• 227 DR [Year of the Raised Banner]
  • The human realm of Tathtar is established at the western end of the Vilhon Reach by the warrior Haedrar Mornlight. »

  • 230 DR [Year of the Wailing Dryads]
  • The realm of Tathtar on the Deepwash seeks to expand its territory into the weak eastern areas of Tethyr, coming into conflict with the Shoon Imperium. »

  • 293 DR [Year of Hounds]
  • Upper Tathtar is overrun and destroyed by an orc horde led by the chieftan Thaurgarl "Greatmaw". Only Lower Tathtar survives the collapse. »

  • 737 DR [Year of the Purple Wyrm]
  • King Strohm III battles the remnants of Tathtar's fading might. »

  • 796 DR [Year of the Gray Mists]
  • Lower Tathtar and its capital Dajaan finally fall when a plague devastates the surviving populace. »

  • 1168 DR [Year of the Leering Orc]
  • The members of the Rose-Red Shield company begins to grow tires of dodging all the enemies they had made. Matters come to a head in this year when their leader, Daranthas Pelodir, the "Sword of Lathander" is lured into a trap by brigands and slain by their leader, a beholder.

    The surviving Shields hurl themselves recklessly into a hunt for revenge, and by the time the beholder is slain, only Lithconter, Voraux, and a half-elf mageling, Verendra Tathtar are left alive. The three decide the the Shields should vanish, and they end up in the village of Broken Blade, a now forested hamlet west of Eversult. Verendra would sometimes pose as the wife of Lithconter, and sometimes as the bride of Voraux.

    In the years to follow, the half-elf would out live the Lathanderian priests, and the mage would live out alone in the woods, except for the occasional visit from Harpers. »

  • 1221 DR [Year of the Frozen Flower]
  • The half-elf mage Verendra Tathtar dies. The Tome of the Morning is not found in her home in the woods. Only a note scratched into the front door, "Lathanderians, seek your book where the Morninglord walked twice".

    Only senior clergy of the faith knew of the lore, a certain mountaintop in the Orsraun Mountains north of Turmish. One priest acts on his knowledge and brings the Tome in triumph to a Lathanderian temple in Arrabar in the fall of this year.

    There, an ambitious young priest by the name of Tethtor Kandrath reminds the priests that the god wanted the Tome to be out in the hands of the people, and so volunteers to take it. The high priests reluctantly agrees, and Tethtor begins to travel and spread the word of Lathander's faith. »