• 1341 DR [Year of the Gate]
  • The High Mistress of Worthy Suffering of Ilmater, Althea, passes from the mortal world. The sorrowing Daern is appointed Guardian of the Tome of Torment.

    He enjoys this ceremonial post for less than a year however. The one-time Archsufferer Bloirt Waelarn, who had escaped his hermitage when storms drove a pirate ship out of the Nelanther aground on Falconsrise, and crept into Keltar seeking revenge. Bloirt takes the Tome and starts to head towards Mussum.

    At Thorlor's Well (a campsite north of the western end of Ankhwood) he is halted by Sir Guth Ormpetarr, a knight of the Order of the Golden Cup, who challenges him to single combat. Waelarn accepts, and uses the Tome to cast a cairn spell to bury the knight. He then takes pick and axe and digs the cairn, severing any arm or foot revealed by his digging. Ilmater, raises the knight as a zombie to give chase to Waelarn. The former Archsufferer finally succumbs to exhaustion near the ruins of Elbulder and is strangled in his sleep by the remains of Sir Guth. The zombie hides the Tome, builds a pyre, burns Waelarn's body, then walks into the fire himself (apparently following the will of Ilmater).

    Visions sent by the Suffering God to a certain underpriest in Mussum, Kortolt Rushtyn, leads the young cleric to the hidden Tome, which he takes not to Mussum or Keltar, but to an isolated shrine of Ilmater, Raven's Rack atop Tanarspear Hill, west of Hlondeth along the coast road. There he preaches of the glory of Ilmater. »