• 926 DR [Year of the Fearless Peasant]
  • Windyn Balindre moves his company's operations from Lyrabar to the new settlement of Telflamm and claims the title of Merchant Prince. »

  • 975 DR [Year of the Bent Coin]
  • Telflamm is established as a royal city-state, then annexes Nyth and Culmaster and establishes itself as a royal city-state. »

  • 994 DR [Year of the Weary Scribe]
  • The Magister Meldryn Jalensifer, is instructed by Mystra to give the Scepter of Mystra (an artifact of Mystra) to a minor mage somehwere on Toril and then let it wander, reclaiming it only if a Red Wizard of Thay, a mage of Halruaa, or another powerful mage, linked by social ties to a group of archmages, took possession of it. The Magister gives the Scepter to a minor hedge-wizard by the name of Naerlus "Flamespell" Anarthandyer.

    Naerlus promptly abandons his former kindly befuddlement and uses its magic to build himself into a petty tyrant in the coastlands north of Leilon. The Magister Meldryn judges it is better to remove the Scepter from Naerlus before he got embroiled in a major war and begins to call on the Scepter to return to him (Mystra, Azuth, the Mgaister and all of the Chosen of Mystra can trace the whereabouts of the Scepter and see its wielder and immediate surroundings merely by concentrating for a few moments. Mystra, Azuth, and the Magister can call on the Scepter to themselves by prolonged concentration). While the Magister was beginning to call the Scepter to himself, Naerlus accidentally discovers the fly away spell (a power of the Scepter to cause it to teleport to a random location on Faerun. The trigger was made to change, so that no one could learn how to keep the Scepter forever).

    The Scepter found its way to a ruined abbey of Shar in northern Calimshan. It is found a season later by adventurers who were too afraid to experiment with it, and sells it to Amblaeryn Alaba, a rich Calishite satrap who hoped that with its aid his five hired mages could destroy a rival and his hireed guardian mages.

    The five mages then betrayed Amblaeryn. When his rival, Imtherl, refused to pay what he had promised for their betrayal, the five mages killed Imtherl and all his mages as well.

    The five wizards eventually fought over the Scepter, which left one dead and another turned into a stone, lost among thousands of similar stones on a beach north of Ormpur. The wizard Earndus Orthorm claimed the Scepter, which caused the other two to attack him. In haste, Earndus accidentally triggers the fly away spell, and is slain by the other two wizards.

    This time the Scepter lands into the hands of an orc shaman. Unable to activate any of its powers, the orc tosses the Scepter into a deep gorge, which again activated the fly away spell (whenever the Scepter falls more than a 100 feet, it spontaneously activates the fly away spell.)

    Appearing in a tavern in Telflamm, it demonstrates another ability. Whenever an offensive arcane spell is cast near it and the Scepter is not held by anyone, it floats in the air to about a man's height and glows a faint blue light. This ability is triggered by two minor mages in a spellduel, and a full blown tavern brawl erupts to claim the Scepter. Eventually a doppleganger in the guise of a serving wench claims and flees with the Scepter. One of the dueling wizards gives chase, but the doppleganger overpowers and slays the wizard. A passing priest of Tymora and his mage companion slays the doppleganger. The mage, Taluth of Telflamm, claims and carefully studies the Scepter. In time, he triggers the fly away spell. The Scepter appears in a drowned tomb in a deserted suburb of Calimport that had crumbled into the sea. »

  • 1177 DR [Year of the Majesty]
  • Princess Delile Balindre renounces her loyalty to the throne of Impiltur and declares Telflamm an independent city-state. »

  • 1277 DR [Year of the Beholder]
  • Birth of Imphras IV Heltharn in Impiltur, great-grandson of Imphras II and son of Thaum of Telflamm. »

  • 1294 DR [Year of the Deep Moon]
  • In Impiltur, King Lashilmbrar Heltharn, Queen Thelmara, and Crown Prince Imphras III are assassinated. Prince Kuskur, elder son of Imphras II (by way of Imphrass' second wife, Rebaera), is named regent until King Rilimbrar comes of age. Prince Thaum, only child of Regent Kuskur and Elthinda Balindre of Telflamm, was behind the assassination and acted under the influence of the Queen of Whispers, the succubus Soneillon. »

  • 1295 DR [Year of the Ormserpent]
  • Prince Thaum (who is the son of Kuskur Heltharn, regent of Impiltur and Elthinda Balindre, daughter of Telflamm's merchant king) gathers a mercenary army (using coins from Telflamm's treasury he took from the doddering merchant-king) and sacks the city of Sarshel. He then marches on the Tower of Filur and seizes the throne of Impiltur.

    Regent Kuskur and the young King Rilimbrar flee into exile. Kuskur requests aid from Queen Ilione of Aglarond, who sends her mysterious apprentice, known only as the Simbul, to dispatch Thaum. With Thaum dead, his son Imphras (later Imphras IV) attempts to hold the throne.

    Imphras IV is now or at some point comes under the influence of the Queen of Whispers, the succubus Soneillon. »

  • 1296 DR [Year of the Black Hound]
  • King Rilimbrar Heltharn is restored to the throne of Impiltur. Kuskur never returns to Impiltur (shamed from his son's attempt to take the throne, and also shamed in Telflamm since his son also stole from the treasury), choosing instead to live out his remaining years in self-imposed exile in Velprintalar (of Aglarond). His grandson Imphras IV is placed under house arrest in the royal Tower of Filur. »

  • 1351 DR [Year of the Crown]
  • The Red Wizards obtain a concession in Telflamm. This grows into the largest of the Thayan enclaves, as it is a distribution center for Thayan goods throughout much of northern Faerun. »

  • 1364 DR [Year of the Wave]
  • The Sharkjaws, a flotilla of pirate vessels under the corsair lord Evgruth the Red, descend on Telflamm and make the city their homeport. Evgruth extorts massive bribes from the merchants' council to spare Telflamm's own trade. »

  • 1366 DR [Year of the Staff]
  • The Shadowmasters drive out Evgruth and his pirate fleet from Telflamm with a bloody night of murder and arson. »

  • The sage Ravildus of Telflamm publishes the treatise Battles Glorious, an excerpt of which describes the Battle of the Lake of Tears of 1360 DR. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • The Lady Swan, a merchant vessel out of Telflamm carrying goods from Shou Lung, is attacked by the halfling pirate Brin. Only Fa Pan, one of the spirit folk, survives the attack. »

  • Sea zombies and the ghost of pirates attack Telflamm but are turned back by the Chruch of Tempus. »

  • 1372 DR [Year of Wild Magic]
  • Flamerule 12 The Shadowmasters effectively take control of the Merchant's Council of Telflamm. Few outside the council suspect the extent of the guild's power. »