• -23100 DR
  • Establishment of the first gold and moon elf settlements of Syorpiir (present-day Ankwood and Chondalwood). »

  • -17500 DR
  • The independent sylvan elf realms of Thearnytaar, Eiellur, and Syorpiir open dicussions about unifying the elves of the Satyrwood (present-day Thornwood/Chondalwood). »

  • War of Three Leaves
  • -17100 DR to -16800 DR
    The unification of the Satyrwood (Thearnytaar, Eiellur, and Syorpiir) is thwarted by dark elf Ilythiiri spies and assassins, killing their leaders and framing opposing heirs, driving the three realms to a multi-front war. Ilythiir's influence is not discovered for centuries. »

  • -16900 DR
  • Numerous elves abandon the surface realms of Eiellur and Syorpiir (present-day Chondalwood and the Land of the Lions) during the War of Three Leaves (which also included Thearnytaar) to settle in the Selmal Basin (near the Vilhon Reach) of the Sea of Fallen Stars. This migration continues for several millennia. »

  • -16800 DR
  • End of the War of Three Leaves
    Thearnytaar, Eiellur, and Syorpiir remain separate realms after the War of Three Leaves ends, though each of the three continues skirmishing among themselves and with Ilythiir for centuries. »

  • -11600 DR
  • The Ilythiiri destroy Syorpiir by fire, separating that region from its allied neighbors and burning its homes to the ground. »

  • -11200 DR
  • The elven realms of Eiellur, Orishaar, Syorpiir, and Thearnytaar fall to the Ilythiir. The Ilythiiri skirmish with the elves of Keltormir. »

  • -6500 DR
  • Elf refugees from Syorpiir found Nikerymath in the Chondalwood, beginning with the city of Rucien Xan. »