• -24000 DR
  • In the wake of the Sundering, many humans of Azuposi descent find themselves on mainland Faerun or scattered on newly created islands of the Trackless Sea. By -3000 DR these humans would become known as the Illuskan people.

    Other human tribes also find themeslves abandoned on mainland Faerun cut off from their homeland on Katashaka. Concentrated primarily in the south along the shores of the Great Sea, these tribes are knwon as the Tashalan, Lapal, Shaaran, and the Durpari. »

  • c. -1050 DR
  • The Lake of Steam beholders are slowly driven underground again by Calimshan's navy between this time and -680 DR. Infrequent, tentative trade begins with Chult and the Tashalar. »

  • c. -870 DR
  • After some decades of increased travel and colonization, Calimshan opens full, regular trade with Chult and the Tashalar. »

  • -553 DR [Year of Plentiful Wine]
  • Tashluta and the Tashalar are settled by Lapal field hands and Calishite merchants. »

  • -189 DR [Year of Sunned Serpents]
  • The lizardfolk/yuan-ti armies of Serpentes complete their conquest of the Tashalar. Most of the wealthy Calishite expatriates flee back to their native land. »

  • 10 DR to 20 DR
  • During this time, Tashalarans overthrow their yuan-ti satrap and drive the Se'Sehen tribe from the Tashalar. »

  • 34 DR [Year of Purloined Power]
  • With the decline of Serpentes, the humans of the Tashalar succeed in driving off the yuan-ti of the Se'Sehen tribe and after a ten-year war proclaim the Confederation of Tashtan. They claim dominion from the town of Narubel to the Sheir Penninsula, plus all the Shining Sea coastal lands in between including Lapaliiya. The diverse humans living in these areas become known collectively as the Tashalans. »

  • 276 DR [Year of the Burnished Blade]
  • The Magister Eirl Rauthantannar, nearing the end of his days, transforms himself into Greentree haven, an enchanted grove in the wilderlands of the Sword Coast North.

    The blustering mage Ergrith "Kingslayer" Klavulgrun becomes Magister. He begins slaughtering merchant lords of Tashalaran cities and neighboring realms. »

  • 285 DR [Year of Wasteful Pride]
  • A failed uprising in Untisczer leads the Shoon Imperium to launch the long-planned Tashalar Campaigns. After destroying Untisczer in a show of imperial might, the qysara's troops quickly install military governors in every city along the Tashtan coast. »

  • 293 DR [Year of Hounds]
  • Nasana Melnuthquel, princess of Procalith (a now-vanished city in the Tashalar), becomes Magister. »

  • 300 DR [Year of the Late Sun]
  • By the death of Qysara Shoon V, Shoon satraps rule greater Thindol, the Tashalar, the cities of Lapaliiya, and all the major settlements of the Shaar as far east as the Landrise. »

  • 701 DR [Year of the White Jonquil]
  • The Moon Plague
    In Calimport, there is a lycanthropy (werewolves, wereboars, weretigers, and wererats) outbreak (due to the entry of three weretigers and two werewolves). 2% of Calimshite population (12% of Upper Calimport, 5% of Calimport Docks).

    Many lycanthropes leave Calimport after the full moons of Tarsakh and Mirtul to spread their lycanthropy to the Tashalar and the Shaar. To the present day, it is unknown what drew so many lycanthropes together into Calimport for these two summer months, though some remain in Calimport Muzad. »

  • 888 DR [Year of Twelve Teeth]
  • Struggle of Storms
    The Storm Prophet Tothur battles and dies after slaying over 40 Talassan archpriests and shattering the power of the church of Talos in Faerun for three centuries.

    In the battle, the earth was shattered in a hundred places and cleaves in a thousand more, and it is through one of these rents that the Chanting Chain, evidently reaches the Underdark, falling into drow hands. »

  • 1142 DR [Year of the Sword's Oath]
  • Rage of Wizards
    After centuries of somnolence, the pureblood yuan-ti arcane spellcasters of the Coiled Cabal attempt to take Sammaresh as the first stage of a plan to reconquer the Cities of the Seabreeze. Two dozen Tashlutan and Lapaliiyan archmages engage the yuan-ti in a season-long orgy of spellbattles along the Tashtan Coast. This so-called Rage of Wizards inflicted wanton destruction on the cities of Lapaliiya and the Tashalar.

    The Orglara (an artifact of Umberlee), which had reseted in the Shell House for over a thousand years, drifts by the grace of Umberlee onto the deck of a drifting derelict, the Lady Haulaeber. »