• -2368 DR
  • The Terraseer establishes Quesseer (Old Owl Well) north of the Sword Mountains. The settlement becomes a trademeet for the Netherese expatriates, the elves of Illefarn, the seafarers of Illusk, the nomadic Ice Hunters, and the dwarves of fallen Haunghdannar. »

  • -582 DR [Year of Glittering Coins]
  • The horde of Harska Thaug (the troll warlord) assaults the elven realm of Rilithar on the eastern slopes of the Sword Mountains. The elves give battle and shatter the horde but not before their largest settlements are overrun and laid waste. The elves of Rilithar begin to rebuild, their strength greatly weakened. »

  • 75 DR [Year of Clinging Death]
  • The elf realm of Rilithar bordering the Sword Mountains is finally abandoned because of the encroachment of human settlers and unceasing orc and troll raids. Several clans of moon elves from Rilithar arrive in the Gray Forest far to the east through a portal and establish the realm of Vedrymmell. They ally with the fugitive Crown Prince Baranth I of Impiltur, who in turn recognizes their sovereignty over the woodlands. »

  • 146 DR [Year of the Risen Towers]
  • Elembar is founded by settlers from Tavaray, north of the River Delimbiyr and east of Ardeep. Uth Myrmoran, an exiled lord of Tavaray, erects the Uthtower west of the Sword Mountains and founds the realm of the same name. »

  • 615 DR [Year of the Lamia's Kiss]
  • In response to Uthtower's call for aid, the lich Iniarv floods the land, drowning the armies of Uthtower, Phalorm, and the orcs and forming the Mere of Dead Men. The orcs flee into the Sword Mountains, and Phalorm (the Fallen Kingdom, as it comes to be known) collapse when its Fair Folk abandon Faerun for Evermeet. Ardeep remains an elf realm in name only. »

  • 927 DR [Year of the Red Rain]
  • The wrath of the orc god Yurtrus falls upon the Sword Mountains, causing the Blood Plagues. An orc shaman named Wund unites the orc tribes under the leadership of the chieftan Uruth, establishing the realm of Uruth Ukrypt. »

  • 934 DR [Year of Fell Wizardry]
  • The orcs of Uruth Ukrypt eradicate the gnome settlements in the Sword Mountains and the surrounding foothills. »

  • 936 DR [Year of the Sky Riders]
  • Orcfastings War
    Battle of Burning Cliffs; Battle of Horderoute; Battle of Sarcrag; Battle of Westwood; Battle of Whirling Blades; Battle of Withered Fields
    Led by Wund, the orcs of Uruth Ukrypt streams out of the Sword Mountains and attack Nimoar's Hold, bringing an end to several small human realms clustered in the Dessarin Valley. Many refugees flee to the safety of Nimoar's Hold, and the orcs are ultimately defeated in a series of conflicts including the Battle of Whirling Blades, the Battle of Sarcrag, the Battle of Withered Fields, the Battle of Burning Cliffs, the Battle of Westwood, and the Battle of Horderoute. »

  • 1024 DR [Year of Lathander's Light]
  • The Dawnbringer Company from Waterdeep invade the crypt of Uruth Ukrypt's orcs, enraging the Brotherhood of the Scarlet Scourge into forming an orc horde called the Broken Bone (from the Sword Mountains) with the aim of destroying Waterdeep. The orcs are defeated by the dragon Lhammaruntosz (also known as "the Claws of the Coast"), which allows the armies of Waterdeep to persevere. »