominent military (and spiritual) victory at the height of the fray. Under the moon's light and the constant press of enemies, the elves and other defenders of the realm suffered miserable losses for much of the early hours of the battle. By highmoon, more than half the western city was dominated and controlled by the Army of Darkness. Of the three Merciless regiments invading the peaceful temple ward of Sheshyrinnam, two were focused on military tactics and control of conquered territory, while the third took to desecrating and destroying the temple they everwhelmed.

    The aging priest Artox Frayhammer, with his lusty war cries and the compelling battle songs of his clergy of Moradin, turned the tide of battle for all Myth Drannor as he saw another, smaller temple fall. Leading the charge and rallying other temples' faithful behind him and his dwarves, Artox met and slew five mezzoloth officers - four majors and General Ollyq himslef - within mere minutes, as the Merciless expected resistence as feeble as they had encountered before. Soon, the army of the Templestars took rough shape as the temple defenders of Moradin, Garl Glittergold, Labelas Enoreth, Selune, and Mielikki united and destroyed all invaders with Sheshyrinnam. These victories in turn fired the hope of the other allies, and the tide turned in favor of Myth Drannor!

    The final note of the battle that ended this conflict (and quickly ignited the next) was a major summoning by Symruster, four baelnorn, and the fledgling Elementalists' Guild (until recently a minor part of the Guild of Wizards, Conjurers, and Enchanters). As the Army battalions were forced back to the stream by victorious elf troops in the western city, the stream Oacenth and Glyrryl's Pool erupted with gargantuan water elementals which literally leapt over the banks to wash away the surviving enemy regiments of the Merciless and Chaoslayer battalions. Even Gaulguth was forced to teleport to safety as three elementals tried to drown him in the depths of the pool!

    By dawn of the third day of Ches, the Army of Darkness was forced east of the stream and Glyrryl's Pool, where many of thier number drowned before the elementals were dispersed. In all, the invading Army of Darkness suffered the loss of 12 regiments - over 35,000 gnolls, hobgoblins, ogres, and orcs - before their retreat and fight, rather than one over which victory is assured.

    Among the deaths of this battle included:
    [Myth Drannor]
    Kovimal Honedaxe (Councilor and clan chief), Aesar "Moonwing" (Court Mage)
    [Army of Darkness]
    General Ollyq of the Merciless, General Vroyxax of the Chaoslayers

    This battle lasted until Ches 3, 712 DR »

  • 820 DR [Year of the Roving Tyrant]
  • The arcanist Wulgreth, namesake of the notorious Wulgreth of Nethril, summons the first devils to Ascalhorn. »

  • 880 DR [Year of Unfettered Secrets]
  • Human wizards, influenced by the fey'ri, summon the first demons to Ascalhorn. »

  • 922 DR [Year of the Spouting Fish]
  • Battle of Thazlhar
    The Red Wizards of Thay, led by Ythazz Buvaar, rebel against Mulhorandi rule and sack the provincial capital of Delhumide. The conjurer Jorgmacdon summons the demon lord Eltab to fight on behalf of the Red Wizards at the Battle of Thazlhar, routing the (enormous yet ineptly led) armies of Mulhorand. The realm of Thay is founded, heralding the end of the Second Mulhorandi Empire.

    The process Jorgmacdon had used inadvertently shattered the boundary that normally keeps the environment of a demoncyst from mixing with the outside world. Part of an abyssal river spilled into the material plane, thus creating the River Eltar. »

  • 1018 DR [Year of the Dracorage]
  • Tuelhalva summons an avatar of Gargauth to the Realms and calls for like-minded pragmatic Cult of the Dragon members in Sembia to join them in Peleveran and form a new cell far from the influence of Algashon. With the help of Gargauth, Tuelhalva quickly conquers the realm of Peleveran (located south of Chessenta). Gargauth betrays Tuelhalva by whispering words of their success to Algashon. The Banite priest musters an army of dragons, dracoliches and Cult members to destroy them. Both Algashon and Tuelhalva are slain.

    Because this battle unfolds during a continent-wide Rage of Dragons, few scholars realizes the destruction of Peleveran was the result of an interfactional battle within the Cult of the Dragon and not simply the larger Dracorage. »

  • 1346 DR [Year of the Bloodbird]
  • After centuries of silence from the Dragon Queen, the few remaining members of the Cult of Tiamat successfully summon an aspect of Tiamat known as the Dark Lady to Unther, an event that had been heralded centuries before by Ochir Naal, prophet of Tiamat. »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • Artemis Entreri, disguised as Regis (with the aid of a magical mask), arrives at Mithral Hall during the preparation of the wedding of Wulfgar and Catti-brie. Together with Drizz't's sister, Vierna (now calling herself Noamuth Lil), Dinin Do'Urden (turned into a drider by her sister Vierna), Jarlaxle and members of his Bregan D'aerthe mercenaries, Artemis Entreri try and capture Drizz't.

    Artemis and Drizzt fight. Artemis is defeated and left to die, but is rescued by Jarlaxle. Wulfgar appearently dies fighting a yochlol summoned by Vierna, but is actually taken to the abyss, and the clutches of Lolth herself. Vierna is killed by Drizzt.

    After rescuing the assassin Artemis Entreri, Jarlaxle takes Artemis to the drow city of Menzoberranzan. Drizzt enters the drow city (after visiting the svirfneblin city of Blingdenstone and his old friend Belwar Dissengulp) to determine what the drow intentions are. He is captured by members of House Baenre.

    Catti-brie follows Drizzt into the underdark. Drizzt slays Vendes Baenre as he and Catti-brie escape (with the aid of Artemis Entrari). After Drizzt defeats Dantrag Baenre, Catti-brie takes Khazid'hea from the fallen Dantrag. Catti-brie causes a stalagtite to fall on the main cathedral to Lolth.

    Artemis joins the two when escaping the drow city. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Mirtul 13 Lady Sarya Dlardrageth, matron of House Dlardrageth, summons Malkizid, an exiled archdevil, to Myth Drannor. »