• 902 DR [Year of the Queen's Tears]
  • Tchazzar (a red dragon, whose father was the red dragon Rauthstokh, posing as a human warrior) ascends to the position of Sceptenar of Cimbar and extends his writ along the coast of northwestern Unther. »

  • 929 DR [Year of Flashing Eyes]
  • Several Chessentan cities form an alliance under the leadership of the dragon-in-disguise Tchazzar and secede from Unther. The Alliance of Chessenta drives Unther back beyond the Riders of the Sky Mountains. »

  • 953 DR [Year of the Guiding Crow]
  • Tchazzar of Chessenta conquers the cities of the Wizards' Reach, causing the fall of the League of Samathar. Tholeam II Demaz, king of Velprin is slain in these fights. Various cities are conquered by Tzchazzar or make a separate peace with the warlord, becoming tributary states, including Ashtar "the Craven" Demaz, who becomes the new king of Velprin. »

  • 1018 DR [Year of the Dracorage]
  • King Tchazzar of Chessenta (actually a red dragon in human guise) disappears while fighting the sahuagin of the Alamber Sea. His people believe him ascended to godhood, since his body is not found.
    This event begins Tchazzars ascendence to divinity. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Gilgeam slays Tiamat. Tiamat's deific essence is split into three pieces (the red dragon Tchazzar, the blue Gestaniius, and the green Skuthosiin). Tchazzar then finds the other two pieces of Tiamat, at which point Tiamat subsumes Tchazzar to be reborn. Tiamat then goes and slays the still weakened Gilgeam, and Unthalass is heavily damaged during their battle. »

  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Nightal 1 The great red dragon Tchazzar (now the chosen of Tiamat) materializes above the Bay of Chessenta, returned to life and to Toril by the will of Tiamat. He wreaks much destruction on the battling fleets of Cimbar and Soorenar and then flies away to hunt and slay or drive off other dragons active in Chessenta. »

  • Nightal 28 Tchazzar appears in the skies above Cimbar in Chessenta and swiftly overpowers its defenders, installing himself in the Palace of the Sceptenar and establishing his absolute rule over the city. »

  • 1379 DR [Year of the Lost Keep]
  • After years of low-level skirmishing, Mulhorand's conquest of Unther is complete. Messemprar falls to Mulhorand's last wave of conquest, the long-slumbering giant content, for the time being, to digest its new empire. Threskel is consolidated under the rule of the Great Bone Wyrm, with the backing of the Church of Bane and Thay, while Tchazzar, Sceptenar of Cimbar, cements his hold on the rest of Chessenta. In addition to low-level skirmishes along the borders of the three realms, regular dragon raids wreak havoc in the heart of each country. »

  • 1385 DR [Year of Blue Fire]
  • Tchazzar is traveling through the Sky Rider mountains in Threskel when the Spellplague manifested. He was hit by a wave of blue fire and accidentally traveled through a rift to the Shadowfell. He was wounded by the blue fire and was subdued by a blight wyrm named Sseelrigoth who feeds on his essence for nearly 100 years. »

  • 1479 DR [Year of the Ageless One]
  • Mirtul 13 Tchazzar, the lost king of Chessenta, returns to his kingdom in Luthcheq (but not before destroying Sseelrigoth), rescued by members of the Brotherhood of the Griffon. »

  • Threskelan forces loyal to Alasklerbanbastos invaded Chessenta, Tchazzar is slow to react, preferring to remain in Luthcheq at his court. Aoth Fezim finally prevails on Tchazzar to fly to Soolabax to lead his army against the Threskelan troops. Tchazzar is slow to enter the battle and only attacks when it appeared his army would lose the battle unless he participated. He kills several lesser wyrms and routes the Threskelan army.
    Prior to the second battle in the war, Alasklerbanbastos's lieutenant Jaxanaedegor enters into an agreement with Tchazzar to switch sides during the expected combat between Alasklerbanbastos and Tchazzar. During the battle, Jaxanaedegor enters the fight only when it was obvious Tchazzar would win. Tchazzar defeats Alasklerbanbastos and destroys his physical form although not his phylactery. After the victory, Tchazzar makes Threskel a vassal state.

    Tchazzar raises an army to attack Tymanther with his allies from Akanûl. However, Aoth Fezim and other members of the Brotherhood of the Griffon convinced Akanûl to withdraw from the war and enlisted High Imaskar to fight on Tymanther's side. Even though the loss of an allied army and the entry of a powerful new adversary would have caused most generals to abandon the planned invasion, Tchazzar wanted to continue. Before he could march his army to Tymanther, Alasklerbanbastos contacted Tchazzar through magical means and explains the Brotherhood's manipulations. This sends Tchazzar into a rage and he attacks the Brotherhood's forces which starts the Battle of Luthcheq.

    During the battle Alasklerbanbastos temporarily allys with Tchazzar and the two are about to rout the combined Chessentan, Akanûlan and Brotherhood of the Griffon forces. Jhesrhi Coldcreek is able to channel the elemental fire she had infused into Tchazzar in the Shadowfell and this weakens Tchazzar so much that Sala Karanok is able to kill him. »

  • After Tchazzar is slain during the Battle of Luthcheq, Halonya, prophetess and high priest of Tchazzar goes to the building used as Tchazzar's temple and attempts to convince the priests of Tiamat to leave with her. Instead the priests killed Halonya. »