• 633 DR [Year of Chasms]
  • The Chanting Chain (an artifact to Talos) first appears in the Realms at the Great Bazaar of the Master of the Gargoyles, held in the western Shaar. Its keeper is the wild-eyed Tothur, Holy Hurler of LIghtnings, a self-styled "Storm Prophet" who challenges the existing hierarchy of the church of Talos - and is promptly branded an insane heretic.

    Over the next two centuries, Tothur battles the orthodox Talassan clergy with the aid of the Chain. He alone seems able to use the Chain without the need of six changing assistants, or any prayer or study. How Tothur prolonged his life is unknown.

    Tothur claimed to be able to bestow devout followers of the Destroyer with "living lightning", which enabled them to fly about and hurl bolts of lightning at will for short periods (although it drank their life-force at the same time). The process Tothur used is now lost, but the stromrage spell in the Chain gave similar effects. »

  • 811 DR [Year of Many Tears]
  • A priest of Talos, who was in possession of the Crown of the Mountain to help build his temple-citadel on the Nelanther is attacked by powerful lightning from the sky. The Crown of the Mountain is once again lost to history. »

  • 848 DR [Year of the Vigilant Familiar]
  • Endreira Chathlass, High Temptress of Loviatar, dies of old age.

    Endreira in her past had founded the Black Falcons of Fury, an elite band of female adventurers. The Black Falcons quickly made names for themselves through their daring ruthlessness, raiding various Mulhorand families. Endreira soon demands the use of a cragtop castle from a petty ruler, the Jahorgan of Jahorga (a realm that lay between the Nagawater, the Nagaflow, and the Golden Road). The Hahorgan haughtily refused her. She responded by taking him hostage, slaying all of his citizen, seizing the realm for her own and publicly inviting rebels and outlaws from the lands of the Vilhon, the Old Empires, and around the Lake of Steam to become citizens of her new "pirates' realm", Endrara.

    Even as armies were lined against her, Endreira turned to Loviatar for the first time in her bloody life and made a hold pact: She would slay Jahorgan slowly by torture. In return, Loviatar would aid her with spells, priestesses hastily gathered from all over Faerun, and "torturer-gargoyles" (margoyles). Spells from the sky sent by Loviatar destroys the armies arrayed against Endreira.

    Enraged by his perception that Loviatar was encroaching on his domain, Talos destroys the realm of Endrara. Endriera escapes by the will of Loviatar. Endriera travels the realms, spreading the words of Loviatar.

    Her successor, the ambitious but careless Chalice of the Faith, Imshrara Vlengaun and claims the Lash of Loviatar. »

  • 888 DR [Year of Twelve Teeth]
  • Struggle of Storms
    The Storm Prophet Tothur battles and dies after slaying over 40 Talassan archpriests and shattering the power of the church of Talos in Faerun for three centuries.

    In the battle, the earth was shattered in a hundred places and cleaves in a thousand more, and it is through one of these rents that the Chanting Chain, evidently reaches the Underdark, falling into drow hands. »

  • 1210 DR [Year of the Armarel]
  • Alturiak The much-copied, bawdy narrative Life of Rebrum is penned by the traveling merchant Rebrum of Sheirtalar. In it, it mentions a drow trading band trying to barter away the Chanting Chain (an artifact of Talos) to drow from a distant city at a trade-fair, called "the Eleave" in the great subterranean cavern-complex of Vaerndoun (a cave complex beneath the surface city of Torsch). The trade meet is run by illithids, who refer to themselves and their subterranean land as the Asglyph (who seems to end up with the Chain). The price of admission to the fair is that all participants must bring slaves upon which the mind flayer feeds. »

  • 1257 DR [Year of the Killing Wave]
  • In Kurrsh, there is an account of the raising of a band of warriors to smash a stronghold of Talos-worshippers who proved to be led by a mind flayer. After several costly skirmishes, the local warriors slaughtered the Talassans and burned their keep, looting some coin, a few jeweled swords, and the Chanting Chain as spoils. »

  • 1261 DR [Year of Bright Dreams]
  • Slaughter of the Crazed
    The Chanting Chain had been hanging from the rafters of a tavern in Kurrsh until the place is burned to the ground by furious, crusading Talassans from the Vilhon. They steal away the Chain in triumph and ride home raging, looting, and butchering in exultation, until there are hunted down near Shamph by militia forces. Many powerful Talassans escape, and one of them has the Chain. »

  • 1318 DR [Year of the Tired Treant]
  • Lalagos Indivvur, a priest of Talos, publicly conduct the chant that calls forth spells from the Chanting Chain in order to impress locals into joining the faith in Ormath. He met with some success, but attracted more folk hungry for power.

    For the next decade, followers of Talos up and down the Vilhon battle each other for supremacy.

    An aged priest by the name of Yathgoum wins the bloody struggle, but soon perishes of old age. Yet at no time does he possess the Chain, which was evidently hidden by a Talassan who was later slain. »

  • 1347 DR [Year of the Bright Blade]
  • Carath, priest of Helm and possessor of the Helm of Helm reputation has grown due to the hundreds of priests of Helm who had begun their careers under his wise tutelage at the Guardtower of the God. Priests of Talos and Shar attack the temple to destroy it and him.

    They fell the walls and crush Carath in his courtyard. A grief-crazed Tayana flies up out of the ruins and defeats the invading priests with mighty spells. When she is done, Tayana embraces her beloved Carath and willingly burns to death. It is from this event that the Helm of Helm emits a burnt smell whenever magical fire is active within a half-mile of it.

    Some years later, a Helmite priest by the name of Rolor, who saw himself as the new Sword of Helm, visits the ruins of the Guardtower of the God, and the Helm rises out of the fire-scarred rubble to hover in front of him. Rolor takes it and marches off into the Tunland to found a new realm dedicated to Helm. He is known to have routed a Zhentarim patrol out of Darkhold, then walked into the Tunland. He and the Helm have not been seen since. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Marpenoth 15 Talos is in Tsurlagol during the Time of Troubles. At the end of the crisis, Talos protests Ao's new commandment before returning to the godly realms. »

  • 1365 DR [Year of the Sword]
  • The god Talos acts to supplant the worship of the Earthmother of the Moonshaes with the gods of Faerun. The legendary "Elf-Eater" is defeated. Alicia Kendrick is crowned High Queen of the Moonshaes. Piergeiron Paladinson of Waterdeep attends the coronation (and it is rumored that Piergeiron is taken with the new queen, but she is not taken with him. Rumor spreads quickly throughout Waterdeep).

    Seeking to reinvigorate the economy and promote trade with her neighbors, the High Queen established the Royal Office fo Commerce and Public Works. Within this new bureaucracy, she appoints the title of Master Shipwright to a young journeyman named J.P. Bozeman. He is tasked with building the High Queen a navy.

    Abandoning the oar-powered vessels crafted by their people for centuries, Bozeman instead chose to build large, sail-powered ships modeled after the great warships coming out of the shipyards of Amn and Tethyr. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • The lich Velsharoon ascends to godhood with the sponsorship of the deity Talos. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • The deity Velsharoon shifts his allegiance from Talos to Azuth and is shielded from the Destroyer's wrath by the deities Azuth and Mystra. »

  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Iryklathagra succumbs to the Dracorage and attacks and shatters the eastern tower of the Twin Towers of the Eclipse before returning to her lair.

    Her lust for destruction unsated, she reemerges from the Imperial Mount at the heart of Shoonach (suggesting the existence of a portal linking her lair to the ruined imperial capital) and flies south to Calimport. Barred by a mythal from unleashing her fury on the Pasha's Sabban, home the Symbolic heir to the qysars of Shoon, Sharpfangs turns her wrath against the nearby Plaza of Divine Truth. During the battle with the temple's defenders, Iryklathagra's sweeping tail shatters the legendary Idol of Bhaelros, thus triggering an ancient prophecy. An aspect of Bhaelros (Talos) manifests in the middle of the courtyard astride an enslaved great brass wyrm. The resultant battle destroys most of Palace Ward (with the notable exception of the Pasha's Sabban) before Sharpfangs was finally driven off. »

  • After manifesting due to the actions of the blue dragon Iryklathagra and driving her away, an aspect of Bhaelros (Talos) and his enslaved great wyrm brass dragon wreak havoc upon Calimport, forcing the syl-pasha's army to battle the raging deity and his steed for three days before both are destroyed. Enraged, at his defeat, Bhaelros retaliates by raining lightning bolts down upon Calimport for a year. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Faerun is beset by great lightning strikes the length and breadth of the continent.

    At least some of these lightning strikes mark the impact points of an unusual year-long rain of meteors. In a series of visions, Bahamut and Tiamat instruct their respective followers to seek out such sites, for each contains some form of draconic egg within.

    Other lightning strikes are sent by Bhaelros (Talos) due to the destruction of one of his avatars in Calimport, the syl-pasha's rule is gravely weakened and the rulers of Calimport's other cities gain a measure of their traditional independence. »