• -17800 DR
  • Establishment of the great elf settlements of Keltormir (present-day Forest of Tethyr that spanned all of Tethyr, Amn, Erlkazar, and Calimshan) by moon elves and green elves, seeking peace and simple lives away from the strife of the other elf realms. »

  • -11000 DR
  • Taark Shanat the Crusader and his eight sons, lead a great exodus of dwarves out of Bhaerynden to a new kingdom in the west. These emigrates eventually become known as shield dwarves and establish the great empire of Shanatar beneath the lands of Amn, Tethyr, Calimport, and the Lake of Steam. »

  • -10500 DR
  • The eight sons of Taark Shanat set off to found their own kingdoms in the caverns to the north (beneath modern-day Tethyr and Amn). Because each son claims a different child of Moradin as a patron deity, each subkingdom becomes closely linked with the church of a particular dwarven god or goddess. »

  • c. -8100 DR
  • Deep Shanatar is at its greatest expanse beneath southwestern Faerun (present-day Amn, Tethyr, Erlkazar, Calimshan, and Alimir Pennisula). The empire is ruled from the Wyrmskull Throne in Alatorin's Brightaxe Hall. Within 150 years, trade is underway with surface elves. »

  • -7717 DR
  • The reigning ataman of the Great Dismal Delve (a dao lord) establishes a portal between his holdings on the Elemental Plane of Earth and a cavern complex beneath what is now the occupied town of Kzelter in Tethyr. »

  • Third Age of Shanatar
  • -5960 DR
    King Adiir Velm of House Axemarch leads 5000 dwarves onto the plains of former Memnonnar (north of the Marching Mountains) as their own and founds the realm of High Shanatar. Over the next few centuries they settle the lands now considered Tethyr. »

  • c. -3000 DR
  • Sloopdilmonpolop, the City of Pools, is founded by the kuo-toas in the Underdark off the coast of Tethyr. »

  • The Third Age of Calimshan
  • c. -1900 DR
    Calimshan rules as far north as the Snowflake Mountains and is composed of four separate kingdoms within its empire: Calimshan (the original lands of Coramshan and the Calim Empire), Mir, Tethyr, and Iltkazar. »

  • -1700 DR
  • The Pasha of Calimport's third son becomes emir of Tethyr. Lead by his debauchery, Calishite nobles begin hunting elves in the northern forests for sport. »

  • -1570 DR
  • Zazesspur a simple fishing town, becomes a fortified city and center of the Emir of Tethyr's rule. »

  • -1320 DR
  • The current road from Zazesspur to Memnon in Tethyr is built by slave labor for moving troops to the frontier wars against the elves of Tethir. »

  • -1300 DR
  • A road is started from Zazesspur to the east in Tethyr, though it regresses to a dirt road 10 miles east until its completion in -1130 DR. »

  • -1130 DR
  • The road from Zazesspur east to Akkabbel (present-day Ithal Pass) is finally completed. »

  • c. -700 DR
  • Over the next three hundred years, increasing numbers of slaves escape Calimshan and Tethyr with aid from psiarchs and monastic servants of the deity Auppenser. »

  • -387 DR [Year of Shattered Walls]
  • The First Age of Tethyr
    Calishite-controlled Zazesspur is sacked in a surprise attack by Tethyrian barbarians. Two of the pasha's sons are slain, and ten years of massive retaliations by the Calishites begin. Zazessovertan falls to the united Tethyrian clan armies and is looted shortly before Zazesspur is sacked and burned. »

  • -288 DR [Year of Eight Lightnings]
  • Calimshan accedes independence to Tethyr and its people. »

  • -237 DR [Year of Windragons]
  • Darrom Ithal, son of Clovis and the future 1st king of Tethyr is born. »

  • -221 DR [Year of Shambling Shadows]
  • The Ithmong Slaughter
    Chief Clovis Ithal leads an assualt with the elves against Ithmong, but dies in the attack. His son, Darrom, rallies the clans to take the city and slay all Calishites within two miles of it. Darrom Ithal begins to unite the Tethrian clans under his rule. »

  • -212 DR [Year of High Thrones]
  • Battle of the Purple Marches
    Myratma falls once again to Tethyrian barbarian clans. Darrom Ithal is crowned King of Tethyr. »

  • -209 DR [Year of Valiant Striving]
  • Birth of Silvam Ithal, second son of Darrom in Tethyr. »

  • -183 DR [Year of Larks]
  • Silvam Ithal becomes king of Tethyr with the death of his father Darrom. »